CeeLo’s TV Show Just Got Cancelled

September 3rd, 2014 // 12 Comments

In light of his recent tweets about rape that make Kanye look like a goddamn genius, fifth Ninja Turtle CeeLo Green just had his TV show canceled by TBS. THR reports:

TBS doesn’t want any part of Cee Lo Green’s The Good Life.
The Turner-owned cable network has canceled the unscripted series after one season, The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed.

When reached for comment, a TBS spokesperson said, “Oh, don’t worry, we did it while he was asleep, so as far as he’s concerned, it never even happened. People who get cancelled REMEMBER.”

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  1. Dox

    Dear CeeLo-

    Fuck you, and fuck your tweets too.

  2. I’d like someone to sit Kanye and CeeLo down in a room and ask them “If someone takes your photo while you’re asleep, is it rape?” and then set fire to the room.

  3. The Frat Bro

    I’m a victim of the same prejudice, bro.

  4. ’twas just a matter of time. Ever see the “behind the scenes” or whatever about this troll? Unrepentant criminal, secondary to being short and fat. Danger Mouse had to make him a thing, unfortunately.

  5. It would have been genius if TBS had actually released that statement

  6. Mike Anger

    “It’s not really an Internal Server Error if you can’t remember encountering an internal error or misconfiguration.”

  7. whatever

    funny everyone else just now finds out what a rapist woman-hating creep he is, you never got a clue before eh? you chose not to notice

  8. mark

    dlisted.com is referring to ol’ cee lo here as, the blob of crap that Kelly lebrock turned evil older brother chet into from the film “weird science”. here’s the shot. I think it’s ideal
    so here’s “chet” after Kelly lebrock’s magic…

  9. Rob

    I never even knew CeeLo had a show.

  10. Leila

    Good riddance. May he spiral into oblivion before the next celebrity stupid shifts attention away.

  11. Miss_Moppet

    Fish, you are one funny em-effer.

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