Casey Kasem’s Body Is Missing Now

So remember the other day when we all found out Casey Kasem’s body was still sitting in a funeral home after he’s been dead for over a month? It’s missing now. And by missing I mean stolen by his widow and smuggled into Canada because his kids requested an autopsy, so you know, nothing suspicious here. NY Daily News reports:

In an exclusive interview with the Daily News, Kerri said the temporary restraining order that a Washington state judge granted her on Wednesday forbidding movement or burial of the remains was too late.
“My stepmother is doing everything to keep my father’s burial a secret so that none of his loved ones can visit,” Kerri told The News Friday.
“She’s just spiteful, malicious and vindictive,” Kerri said.
Widow Jean Kasem was in control of the body after Kasem’s June 15 death ended Kerri’s control over his medical treatment.
Jean later commissioned a private autopsy in Tacoma and made arrangements to send Kasem to the Urgel Bourgie Funeral Home in Montreal, Canada, by July 14, a recent death certificate obtained by The News said.
“My dad has nothing to do with Canada. He lived in Los Angeles for 45 years. It just once again proves that my stepmother is not acting in my father’s best interest or respecting his wishes,” Kerri said Friday.

Casey had specific instructions to be buried in Hollywood Hills, but just like his equally specific instructions to die in peace if he ever became a vegetable, Jean Kasem is ignoring all of that (Haha! Wives.) and shipping his body to Jerusalem where thrown meat is awarded the significance and spiritual authority it deserves. Plus it just seems like a nice place to burn evidence:

“Kerri Kasem has a well-grounded fear that her right to petition for authorization to conduct an autopsy on the remains of her father, Casey Kasem, could be adversely affected if Jean Kasem were to remove Mr. Kasem’s remains from Washington State, or if Jean Kasem were to cremate Mr. Kasem’s remains,” the order signed by Pierce County Superior Court Judge Ronald Culpepper said.

“Elder abuse? What elder abuse? Clearly, my husband died from a mortar round while visiting the Holy Land. You never know what that crazy Hamas is going to do next. Sometimes just I want to throw a nice prosciutto at them they make me so angry.” – Jean Kasem, any minute now

Photo: Getty