It’s A Day Before Jennifer Lopez’s Birthday, Why Wouldn’t Casper Smart Go See A Peep Show?

Jennifer Lopez drags Casper Smart around so people will think she’s so attractive, 24-year-old backup dancers in respectable shape would rather have sex with her than chicks under 30 without kids. (In reality, he does all the driving and pretends to buy her fancy gifts with his money that’s really hers.) So call it a hunch, but I’m guessing part of that illusion includes not going to look at peep shows in broad daylight a day before her birthday because clearly he’s seeing the only beautiful woman he needs to see naked in 24 hours. Then again, this actually makes me believe they really are in a serious relationship because women think the key to keeping a man around is to have less sex with him. That’s like having a fish, lowering the amount of water in its bowl each month and then acting all surprised when it flops on top of your sister.

Photos: INFdaily