Catherine Zeta-Jones needs to leave Michael Douglas TODAY

November 10th, 2008 // 279 Comments

Here are shots of Catherine Zeta-Jones at the 4th Annual “A Fine Romance” benefit Saturday night, and she has to be the hottest old lady on the planet. Okay, so she’s only 39; I think my statement speaks for itself. (Read: I want to play nude Bingo with her.) Anyway, she really needs to ditch Michael Douglas before she hits “the change,” and he strokes out watching Matlock. The guy can’t be that rich for her to be holding out. Even Hugh Hefner’s women are leaving him, and he’s roughly the same age as Mike Douglas. In fact, didn’t they fight in that war together? Which one was it… Oh, right: The Crusades.

NOTE: Wolverine knows what’s up.


  1. Randal


    Just look at yourself Catherine! You’re a splash of color and warmth made by a perfect paint brush! The diamond sequence style pulls the eye toward you like a magnet to a fridge and your hair style only helps to accent those perfect painted lines.


  2. samara

    Yay Catherine! She’s looking good.

  3. Dan

    1st ! ! ! ! ! ! \o/

  4. Sport

    Nice career move Zeta. Look at her gazing at Hugh wishing she wasnt a gold digging no talent actress.

  5. Yeah, me and Catherine, we’re like identical twins..

  6. Dr. Otto Van DerWahl

    As soon as she leaves zeta status, she’ll be available for everyone

  7. daharia

    maybe.. she loves him?

    might be shocking for all of you i know..

    its not like she hasn’t got her own money anyway

  8. simplicity

    she’s really only 39??
    she seems older

    like mid 40′s

  9. I heard Catherine Zeta-Jones left Michael Douglas YESTERDAY.

  10. Gordon Gecko

    I got news for you Fish…her bags are already packed and she’s got one foot out the door.

  11. Of course she has her own money. She was in the Terminal. I loved that movie, but only because of Tom Hanks..

  12. havoc

    Classic beauty for sure.

    I’d give her a classic pounding too….


  13. morga

    t simplicity – nope, she’s only 39….she was only 28 when she was in Zorro, so maybe it just seems like she’s been around longer? She does look older, though not in a bad way.

  14. ph7

    Pretty, but OLD.

    May be attractive to a 60 year old man, but let’s face it – she’s falling apart and sagging everywhere. She’s in a fierce struggle against the great equalizer, and she’s gonna lose…

  15. James

    She’s always looked older than she is. I’ve always thought she has a granite-face look, the type of thing lots of people call beauty but seems cold to me. It’s very easy to imagine her as an angry mom, yelling at her kids (“No wire hangers, EVAR!”). She’s been faithful to Michael Douglas because she’s an old-school movie starlet: only money and power make her wet.

  16. the only non-gay male commenter here

    I’d rather fuck a girl with an average face and a beautiful 18-year-old body.

  17. ummm...yeah

    You motherfuckers are crazy, that bitch looks good enough to eat! YUMMM!!

  18. Monty

    @14 – sagging everywhere??? Exactly where in these pictures do you see even a LITTLE sag? Point it out, please.

  19. Who are these photographers taking pics of starlet without make up? what a dis-service! ruinning fantasies everywhere!!!

  20. Beth

    Pretty soon she’ll be putting some collagen in that old-lady-thin upper lip. The cake of makeup can’t hide that. Kudos to the team of designers – engineering, not fashion – who realized they could imbed a lattice of high tensile strength alloy fibers in that dress, as long as they made it into an eye-catching external design instead of trying to hide it. When she took off the dress there must have been quite a pent-up flabalanche of hot water bottle boobs, stretch marks, and gunt.

  21. Tired

    It’s amazing how many times your editorial comments remind me of what a loser you must truly be. The comments of many of the other losers rank right up there with you, however.

  22. Andy

    So…has the world’s supply of Botox been replenished yet?

  23. Cynthia

    Hi Catherine!!! (#21)

  24. JungleRed

    Standing next to that fossil Douglass would make anyone look hot. I think that’s why she stays married to him.

  25. Wendy

    I agree, we shouldn’t make fun of CZJ. She’s a beautiful, down-to-earth, talented actress and dedicated mother. It doesn’t matter one bit that she married a fallen-ass geezer for his $$$$$$$$$$$$ or that she washes her hair with truffles and liquidized Beluga caviar from Iran. Seriously, who here DOESN’T do that every day?

  26. Jim

    “I’d rather fuck a girl with an average face and a beautiful 18-year-old body”

    -Truer words were never spoken, #16.

    A pretty face on an old body is just sad and depressing. A average face on an tight, rocking 18 year old body, however, is heavenly bliss.

  27. SevanSins

    Her dress is giving me an epileptic seizure.

    Oh God, I’m starting to taste pennies…..

  28. Erik

    I love Catherine Zeta Jones! Who wouldn’t want to lick a pussy that’s been exploded twice during childbirth and has had 20+ years of yeast infections?

  29. Jack

    @26 – good luck with finding an 18 year old that is tight these days.

  30. -Please my last comment from Desise Richards thread and apply here!

  31. #30 RD, ummmmm…..huh?

  32. Bob

    Look, we’re not her husband. We don’t have to pretend that this aging wife/mom is still hot, all the while stealing glances at the barely dressed teen girls walking around these days, for later “review” in the safety of a locked bathroom…or for re-imagining when expected to maintain an erection in the marital bed. Yes, wives, that’s what we do. Just stfu and be glad that we’re not cheating…yet. That new girl in Accounting has an ass so firm you could crack an egg on it…

  33. Catherine is one sexy woman!

  34. nobody

    She looks liek she’s grabbing Jackman’s ass while they both laugh about it in that before last pic…

  35. Squeze in the word “use” between please and my,,,,Hey frist? let me see a pic of you without make up…

  36. Oooops, I meant trike

  37. Vince

    She wears girdles. I don’t fuck chicks who have to wear girdles. It’s a simple rule that takes care of both fatties and old hags. If somebody made a girdle with anthrax in it, they should win the Nobel prize.

  38. Oh, RD, you know I’m just as beautiful with or without makeup. And when I wake up in the morning I am breathtaking.

  39. kitty

    her hand doesn’t seem to be aging as well as the rest of her..

  40. numerology

    #16 & #32 = TRUTH.

    can’t wait to see what #64 writes.

  41. I knew you wouldnt look like a lighter don king in the morning…

  42. Dr. Phil

    Yes, waking up next to Frist, sober and in full daylight, is breathtaking for the guy (see symptom #4):

    Panic Attacks:
    1. Palpitations, pounding heart, or accelerated heart rate
    2. Sweating
    3. Trembling or shaking
    4. Sensations of shortness of breath or smothering

  43. You know, Trike, at some point you may hurt my feelings. I’m not at my best right now. Drag me down some more please.

  44. You know, Trike, at some point you may hurt my feelings. I’m not at my best right now. Drag me down some more please.

  45. Dr. Phil

    Sorry, I meant to say that only happens on the wedding day.

  46. FRIST, where is my drink?

  47. Jimbo it’s IN YOUR DAD’S COCK just like always.

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