Catherine Zeta Jones

June 17th, 2004 // 3 Comments

A woman has been remanded in custody by Californian authorities accused of threatening to kill Oscar-winning British actress Catherine Zeta Jones.

I guess if I was as ugly as Dawnette Knight, I’d want to kill Catherine Zeta Jones as well. It’s tough enough living in a world where everybody else is better looking than you without having to deal with people like Catherine who are so much better looking than you that they make you look like dog feces. I can understand this woman’s anger, though I can’t really relate. Looking like Brad Pitt my entire life, I’ve never had to deal with this sort of thing. Because I’m hot, see?

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Catherine Zeta Jones 1 < -- insanely gorgeous
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  1. Thanks again for your help.

  2. she can not sing or what you have played in many movies, you're millions of dollars, not to be silent and let she is still beautiful at 40

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