Catherine Zeta-Jones is all kinds of hot

March 10th, 2008 // 87 Comments

Catherine Zeta-Jones promoted her unnaturally hot ass off in Sydney this weekend. She did press for her latest movie Death Defying Acts. I don’t even know what it’s about, but who cares? It stars Catherine Zeta-Jones. I’d watch a five-hour documentary about the bassoon if she was in it. I included pictures of her husband Michael “I met Abe Lincoln” Douglas who stayed in LA. Probably because he has to stay on his native soil or else those around him will suffer the mummy’s curse. And by curse I mean stories about that time he forgot to take his blood thinner.

Photos: Bauer-Griffin, Getty Images, Splash News

  1. The Laughing God

    @ 38 LOL, not even remotely true. Love it though.

  2. The Laughing God

    @ 48 you troglodyte!

  3. D. Richards (Douglas-mode.)

    Now here’s a 20. Dance for me, bitch!

  4. Michael didn’t “stay in LA.” He is in Louisiana filming “Beyond A Reasonable Doubt.”

  5. Michael Douglas was always kind of dorky looking, and he didn’t improve with age. She looks good, though.

  6. Emmyem

    She’s gorgeous. I saw her in person in Maui, and she’s gorgeous. And she loves Micheal Douglas, YOU CAN JUST TELL BY LOOKING AT THEM TOGETHER!
    She’s rich enough, she didn’t need him.

  7. dfeyl

    she is very rich.I chatted with her last week. I contacted her first on a celeb site called ‘’! I also got several of her pix.she is more attractive on webcam.

  8. vertmont

    Begs the question – WHY of FUCKING WHY? is she married to that multi millionaire ugly old wrinkled geezer? eh?

  9. vertmont

    @57 – what total and utter Hollywood celeb arse licking crap! WHO DA FUCK outside of the UK had heard of her til she hooked up with that ugly revolting influential and rich ponce? NO ONE that’s WHO!

  10. Sex Nuts & Retard Strong

    She’s with him because of the awesome sex! Because of all his face lifts pulling at his skin, his pecker is now erect 24 hours a day. To get in the mood she goes online to check his investment accounts, then does a Triple Lindy onto his wrinkled yet erect pee pee yelling “Who’s the Queen, pruney?”

  11. Randall

    #58 – the only thing you chatted was to your brother asking him cornhole you. i went to searchingmillionaire and the only thing i saw was you deepthroating the engorged member of a pissed off donkey

  12. thatgirl

    yeah, because scarlett johansson has so much trouble landing roles. now that czj is super thin you can tell she’s all boobs and no ass, of course she’s still gorgeous, just a bit topheavy.

    and michael douglas is hot. but i have a serious old man complex. so there.

  13. Kitty Kat

    #4 OMG that shit was so funny I spit out my drink all over the place! Daaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyummmmm that shit was funnay!

  14. D. Richards (Trashcan.)

    #54 — ‘Douglas mode.’ Nice one! Daddy like.

    P.S. I really fucking hate John McCain, really. Too bad the gooks didn’t bury him alive or something.

  15. Ript1&0

    And again, I’m the only one here who thinks old guys are hot. Michael Douglas is some suave ass shit, man. I’d totally do it!!!

    But then again, it’s me, and I also put Larry King and Pauly Shore on that list.

    Fine then, it’s not about old guys. I’m just a freak.

  16. sapphire eyes

    @ 35 I can’t stand this talentless, brainless bitch. I remember the article you are referring to, something about them ‘wasting’ $4 million on some party/wedding reception or some such bullshit. Apparently it rained or was windy or something, so the posers all had to go inside the house or hovel or whereever the hell they were. She was medieval mad about the money, saying something like; “$4million is a lot of money to some people but for us it’s just nothing …”

    While some consider her beautiful/attractive/desirable, I don’t get it. She’s a pretentious snot-faced phony who only wants money and doesn’t give a rat’s ass about anyone else. It’s all about her and her “art”. Personally, I find that if the outise doesn’t match the inside, the entire person is just FUGLY.

    Really, how difficult is it to show some manners and respect for others? I hope her Bermuda Island is close to the Bermuda Triangle; that would be a freaking hilarious way to rid the world of this classless tart.

    Add a little chlorine to the gene pool, I believe.

  17. S.Connery

    I shtill shmack it to thish tramp. Remembah Entrapment?

    *thwap thwap thwap*


    oh sheesh – what a mesh

  18. Alice

    I think everyone picks at every little thing wrong with a person, i mean her underarm? and a patch on her arm i mean come on, get real for gods sake everyone is human, look at her, she is beautiful, you know what they say about jealousy which i can see alot of, and as for michael douglas, he is not that bad, and she has been with him for so long i dont think she would ever prove to you people that she is actually in love with im, as your all so wrapped up in your stupid needs for insulting every tiny thing and wont even think about someone else, i think she is incredibly happy, and beautful.

  19. Anna

    She is a pretty woman. There are so many fans of her. And they set up the groups related to stars. You can even check out their sexy and beautiful photos, videos and blogs at Richsoulmate.c om.

  20. She is one of my fvourite celeb, nice pic

  21. Chauncey Gardner

    She supposedly gives the best head in the business.

  22. spoonie

    I’d splooge on those toes

  23. Her husband make John McCain look like a spring chicken.

  24. Dermatologist Dick

    That seriously looks like a malignant melanoma on her left arm. She needs to see me right away. So I can come all over her face.

  25. ya

    i dont get why people think she’s hot…she’s sooo fake looking! she has no ass. her eyes are always poofy and her face is super round. she reminds me of a skinny rosie odonnell

  26. curvacious

    she has no curves!

  27. she

    She looks sexy and cute. I saw her profile on millionaire&celeb dating site “W e a l t h yR o m a n c” last week. I am wondering what kind of relationship she is looking for on that site.

  28. Valentine

    Is that the guy from six string samurai? He is amaaazing.

  29. mafme

    FYI: “female Oedipus complex” = Electra complex.
    You’re welcome.

  30. Matilda

    Something to make you smile.

    Check it out :-)

  31. I love her, but it looks like she has a nipple on her left arm.

  32. pamelita

    one of the true beauties in Hollywood. she is naturally stunning. she acts with some class as well, which is pretty refreshing given the average “star”.

  33. Did she have some work done on her face ? she looks different. . .eyes maybe

  34. CZJ private lover

    fug? you must done lost your mind! I would sop that shit up with a biscuit!!!! Despite her be married to “dirty dick award” Michael Douglas….she is a sweet piece of arse…she needs no plastica surgery….whether or not she gone some. What a beautiful Welsh specimen!

  35. bitchybeige

    She looks amazing. Have you seen her on She has the best plastic surgeon ever! They did a great job on those squinty little eyes she once had. On that site they have an early pic of her & so does Allure mag somewhere. What a difference! They just tweaked her & it worked. Now if everyone in Hollywood would just use the plastic surgeons she has…

  36. bitchybeige

    She looks amazing. Have you seen her on She has the best plastic surgeon ever! They did a great job on those squinty little eyes she once had. On that site they have an early pic of her & so does Allure mag somewhere. What a difference! They just tweaked her & it worked. Now if everyone in Hollywood would just use the plastic surgeons she has…

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