Celebuzz Guest Comedian tackles Lindsay Lohan, Gary Coleman and James Cameron

With Last Comic Standing set to air Monday 8/7c on NBC, Celebuzz has tapped comedienne and Funny or Die regular Ellyn Daniels (above) to tackle the latest in celebrity news:

Lindsay Lohan submitted to random drug testing last week, but apparently her lawyer discovered a loophole whereby Lindsay can take medications prescribed to her. She’s already had her wisdom teeth pulled, and word has it her schedule next week is jam packed with a psychiatrist appointment, an ingrown toenail removal and a labia reduction. If Howard K Stern were her lawyer, I’d be worried, but it sounds like Lindsay is just taking this time to clean house a little bit before principle shooting on Inferno begins.

It’s been revealed that Gary Coleman’s ex-wife, Shannon Price, told a 911 operator that “if [she got] stressed out [she was] going to faint” and thus could not go downstairs and apply pressure to Gary’s bleeding head wound. Wow, I guess Charles Manson was right; stress really is a killer.

BP has brought James Cameron in to consult with a group of scientists to figure out how to stop their oil leak. An insider from the meeting said their next step is to pair Cameron up with the Hot Tub Time Machine people in order to send Schwarzenegger back in time to prevent the accident from happening. Never underestimate the power of Hollywood.