Casey Johnson died of stuff, too

February 4th, 2010 // 63 Comments

Apparently the LA Coroner’s Office decided they should get around to solving those high-profile deaths today, because they’ve also announced the final results of Casey Johnson’s autopsy. People reports:

The specific cause of death was “diabetic ketoacidosis,” a condition caused by a shortage of insulin, according to a coroner statement.
Shortly after her death, a law enforcement source told PEOPLE that hypodermic needles were found in the home, and they suspected Johnson partied the night before she died and neglected to take her insulin. No illicit drugs were found.

So if I’m reading this right, Casey Johnson essentially died from being a drunken moron. Or is “diabetic ketoacidosis” a fancy word for Tila Tequila? Not that this couldn’t go both ways.

Photos: Splash News

  1. Richard McBeef

    i so don’t care.

  2. whatever

    One of those unfortunate fat headed people which makes you think they’re fatter than they actually are. Rene Zellwegger’s the other one that comes to mind. Also a probably entirely preventable death like Murphy’s. Sad.

  3. meee

    can we work on the grammar?

    DEATHS, not death’s

  4. kimberly

    Nice panty flash in pic #2.

  5. That’s so pathetic. Instead of going out in a blaze of booze and drugs, she died because she forgot to set her insulin injection timer.

    I expected better of the girl whose hair was set on fire by an ex and once stole the vibrator and underwear of another ex.

  6. That’s so pathetic. I expected more from the girl who broke into an ex’s home to steal her vibrator and panties than just “forgot to take her insulin.”

  7. crackface

    Diabetic ketoacidosis is when the acid in your blood is way higher than it’s supposed to be, due to out of control blood-sugars (for some time) & its a horrible way to die. I lived through it and can’t imagine dying from it. You first start vomiting because the pain in your stomach is so horrible, your freezing and then it becomes very hard to breath which eventually leads to a coma and if no action is taken death.

  8. I highly, highly doubt that this girl “forgot” to take her insulin. I think it’s more likely that she suffered from diabulimia. If you’re an ignorant asshole who has no idea what that is, use google. These sorts of death are very common with diabulimics who have an almost impossibly high death rate of 34.8% PER YEAR. There needs to be an investigation into whether or not this is what happened here, and there needs to be a public discussion about the seriousness of neglecting to take your insulin.

  9. josh

    She was an idiotic person, but calling her a moron because she forgot to take her insulin is slightly harsh. It’s not as if she was doing heaps of cocaine and her heart gave out, she just forgot at a crucial moment, perhaps passed out drunk before she could take it which seems most likely.
    Most people have the luxury of not having to worry about taking insulin when they’re caned, so cut her some slack.

  10. bribios


    “ignorant asshole” for not knowing what what diabulimia is? That’s a bit harsh. Like calling someone an “ignorant asshole” for not knowing who Jude Steffan is.

  11. TreyFL3

    If you’re DRINKING and a diabetic, you have a death wish. Drugs aren’t helpful, either.

  12. Ashley

    I guess that I meant “ignorant asshole” more toward people who were immediately jumping on this news to call a dead person they never met all kinds of names than just regular folks who aren’t familiar with diabulimia.

  13. ihateemo


    Someone’s been reading wikipedia! Thanks, Dr. Internet.

  14. Buck Nasty

    @8 – Thanks for the expert opinion you fucking cunt. Hope you die from diabulimia soon.

  15. whatever

    Very interesting information. Thanks. I think you may have a very good point.

    Relax, dear. It’s only the internet.

  16. Aaron

    All I want to know now is: WHO THE FUCK IS JUDE STEFFAN?

  17. OTP

    As a diabetic, I can say that you won’t die if you miss a single injection of insulin. Also, I occasionally party, drink and all that, and I’m still healthier than your average fat American…

  18. crackface

    @ ihateemo
    Did you ignore the part where I typed that I have lived through a DKA attack, I didn’t look this up on wiki because there was no need to. I’m a type 1 diabetic since I was 11 & know exactly what happens when your blood sugars are high for a long time because I’ve done it, stupidly.

  19. Ashley

    @15, thanks for the backup. Obviously this may not be what happened to Casey, but it deserves some investigation and I wouldn’t be surprised.

    I need off the internet, the pettiness, hate, and outright malice here and insane.

  20. Richard McBeef

    Always find it funny when some stupid bitch comes to this site, named the SUPERFICIAL, then gets their mom jeans all bunched up when somebody tells them to go fuck themselves, especially after calling somebody else an “ignorant asshole”.

  21. whatever

    Just ignore it. Responses like that are just irrational and all kinds of fallacious so either call them out on it or ignore and move on. And yeah, it is very interesting. She was clearly a troubled girl, had very little in the way of supportive family and friends so that kind of conclusion makes perfect sense. I look forward to seeing more of your kind of informed and actually quite thoughtful input (don’t call people ignorant, though) so keep it up.

    Yeah, same for you. It’s a clear troll so just sport with it or ignore. I got what you were saying and again, very interesting so thanks.

  22. John

    The internet once beat me up and stole my wallet while calling me racial slurs.

  23. ___


    On one hand you call her an idiot but it’s harsh to call her a moron? Josh, you could be accurately described by either term.

