Celine Dion has a masculine son

May 30th, 2007 // 208 Comments

Celine Dion posed on the cover of Hello magazine with her six-year-old son, Rene Charles. Wait, son? That must be a typo. A horrible confusing typo.


  1. annabelle

    48- I hear ya. It’s possible, I just can’t figure out why. I can barely chase my kid across the street through busy traffic without getting winded.

  2. lambman

    I thought she had twins? Weren’t there two babies? Did one die?

  3. cary

    look at that sparkly t-shirt! he’s like that jon heder’s character from “Blades of Glory”

  4. Kamihi

    I hate Celine Dion, she turns people suicidal with that crap music of hers and shes damn ugly.

  5. The Fabulous Armand

    The only way to create new Celine Dion fans is to breed them.

  6. fightgrrrl

    this is soOo photoshopped!
    Or is it her make-up?

  7. fazool2

    Goddamn Hippies!

  8. ron

    bahha.thats child abuse.
    she needs to cut his hair!
    poor kid,stupid mother

  9. guest

    And, I thought that she was the only normal one left. Was I wrong, very, very, very wrong.

  10. 1MILFhunter

    That kid’s going to take multiple ass beatings as he gets older.

  11. #38 – JimBO, of course I’m not a chick … yet.

  12. Typo. It has to be. Otherwise, I would call for child abuse.

  13. Josh

    ..Somebody should tell Ozzy Osbourne circa ’75 to stop choking Celine Dion.

  14. Kezac

    He used to be sooo cute as a baby!!!

    Céline, fais gaffe, tes sourcils touchent tes oreilles.. ;)

  15. lauren

    i love celine i saw her in manolo blanik in the wynn hotel in las vegas!!!! she was really nice i took a picture of her!

  16. shez stupid…
    if shez going to keep
    his hair long, then at
    least put it in a pony
    tail or one pigtail in the
    back..shez so gonna get hiz
    azz beat with that hair…

  17. Darth Hater

    Picking on celebs is one thing, but picking on their kids is kinda over the line IMO, unless they do something to deserve it of course (e.g. Ozzy’s kids, Bush daughters).

    I must be getting soft in my old age :/

  18. skyhydragonfly

    Look at his face and you can see he’s a boy. My son looked just like this until he started school. He had long, lovely hair down to his butt, and all the little girl’s moms were so jealous. We cut it and gave it to Locks of Love (they make wigs for kids with cancer). Maybe Celine is doing the same. I think there are better things to pick on than this lady’s child and his hair.

  19. justlikehoney1

    #39 – that’s the same thing I was thinking! LMAO!!!! Why is he wearing a Limited Too t-shirt? WTF Celine?!?!? A boy should NEVER have the same hairstyle as his mother…..

    I was really hoping that this was somehow a huge mistake. Apparently, it’s not. I found this photo of Celine, Rene & their “son” on a recent trip to Disneyworld in March of this year:


  20. Picking on kids? Why when there is soooo many insults just waiting to be written about Celine Dion herself.

  21. I take it back. I didn’t read. I saw a boyish girl, but it is really a girlish boy.

  22. bungoone

    forget the long hair, who cares. the dude’s got a friggin chick shirt on. WTC??!

  23. Celine


  24. Nora

    it’s just the hair..the shirt isn’t even that bad.

  25. jarica davis

    Um, is he hiding an inner tube under that sparkly shirt?!

    Maybe it’s a money belt, and he’s stealing money from Daddy’s gambling stash so that he can run the fuck away from home!!!

    Reminds me of that kid on The Riches, who dresses like a girl.

    What do you expect from a kid that grows up in a dang theater environment in Vegas?!

  26. dayzack

    i thought she was kinda cute
    or he?
    does that suppose to mean i’m gay?

  27. Celine, how can you dress your son in a
    girls shirt? You are a horrible mom to
    do this to him. The long curley hair is
    bad enough, but that shirt,your a freak.

