Cassie topless photos leaked online

May 7th, 2009 // 151 Comments


R&B singer Cassie found out early this morning her breasts are being plastered all over the Internet. Including this site! Whee! She took to her Twitter account and inexplicably confirmed it was her:


Sort of a tall order there, Cassie. Have you actually spent any time with men? We could be in a strip club surrounded by naked women and still be thinking “Hmm, not enough breasts.” But maybe that’s just me, and I should be out fighting crime with my special gift. “Hey, you! Stop stealing purses before I get a lap dance. You won’t like me when I’m out of ones.”

UPDATE: Cassie’s lawyers are firing out the Cease and Desists. Sorry, folks.


  1. yuristache


  2. Bob


  3. VG


  4. Jay

    I have no idea who she is, but I’m guessing this will make her popular!

  5. Tvirus

    that shit looks like a craigslist ad.

  6. J-Bob


  7. mike rackhabit

    Instant Celeb!

  8. Mr. Obvious

    Agree. There can never be enough breasts.

    I’ve never heard of Cassie, but now I will go to youtube to check out her video.

    Very good publicity stunt.

  9. Helloooo goddess! hopefully when i come back the stars will come off, I think her colored ring are small though!

  10. debagger

    Tits of an angel. Pierced like a devil. MMMMMMMMMMMM

  11. billymadison

    superficial fails again

  12. TAKE THE STARS OFF!!!! first it was goldie now this fine piece of ASS!!!! bad form superficial bad form now im just going to have to get them from perez and i hate that lil bitch!!!

  13. Superevil

    Hacked? Yea I bet.

  14. effyeray

    Yeah, right. “Someone” hacked her. I call shenanigans. This talentless turd leaked her own photos to generate some buzz. End of story.

    P.S. she looks like a filipino lady-boy

  15. Mayo

    lol. I’m sure someone ‘hacked’ into her pc. I’d never heard of her before this.

  16. Mayo

    WHAT IS THIS EVIL!!! I can’t remove the stars!!!! You win this round Superficial Writer.

  17. AR

    sounds like effyeray’s just projecting onto Cassie his secret fantasies.

    Either that or he takes fat chicks home. your choice.

  18. durr!

    you guys don’t know how to remove the stars!?!?! HERE’S HOW TO REMOVE THE STARS – click on the photo from the pics below the caption, then click on the photo that pops up. then you will get an even bigger photo with no stars. jeez!

  19. California Red

    How come all starz on this site? (Yes I clicked and clicked). Had to see the nipple bars on another site.

    I like Cassie when she takes topless pics. Never heard her sing.

  20. ph7

    Nice tits!

  21. AR

    @ 18 – that still doesn’t work, f*ckstick.

  22. Links to the NSFW ones. Chill everyone…

    PS – double piercings, wow – Hell-cat!

  23. Photoshop Police


    didn’t even know who the heck she was, so I had to look her up.

    this girl is hot and she knows it.
    whoever she was bangin (p.diddy?) probably shot the pics and passed them around to his friends. I would.

    pretty cool that she’s not freakin out about it.

  24. dee


    she’s just mad she has no leverage for the playboy shoot now.

  25. dubba

    shes got piercings… that means they are not exactly hidden from the public… i mean she was willing to let the piercing person see them, and you dont get a piercing unless you intend it to be seen… therefore i dont think she is as embarrased or as shy as one would try to make her out to be

  26. Jenn

    you need to click the pictures again to get the one without the stars…. it takes like 3 different page loads, probably to dissuade little kids or something…

  27. Jim

    That’s one way to revive a career that never even existed – send your publicist some topless pics, and leak them to a website, and then execute part B of the plan – — twitter about it, claiming you were “hacked”.

  28. Deacon Jones

    Nice. Now who is this bitch?

  29. jesus

    looks like a pale chimpanzee

  30. male superficial commenters

    “P.S. she looks like a filipino lady-boy”


  31. anonymous

    Who the fuck is she? I can’t stand her solely based on the fact that she uses the word “titty” What, is she a 14 year old guy???

    Oh, and I reeeally believe someone “hacked into” her computer. Mkay.

  32. Goose

    You’ve brightened the day of every geezer out there that reminisces about young tittie…(and cufflinks).

  33. Fap

    My name says it all.

  34. Yeah

    Awesome. Puts you on the road to redemption, Fish.

  35. Parker

    ok that does it. I don’t know who she is but now I want to buttfuck her.

    This is what I’ve been talking about. Women have nipples so men will want to have anal sex with them. If this isn’t proof enough I don’t know what is. Never saw the girl before in my life yet suddenly I want to bend her over and squeeze my dick into her ass.

  36. STINK

    No. You can’t say “Whaaa stop looking at my boobs” when you yourself took the pics. Where did you think they’d end up?

  37. Bill

    Why does she have wires hooked up to her nipples in the one picture? Kinky!

  38. mikeock

    my penis says thank you

  39. Jim

    Rhianna who?!

  40. XX

    Hey #3 and #6….. are you both n00bs or something? Click on one of the pictures to bring up the picture (yes, the individual picture has stars). Now click on that picture with the stars….. wow, amazing, the stars are gone and the picture is bigger! LMAO

  41. The Observer

    This would be a lot more exciting if I had any idea who the F this chick is.

    Nice tits, though.

  42. Tammy

    This site sucks now, too many ads, they are distracting and make it hard to read the articles. I’m not coming to this site anymore.

  43. Well it worked, I’ve no idea who she is and I’m now reading about her.

  44. Jeremy

    Or you can just click the “Full Size+” button below the picture.

    I appreciate the stars because I have to look around to make sure my boss or female co-workers aren’t around when I look.

    Thank you for the stars, Superficial Writer, and thanks also for the pics without the stars!

  45. Hugh Jorgan

    Ohhh ohhh ohhhh ahhhhhhhh!

  46. martin

    Ummm…. hey dummies. Click on the picture with the stars until they disappear…

  47. boing

    Brilliant marketing move. I didn’t know or care who this chick was 5 minutes ago.

  48. Fati

    I don’t appreciate piercing on intimate body parts. I don’t find this sexy, it’s just sadistic. Cute boobies though. Take that shit our of your nipples!

  49. lol im sure she was hacked. totally. i thought she shaved half her head or something? shes pretty though but guys are too obsessed with huge boobs. hers are nice sized :) lol at least shes not pretending to be ashamed like other girls that pull that stunt. o no im naked online! am i popular yet? do i get my own reality show?!! tres desperate.

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