‘Let’s Let A Woman Drive The Batpod. What Could Go Wrong?’

August 9th, 2011 // 41 Comments

“No, no, no. The correct procedure is hands at 10 and 2, then think about shoes.”

While Anne Hathaway spent last night defending the Catwoman costume which apparently does 9/10ths more shit than we even realize (I’m going to read that as, “Comes armed with full-frontal flaps.”), footage leaked of her stunt double accidentally crashing the Batpod into an expensive-as-all-hell IMAX camera during a stunt sequence on Friday. But fact-based jokes about women drivers aside, that thing takes insane training to operate, so I can say with full confidence that I would’ve tumbled down both flights after convincing myself I’d make it to the freeway before anyone even knew I was gone. I’m talking, first step, followed immediately by, “Hey, this guy’s trapped underneath pissing himself. And crying, add crying.”

NOTE: The footage below is pretty much spoiler-free unless you’ve somehow managed to avoid the fact that this movie has a Catwoman, Batpod and stairs. MURDER STAIRS. I’m kidding, they’re just Batman’s new sidekick.

Photos: Splash News / Video: Courtesy of TMZ.com


  1. Al Cervik

    ” And I Never , never wear panties “

  2. Anne Hathaway One Day Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    Her waist is microscopic! But my, she looks lovely. :)

  3. HarveyF

    Well, it was the cameraman’s fault for not moving when he saw her coming, she was driving too slow!!!

    • LJ

      Yeah, the cameraman leaned in to get a straight-on shot and didn’t get the camera pulled back in time.

    • Matt

      It is Anne in the video, you can see they quickly cover an embarrassed Anne up afterwards so the paps couldn’t get a better look. They wouldn’t cover up a stunt-double like that.

  4. x


    [gotta be at least one on every thread]

  5. rough gone viral

    Course it’s his fault. He would’ve moved if it was a car. Besides why should she stop when they didn’t yell cut?

  6. ashley

    I’ve seen more action while watching grandma fall down the stairs in one of those clunky hospital wheelchairs.

  7. “the Catwoman costume which apparently does 9/10ths more shit than we even realize”

    Fractions don’t work that way. What you meant to say is it does “10 times” what we’ve seen…9/10ths means it does less than we’ve seen.

    Math only works if you do it right.

    • Nightstalker

      The 9/10s was a reference to Hathaway’s comment that “you’ve only seen a tenth of what the suit can do” (http://on.mtv.com/oSUyof), which means it makes perfect sense because everyone expected it was just a suit.

      Commenting only works if you know what you’re commenting about.

      • TomFrank

        Well, if we’ve only seen one-tenth of what it can do, then that remaining nine-tenths would constitute 9 times more shit, etc. So it’s not 10 times, but it’s not 9/10ths more, either.

        “9/10ths more shit” would mean 90% more shit, or almost twice as much shit as we knew it could do previously, but not quite. If it were jut “9/10ths the shit,” without the “more,” than that would mean less shit.

        Got all that? Signed, Math Geek.

    • jessie

      guess you can’t take a joke.

  8. srsly….who is getting annoyed at the amount of ads/pops on this site. i tried to read this blurb and this damn floating ad would not go away w/ no close button. wtf.

  9. good to know. thx. i still find it annoying and funny….that the superficial won’t make $$$ without their readers and if they keep selling all this ad space…all these f’n pop ups, floaters, expandables…they are going to lose their readers. i have been reading this site since 2005/6 and i gotta say…i am one foot out the door.

    • drunkRussian

      Agreed. WAY too many ads make this a very clunky site. And now these stupid pop-ups. But the worst is how the pages completely have to re-load just to scroll through the pictures. it’s really more of a hassle then its worth. There are other funny celeb trashing sites out there.

      • ChiGuy

        again use a decent browser and it will have an adblocker you can install for it. both Chrome and firefox has the option and they both work quite well. i deal with NONE of what you guys are complaining about =)

  10. The Observer

    I’ll bet it was planned that way……that way you get the most excitement out of the shot….

  11. cc

    That bike is kind of a flimsy looking affair. I guess Jesse James built it while simultaneously banging Kat von D.

  12. Deacon Jones


    So lesson learned here is….even stuntwomen can’t drive.

  13. The Subliminal Kid

    I’d like to show her what my “bat Pod” can do. That skirt just needs to be lifted , like so , and Presto !

    • Richard McBeef

      I agree the skirt needs to be lifted, but only so I can properly aim a kick square in her box.

  14. TY webb

    Let me drive the woman !

  15. Jim Pembry

    My “Bat – seduction cologne” will render her helpless to my amorous intent !

  16. Anne Hathaway One Day Premiere
    Cock Dr
    Commented on this photo:

    She’s pretty and that’s a great dress.

  17. the one

    please pay attention: SHE IS STARTING TO TELL YOU!!

  18. So I’m guessing that a bat has to be at the controls of the batpod. If you’re looking for a woman to fit that bill, might I suggest the Duchess of Alba, Maria del Rosario Cayetana Alfonsa Victoria Eugenia Francisca Fitz-James Stuart y de Silva. She’s not just a bat, she’s batty!!!

  19. Anne Hathaway One Day Premiere
    The Most Interesting
    Commented on this photo:

    Why. So. Pale?

  20. Matt

    It is Anne in the video, you can see they quickly cover an embarrassed Anne up afterwards so the paps couldn’t get a better look. They wouldn’t cover up a stunt-double like that.

  21. Jim Pembry

    I’m a motorcycle enthusiast , and I am wondering if the Bat pod is fun to drive ?
    Looks a little unwieldy with Anne driving , and of course driving down steps might be intimidating .
    Would they let the principal actress ( Anne) drive down the stairs and do her own stunts , even in slow – mo ?

  22. Dan

    The probably needed some in action close up’s for the imax camera where they couldn’t use a stunt double, tho for most of the scene they could still use stunt-double material. Obviously it’s not a stunt-double driving.

  23. Dan

    Most likely as you said it is intimidating even more without much motorcycle experience and even less on whatever this thing is. She drove way to slowly but also the dude on the camera messed up. Hope his insurance is covered.

  24. See Alice

    She is so average . Has she been checked for Exophthalmos ?

  25. Toby Weymiller

    She is a skinny piece of garbage. Jesus, just throw out an old skeleton costume with some fake boobs and it would look better.

  26. Anne Hathaway One Day Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    holy fuck is her face photoshopped in this pic?

  27. Al Czervik

    I would get her so wet , we could re – make ” The Poseidin Adventure” Or at least fuck like rabbits for a few days and send out for room service

  28. Anne Hathaway One Day Premiere
    Commented on this photo:

    Bag over the head please

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