  24. Scott Joplin

    @ashley and whatever – you know what conclusion makes sense??? How about the one the fucking coroner came up after a legitimate investigation?

  25. I bet her corpse smelled like “feesh partz”.

    Teh end.

  26. Ashley

    The coroner declares a physical cause of death, but it has very little to do with the emotional cause. Diabetic Ketoacidosis can come about in more than on way.

    Unfortunately, whatever, It’s always best for me to stay away from these sorts of sites, so I try not to visit or comment too often. It’s all so completely ridiculous, I cannot help but wonder what is so bad in so many people’s lives that coming on the internet and putting down celebrities (including those who has passed on) makes them feel better. Hopefully you’ll stick around here and kick some butt. I’ll stop by when I can.

  27. ashley

    Ahh, typos.

  28. whatever

    @Scott Joplin

    Yup. No-one was disregarding the coroner’s conclusion but you can’t measure psychological behavior via the means of an autopsy, Polyanna. Think better.

  29. Jennyjenjen

    “I need off the internet, the pettiness, hate, and outright malice here and insane.”

    Says the girl who starts off her posts calling everyone “ignorant assholes”.. the irony..

  30. This Announcement Brought To You By the Internet Desperate Slut Alert Authority

    @ Jennyjenjen

    Says the girl crusing this thread and others for attention and cock. Irony. So slurpily delicious.

  31. ashley

    The hatin’ was getting me mad, so I am hereby apologize for overreacting. I admit to being wrong in that moment. There was no need for me to go to that level just because others did.

    Also, let’s not misuse the word “irony.”

  32. Scott Joplin

    Who gives a shit about the psychological cause of her death. Bitch is dead, you didn’t know her, and probably had never even heard of her before she died. i don’t get why you give such a shit.

    Isn’t there an eating disorder forum you bitches can commune at?

  33. whatever


    Stop being stupid, Scotty. Read, focus. pay attention. Think better. It’s one thing being a retard but it’s another thing entirely being a wholly wilful fucking retard.

  34. Reina

    I think she suffered from diabulimia too. She looks painfully thin, and we all know Hollywood’s obsession with staying thin at all costs.

  35. Chris

    I’m not a usual commenter, but I am a regular reader…

    I think making fun of Casey Johnson’s death is in bad taste…As a diabetic, I can tell you how easy it is to go out, have a few drinks, and forget about your insulin. Most people have someone there to remind them, but occasionally, you don’t. It is sad and unfortunate what happened to her, and it can happen to any diabetic without a lot going wrong first. This is one of those rare celebrity deaths we should just be respectful of. I could see this happening to me, accidentally. It’s scary, not funny.

  36. MET

    Seriously? Needles are used to inject insulin. And DKA can result from lack of insulin. This is actually the most plausible death scenario in the recent sad string of untimely & rather suspect young deaths. Of course drugs and alcohol could still be involved… But if you could die from having asinine friends, then Tila would be the cause of death.

  37. Nannou

    She looks like a Courtney Love clone, well not anymore..

  38. Rasputins Liver


    Hmm…well, I gotta say, man. I’m just not feelin’ it for the dead head.
    I mean, another spoiled, vacuous, narcissistic, celeb-wannabe, fame-whore bitch from a long time wealthy family who had it all bites the dust and I, a mere workin’ stiff regular guy am supposed to shed the big ol’ crocodile tears?!


    I don’t fuckin’ think so.

    Good riddance to bad rubbish.


  39. haha

    #33– NICE BURN!

  40. r k

    Ashley — terrific analysis, it is very possible that she was using insulin to lose weight (diabulimia).

  41. Rabbit

    Who the hell is this chick anyway?

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  43. wilford

    The diabulimia idea sounds good to me too. I have the diabeetus, Type II though, but I lived through ketoacidosis and don’t think it would be a very nice way to go. Having been down to skin and bones at that point (I was diagnosed and treated just in time, doing fine now), I know for a fact that going without insulin is a good way to lose weight good and fast, but it’ll fuck your shit up pretty good too. As for missing one dose, that’s not going to hurt you much, let alone kill you. I forget once in a while and it just makes me feel crappy.

    Hope this helps, pardner.

    Call Liberty!

  44. wilford

    One more thing, folks. I drink now and the and it’s OK, my med team has no problems with it. Beer is a good source of complex carbohydrates, and low in sugar.

    Call Liberty!

  45. Sad to hear that. Poor girl needed someone to look after her? She was an adult who chose to not take her medication. Don’t put the blame on someone else. She did this to herself.

  46. Me

    Diabetic Ketoacidosis doesn’t just happen after one forgotten insulin injection, sure forgetting to give an insulin dose can be harmful, but Diabetic Ketoacidosis happens after months and months of improper insulin management. Meaning Casey Johnson had probably be not taking her insulin at all or very little, at improper times.
    Diabulimia(not taking insulin to remain skinny), drugs and alcohol all probably play heavy influences in her death.

  47. Sounds to me like she took her own life. That is so sad, here is a woman to has everything, does not have to worry about an income, living on the streets and someone who can afford the best psychistrists around and instead she takes her own life.

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  49. Hopefully she can rest in peace now.

  50. one

    Come on now, ADMIT IT, she died of those damned J&J cancer-filled shampoos.

    EWGH! She looks completely repulsive! Glad she’s dead and gone

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