  28. charles laughton

    Come on- it’s disgusting to pick on a 6 year old. He’s a cute kid. Better looking than his mother.


    No way man that shirt is totally for girls.

  30. Josh Lavarn

    He’s so lucky because he gets to sneak into the ladies room effortlessly. I’d eat all the used tampons with that blessing.

  31. Nina

    Poor boy.

  32. hollywood gal

    What the fuck is that???

  33. Heleen

    Normally i’m cracking up over posts like another minge’s peek-a-boo.. But seriously- jesus christ! it’s a little boy we’re talking about here.

    why don’t y’all post a nice pic of yourself, then we’ll talk.

  34. what?!

    Okay, readers defending the celebrities.. Now I am 100% convinced this is not The Superficial I once knew…

  35. Sugar

    I dunno man. He looks pretty buff for such a little dude.

  36. looks like Lohanz dad just gave a statement at 11:24 p.m. that Lindsay is hooked on oxi=cotin, alcohol and multiple drugz…
    her birthday is July 2nd. they are investigating if someone served her alcohol and if it waz after hourz…some stupid
    bartender is gonna pay for thiz,not her..
    watch and see..they are already saying that she’ll be ok to work on the film “Poor Things” with Shirley MacLaine. Her dad said,” he is studying to become a drug=rehab
    counselor thru a faith based organization”Teen Challange”.

  37. Josh Lavarn

    He probably heard the theme of Titanic too much.

  38. BadassFred

    …Okay, seriously, that kid is a boy?

    I’m not trying to be mean here either. But the headline is indeed referring to the child standing next to Celine? And they didn’t make a mistake?

  39. Crap Tonight

    Careful, I think he may also be wearing

  40. sarcasatire

    I could deal with the long hair (although its a bit too styled for my taste), but that SHIRT is way too girlie. If he’d been rocking a baseball tee, things may have gone a lil differently.

  41. Jeff

    This is pretty sick man, its just a kid. Not funny at all. I’ve been reading this blog for two years first time I ever thought this, but you should take it down.

  42. Vanessa

    well at least she has a very pretty boy, even though he looks like a girl and probably gets his ass kicked in school for his hippy hair.

  43. ahem

    #93 – calling the kid “it”.. I wonder who the sick one really is?

  44. LaDrones

    Don’t judge them too harshly–they’re French-Canadian.

  45. ctti

    My, my…I bet all the girls are jealous of his hair. Seriously though, he’d make a cute boy. Because as a girl, he’s not very pretty. If he grows up with that hairstyle, people are gonna think he’s a chick with a serious case of man-face.

    And Celine – what the hell?!! I mean, allowing your son to have his hair long is one thing. It’s cool – until, of course, he starts to look prettier than he should. And adding a girl shirt into the mix is very wise, Celine, very wise.

    So young & he’s already gender confused. Way to go!

  46. I am Mia, my teeth are green because
    I live in Canada and we don’t brush
    our teeth…We are fat slobs and we
    just sit around all day eating. Our
    country stinks so bad, you Americans
    are so lucky you don’t live here.

    Celine Dion is really a boy and that
    child is really a girl..Celine just
    likes to mess with everyone..

    Forgive me for my stupid comments,
    I know I suck, but for some reason
    I can’t keep my mouth shut..sorry!

  47. KatieKates

    What the FUCK? As if it wasn’t bad enough that he has a ninety year old dad and horse-face mother. God, this kid is so gonna get his ass kicked in school.

  48. Meep

    Honestly? I thought that the superficial guy was making fun of a little girl. I honestly thought the joke was that the little girl looked like a boy. And I’m not bad with understanding grammar, I was just that convinced at first sight that it was a girl.

    Which is fine and all – I see no reason to force children into the arbitrary gender roles dictated by society. I applaud anyone, any age, who just… is, rather than is something that fits into a neat little box. I see no need to change the little “boy” to fit some mold. Sex might be incontroverible, but gender is a state of mind…

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