Catwoman’s Costume Has Ears Now

When Anne Hathaway’s Catwoman costume was first revealed in a preemptive strike on the paparazzi, pretty much everyone who lives a sad, sexless existence writing a gossip blog in their basement immediately noticed the lack of cat ears and went to town trashing the suit. This prompted Anne Hathaway to say we’d only seen 1/10th of what the suit can do, but because she’s a woman, it turns out that other 9/10ths involves simply pushing her goggles up so they look like cat ears. At this rate, I can’t wait to find out – SPOILER ALERT – the belt can hold make-up! EEEE!!!

In the meantime, two quick items of interest: 1. Anne straddling the Batpod from behind. And 2. The greatest Christian Bale photo you’ll see in your life. Words can’t describe how much I hope this is a scene from the movie mostly because I like to believe Batman tells Commissioner Gordon about all the pussy he gets at inappropriate times. “Aw, ya shoulda seen this chick, Jimmy. Had her all up against the Batwing giving her one of these numbers: ‘Uh.. yeah.. Who’s the hero you need, not the hero you deserve, baby?’ Gave myself a goddamn hernia, so listen, about this Bane business. You guys can just shoot him, right?”

Photos: INFdaily, Splash News