Celine Dion has a masculine son

May 30th, 2007 // 208 Comments

Celine Dion posed on the cover of Hello magazine with her six-year-old son, Rene Charles. Wait, son? That must be a typo. A horrible confusing typo.


    • Tiffany

      I think Celine shoud have him wear a little short dress, nylons, heels, makeup, have his nails done and make him go out as a girl

  1. colt45joe

    man show called him gay? i cant remember exactly.

  2. I lived my dream. LMFAO A BOY? BOY????

  3. ysanya

    i can’t believe people still take immense pride in being “first” in the comment section.

  4. Well, at least they have a few more years of playing with barbies together before she has to deal with the teen years and the first boyfriend.

  5. greatestntheworld

    It looks as though they are raising him to be androgenous, at least, to get his ass kicked repeatedly in school. Either way, this is child abuse.

  6. Nor me ysanya, I felt like doing it.

  7. whoneedsenemies

    Awww her daughter is so cute!!

  8. RichPort

    What do you expect when an android reproduces.

  9. HELL magazine is the perfect title for any rag that would put Celine Dion on the cover … that or “Crippling Chlamydia Weekly” …

  10. leelee

    God– this is worse than the Hanson brothers being called sisters.

  11. discreet_chaos

    Uh – His name is “Rene”;
    He’s going to get his ass kicked, any way you look at it.

    (Though that androgyny thing is really going to help with the girls)

  12. Sho'Nuff

    Looks like another Michael Bolton clone…

  13. no1justminda

    Apparently, she reaaaaaaally wanted a girl, but was so disappointed that she’s doing all she can to make herself believe it’s really a girl! Had me fooled!

  14. He´d make a beautiful girl! She better cut his hair and put some boy clothes on him before he turns into a gay hippie…

    Stupid Celine Dion, stupid stupid woman…

  15. greatestntheworld

    Discreet_chaos- it doesn’t look like he will care too much about the ladies, though he might be the stepping stone into bisexuality for some girls.

  16. charm

    i just can’t stop looking. Looking for a just an inkling of boyness.

  17. Conor


  18. Joe Fonebone


  19. oh… all he needs a haircut and some pants.

  20. inspector_jack

    Celine and Photoshop have obviously been introduced.

  21. Dana

    Uh… why is her son prettier than she is?

  22. Victor

    What the fuck? A boy? That bitch Celine needs to cut her son’s hair if it is indeed a boy. If not he is going to be a shit packer like Hyde when he grows up. Wait, he will get his shit packed, being that he looks like a girl.

  23. pooh


  24. nicole

    It took me a while to accept Rene as a man’s name. I understand now that it’s a French thing. But come ON Celine! I even don’t mind a man/boy having long hair. But at least figure out a way to do it where people won’t think you have a daughter.

  25. Nics

    ok I still thought that creature was a girl after reading the headline

  26. Nics

    ok I still thought that creature was a girl after reading the headline

  27. Fronika

    He’s nearly as ugly as his mother.

  28. chortle

    his hair is almost as long as that titanic song

  29. Nics

    he could be growing his hair out to make a wig for britney. that would be cute

  30. Terry

    I fucking hate Celine and I’m Canadian.

  31. discreet_chaos

    greatestntheworld – Personally, I think it’ll be him who’ll be the bisexual. I’m sorry, but you can tell that he’ll have offers coming and going, so if he’s got half a lick of sense, he’ll be taking advantage of his share.

  32. lawboyut

    C’mon. Pick on Celine all you want. And I mean–DO IT. But leave the kid out of it. That is cheap and low and totally uncool. Fish should apologize for this crap. New depths.

  33. Victor

    Apologize for it? Worse shit was said on the Hyde post. lmfao. This is getting good, people getting ass hurt.

  34. Jimbo ?

    WTC That is a boy? I bet there is a vagina down there.

  35. I think that her son is cute, but she really needs to cut his hair! That’s not cute! Pretty soon, before you know it, he’ll be playing with barbies!

  36. WallyIsAFuckingDoucheBag

    looks like a few more generations and all of the horse will be bred out of the Celine Dion ancestry…and i was so looking forward to an exciting Preakness.

  37. Jimbo ?

    Victor – you thought Bern was a she? Click on the link. It is the life and times of Bernard! And Bern has the DMBS pictures. (very nice selection Bern)

    Step in any time here Bern and correct me if I am wrong.

    Maybe with a 9 month old you have been a little deprived lately. I know I was not getting much when mine was 9 months old. I think at the point Bern was looking good either way

  38. mrs.t

    The bigger problem is that fashion t-shirt with thge rolled edges. Get the kid a plain, reg’lar shirt. And get him a fucking bike, while you’re at it. He’s got a spare tire around his midsection.

  39. sunkissed

    Awwww what a very pretty daughter.

  40. Lauren

    Wow, he’s got such pretty curly hair.
    His mom must be cruel, not letting him get a haircut and dressing him in girl’s clothing.
    But at least if he decides to go transgender she’ll be supportive.

  41. annabelle

    He’s cute.
    He must take after his sperm donor.

  42. mrs.t

    #42-my oldest daughter shares your name. So I like you already.

  43. Jimbo ?

    YO Mrs T!! How you doing? That spare tire is his or her money belt. You don’t think the little twrip walks out of the house with out a couple grand on him or her? I still think there is a vagina down there

  44. R.

    That’s horrible. He’s only a small child. If the poor thing didn’t have self-esteem issues, he sure will now. elf

  45. annabelle

    #43- I think if I had a second daughter, I’d name her annabelle. But I’m too old. Not Sheryl Crow adopt-a-baby-but-pose-in-a-bathrobe-like-you-birthed-the-baby old, but still too old.

  46. Sara

    I agree, definitely a typo.
    No way that kid has a penis.

  47. Jimbo ?

    @46 so how old is to old? Sheryl Crow is 45. There are lots of women having kids the old fashion way in thier 40′s

  48. Someone’s got to get that kid to Fantastic Sam’s.

  49. cosmetologist

    I have also found that brushing long hair relieves stress, so maybe that is why he has such long hair. On the other hand, his hair looks kind of straggly like it needs to be brushed. Maybe, she should buy a “My Little Pony” and brush its tail for practice.

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