‘Let’s Let A Woman Drive The Batpod. What Could Go Wrong?’

“No, no, no. The correct procedure is hands at 10 and 2, then think about shoes.”

While Anne Hathaway spent last night defending the Catwoman costume which apparently does 9/10ths more shit than we even realize (I’m going to read that as, “Comes armed with full-frontal flaps.”), footage leaked of her stunt double accidentally crashing the Batpod into an expensive-as-all-hell IMAX camera during a stunt sequence on Friday. But fact-based jokes about women drivers aside, that thing takes insane training to operate, so I can say with full confidence that I would’ve tumbled down both flights after convincing myself I’d make it to the freeway before anyone even knew I was gone. I’m talking, first step, followed immediately by, “Hey, this guy’s trapped underneath pissing himself. And crying, add crying.”

NOTE: The footage below is pretty much spoiler-free unless you’ve somehow managed to avoid the fact that this movie has a Catwoman, Batpod and stairs. MURDER STAIRS. I’m kidding, they’re just Batman’s new sidekick.

Photos: Splash News / Video: Courtesy of TMZ.com