BREAKING: Catwoman is a Stripper

“Just a few more shifts, Selena, and then you can finally afford cat college. Granted, you’ve had the money for a while, let’s just do a few more, for at least another year. — Two more years, two more years and we’re out.”

Via and by breaking I, of course, mean Friday:

Catwoman is apparently one of the most well written characters we’ve seen in these movies so far and she could potentially steal the show the way Heath Ledger did last time. She does some cool stuff in the movie like jumping out of windows and stealing the Batpod. Her back story is that she has a history of abuse and works as a stripper and is also a pickpocket.

I like how they felt the need to mention a history of abuse and pickpocket while mentioning she’s a stripper. Has anyone met a stripper who’s not both of those things plus not secretly a hooker? It’s like trying to find a unicorn.

NOTE: Included two set videos after the jump that cross the line of what I want to see as far as spoilers, so judging entirely by the screencaps, it looks like Bane and Batman go to a football game together and find the music of each other’s hearts. That’s what I’m going with.

Photo: INFdaily, Splash News