Catherine Zeta-Jones still hot but married to that old guy

October 22nd, 2007 // 73 Comments

Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas attended the benefit for the Motion Picture and Television Fund at Sony Studios over the weekend. It should be a crime for a woman that good looking to date a dude that old. I mean, yeah, he’ll probably die soon. (Keeping my fingers crossed for tomorrow.) But Grandpa here should let young bucks like me have a chance. Maybe, instead of feeding you oatmeal and watching the History channel, Catherine would like to feel pecs that were chiseled from marble by Zeus himself. Sure, maybe he was a bit overzealous and gave me an extra nipple or four, but just feel those pectoral muscles. You can’t? Too many nips? Goddammit, Zeus.

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  1. Biggerthangod

    frist..and i really don’t care about that old dude and that welsh bitch..


  2. first


  3. skeleton raper

    i’m not saying she’s a gold gigger but………

  4. skeleton raper

    fuck it. she’s a gold digger. she’s not letting the crypt keeper dig out her vag every night for love.

  5. Aura

    Slow day…. I AM BORED with all these lame-ass posts

  6. PunkA

    Zeta-j is no gold digger. She has her coin. That T-Mobile deal she had was the highest celeb endorsement deal ever at $10 mill per year. So she is flush. I just wonder why she is in love with Mr. Wrinkles. The dude needs to invent an iron for his skin, or soon he will hang more than a bassett hound.

  7. stephanie

    She is the most beautiful woman on the planet, IMO. Utter goddesshood right there.

  8. p911gt10c

    who cares what she’s doin, just have her bend over Entrapment style one more time.

    Oh, and #1 and 2, you’re both losers.

  9. smfsdfd

    The humiliation she must feel everyday that she has to look at his dirty Depends in the bathroom trash can next to her makeup and shit. But then again … Gold Digging has no boundaries.

  10. If you mix Catherine Zeta-Jones and Kim Kardashian together, this is what you get.

  11. NOT over the hill

    She’s your mom and he’s your grandfather. “Hot” left town for these two many, many years ago.

  12. me

    Old men know how to do it better.

  13. Cany

    What does this have to do with BRITNEY??????

  14. veggi

    She practices blowjobs by licking a turtle’s neck.

  15. bob

    i bet her pussy is juicy and taste awesome

  16. Auntie Kryst

    Now she is a good looking brunette. About goddamn time for a new post.

  17. I don’t know how she does it. Remember when Star published this picture of him from their honeymoon?

  18. PunkA

    Somehow, I get the feeling that she is a real bitch. Her role in American Sweethearts was typecasting, not acting. She just has an agry side to her that scares me.

  19. the real veggi doesnt go here anymore

    suck it 14- the name is yours.

  20. veggi troll

    Another one bites the dust! Haha, weak motherfucker!

  21. She wants me.. or so I’ve heard

  22. Bigheadmike

    I think sleeping Michael Douglas ruined her for me.

  23. Nancy

    I read that he forced her to give his dad “once last roll” after his major stroke, but after 20 minutes of flopping around and drooling a few inches away from her pussy, he gave up and then left skid marks as he tried to scoot off the bed.

  24. kpol

    I hear Mike and Catherine still have great sex. Mike pops 2 Viagra and puts a little Poligrip where they used to use KY.

  25. PHIL

    she can keep any old guy hard. nice boobs

  26. Biondo

    Catherine has said that she learned to live with the occasional “accidents” he tends to have during orgasm.

  27. Cindy

    He has this one liver spot, right at the tip of his penis, that she just loves to lick. I think that’s so romantic!

  28. Traciann

    She’s thickened up a lot since her younger days (when she was hot). Both in her body and her face. It’s amazing people still think she’s sexy. She’s mom with much better cheekbones and makeup.

  29. Paco

    She sends him to the drugstore so he can use his AARP discount on the condoms.

  30. She’s a gold digger, he’s a cradle snatcher. I can’t decide who I despise more. She is Welsh though… don’t they fuck sheep or something?

