Everyone Else Who Dressed Their Boobs Up For Halloween

Because nothing is going to top Katy Perry’s burn victim Hillary Clinton or Abigail Ratchford’s topless zero effort costume, here’s the rest of the marginally famous people who found creative ways to remind us all that they have breasts. But mostly just Joanna Krupa, because Jesus, Mother of God in Polish nipple tape heaven. Wait, did we seriously also put Demi Lovato in here with her? That’s like putting Necco Wafers in the bowl with the Fun Size Snickers and expecting trick-or-treaters not to go, “Ew, aren’t those the ones Wilmer Valderrama banged until they hit puberty?”

Also, honorable mention goes to Ryan Lochte, because there’s no way he even knows what the fuck is going on right now.

Ryan Lochte Kayla Rae Reid Alice In Wonderland Costumes

“Shit, it says Alice on her vagina, but I could have sworn her name was Kayla. Think, Ryan! I got it! ‘The police robbed me and made me wear this costume!'”

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Photos: All Access / HEDO / RMLA / Roger / AKM-GSI