Catherine Zeta-Jones needs to leave Michael Douglas TODAY

November 10th, 2008 // 279 Comments

Here are shots of Catherine Zeta-Jones at the 4th Annual “A Fine Romance” benefit Saturday night, and she has to be the hottest old lady on the planet. Okay, so she’s only 39; I think my statement speaks for itself. (Read: I want to play nude Bingo with her.) Anyway, she really needs to ditch Michael Douglas before she hits “the change,” and he strokes out watching Matlock. The guy can’t be that rich for her to be holding out. Even Hugh Hefner’s women are leaving him, and he’s roughly the same age as Mike Douglas. In fact, didn’t they fight in that war together? Which one was it… Oh, right: The Crusades.

NOTE: Wolverine knows what’s up.


  1. a beauty in the truth of the word

  2. She is really a beautiful girl. Wish she was my wife.

  3. This is the most tightest chick in the world.

  4. Its no surprise my friend told me this girl was very nice. She is.

  5. Really beautiful. My age too.

  6. So stinkin gorgeous!

  7. Catherine is a sweetheart!

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  8. Catherine, you are looking gorgeous in the pics. Today nobody can say, you are 39 years old. Really you are so beautiful.

  9. Ya….she still looks so beautiful and so young……

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  11. Looking good, catherine! :D

  12. Whoever knew Wolverine had such great taste?? :-)

  13. You look like 20. Very beautiful.

  14. She is absolutely stunning! Glad her marriage’s been working out for her.

  15. She seemed so sweet when she first cam on TV when she was about 19.

    She might still look good but here personality has changed for the worse IMO.

  16. Goooo Wolverine!! Haha

  17. I really like her as an actress at least. I just watched No Reservations and loved it.

  18. What’s a “scilf”?

    Catherine Zeta Jones is lovely as always.

  19. She is an absolute stunner. No wonder she is the face of red door perfume.

  20. You kidding me? This woman is gorgeous and was great in Zorro. They need to make another one, actually. =)

  21. She is beautiful! Although I have definitely seen better photos of her.

  22. She does look amazing in those pics! Douglas is a good dude though, exactly the opposite of his son(at least it seems so_)

  23. she is still hot, very beautiful, Douglas is a happy man

  24. agree with you….all that money and she isn’t all that…..


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  27. She is beautiful! thanks!!

  28. She is a beautiful woman!! thanks

  29. As a born and bred Mumbles boy I want them to stay together – they are our claim to fame!

  30. Catherine needs to leave him and come to me, she is amazing!


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  31. Wow i JUST LOVE HER LIPS! Yum!

  32. she is so so hot. I just love her lips and her ….

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  34. I like Catherine too…She is nice looking…

  35. Catherine Zeta-Jones what an great and beautiful actress. one of my fav. actress.
    i’m huge fan of her movies..
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  36. i am huge fan of her. what an great pictures..
    she is fantastic and outstanding..

  37. Catherine Zeta Jones is very classy.

  38. I love her dress and her hair!

  39. He would be a fool to let her get away…

  40. I have to agree, she is absolutely amazing and who would have thought that the marriage would last this long. Good for them.

  41. She is so gorgeous and I love her :)

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