Casper Smart Is Tweeting About Jennifer Lopez

“Oh, wow, her costume shoots dust out of it and everything.”

Because he’s 13, Casper Smart has taken to Twitter to fight back against the “haters” criticizing his relationship with Jennifer Lopez because if there’s one thing grown men concern themselves with, it’s “haters.” *deletes every tweet arguing with Ryan Dunn fans* — Ahaha!

I don’t understand how people can speak on other people or things they know nothing of??!!! #CRAZY Off to Morocco!!!!

He then retweeted the following messages from fans because apparently he has those already. Have I mentioned how much I fear for the world? I fear for the world:

- @Caspersmart dont listen to the haters i think ur awesome :) And a good dancer :-)
– I think @Caspersmart an @JLo make a really good couple but you know everyones gonna hate cuz when your happy or successful ppl have to hate
– Its funny how the people who know the least about @caspersmart & @jlo have the most to say . #smdh
@Caspersmart Well Mr.Sexy guy say BLURRPP to the haters :) probably i will support you and @JLo until the end my dear :) ♥

What’s hilarious about all this, is you know Casper had to ask JLo’s permission before doing any of this which involved a long conversation about what the Internet is followed by a search for her reading glasses. “Do I speak into the screen part or the letter buttons? You know what? Just make sure the pool’s clean then go nuts.”

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