  31. InstantAsshat-AddFame

    Hmmm. This is the first time I’ve seen these two sue-happy bastards on here. They’d sue the pants off a homeless man just for sleeping near their locked iron gates.

    She sued a strip club, a cosmetics company, threatened to sue Clear Channel, numerous tabloids, and a neighbor–for having an ugly shed, as I remember. She also bought a mansion in Wales and tried to ban the public from using a PUBLIC footpath that runs behind her house, because it would invade her privacy, and she’s a huge star, dontcha know.

    Being a pain in the ass, and suing people, is what she does when she’s not making movies–which is most of the time.

  32. kitty_kat

    See, Angelina? You don’t have to look like crap after having a baby!

  33. Sara

    She is so natural. I remember her first TV programme Darling Buds of May, she was about 17 then and was a great hit too.

  34. Harry

    I saw them recently at a celebrity charity thing, and to my surprise, they seemed like genuinely nice people. Both took time to socialize with “common folk” like myself, when they really didn’t have to. I have much more respect for them now.

  35. Taylor

    # 35, She is far from Natural.. as in no plastics work here. Please!

  36. Hollywood Agent

    You should have seen how old he really is……..this picture is post face life. He had one last year, and now he looks just plain weird.

  37. SSS

    “yeah, he’ll probably die soon”, pshaw! His dad’s still alive, even after a bad stroke. Michael’s probably going to be around quite some time.

    About a year or two ago, I saw some photos that were supposedly CZJ when her career was just beginning — I believe they were shot to promote some Mexican TV shows. Anyway, if they were indeed CZJ, those early pics were NOT very becoming. If they were her, she’s had a LOT of work done. Too bad I can’t get the correct keywords to find those old pics (even if they weren’t actually her, they’d probably still be somewhere if I could get the keywords right — unless she went sue-happy on everyone hosting them, which is believable with her. Vindictiveness is not gracious!)

  38. alf oldland

    she’s a gold-digger — she’d never have acquired her level of representation or her endorsement deals without his profile and connections.

    he looks more like his father every day. he’s had such a good life….

  39. NHerd

    Anytime I see Michael, I think of those plastic surgery pics of his with the blood on his face and……..gag.

  40. allota vajinah

    she has great postier. i dont get the hype though. her face is REALLY round and her eye are small and sqiunty. she’s had alot done and it makes her look plastic.

  41. Sharon

    I can’t stand either one of them.

    He’s a dirty old man and she’s a materialistic bitch. And she’s not as attractive as she thinks she is.

    I’m glad they live on an island. I hope global warming drowns both of the very very soon.

  42. kfag


    sigh. If people only did some actual research instead of listening to all these crap media outlets, maybe they would actually learn some flippn’ facts about “global warming”.

    Can we all please stop listening to Al Gore now? Please? I mean, seriously.

  43. 1MILF Hunter

    I’ll bet Kirk Douglas gets a piece of that. He’d still kick Michael’s ass.

  44. Wow, most of you posting are really disgusting. I think this will be my last post on this site and the last time I bother reading what you all have to say. I can see talking bad about someone…but saying crap about them doing it and stuff…god, get a life. Maybe have sex once in a while before you bore us with the details of what you think sex is like.

  45. She is a beauty – and, personally, I’ve always thought he was a sexy guy. They seem happy, so whatever’s going on is working.

  46. D. RIchards

    I can’t fathom the look of sex on Douglas’s face. Michael is fucking his child. Isn’t he almost forty years older than she is? I think so. He’s nearing eighty. I’m amazed for Big Doug; he was able to achieve erection. Heil Viagra.

  47. Ript1&0

    I don’t know about you, but the fact that someone is a “dirty old man” turns me the fuck on. Real bad. Bad, bad, bad…. Well, that among many other things.. anyway..

  48. Lady

    You know some of you people are unbelievable!

    I am 31 years old, when I was 21 I met the love of my life, he was 41 at the time. I was afraid of what my friends and family would think but after talking to my brother- he said sis follow your heart and I did! We are happily married with kids.

    When I met him he was a consultant, I was at the time working for my father’s company.

    True love has no boundaries….

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