Casey Anthony’s Making Video Diaries Now

January 5th, 2012 // 99 Comments
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A “video diary” circulating the Internet this morning has been confirmed by TODAY as Casey Anthony and was reportedly filmed in October. The current theory is that someone else posted the video, but the fact that Casey even made one in the first place shows how fucking retarded she is, so let’s not rule out that she did it herself:

Anthony doesn’t address the sensational six-week murder trial that ended with her acquittal last July, but does express optimism in her new life as she serves out a year’s probation in Florida on an unrelated charge.
“The good thing is things are starting to look up and things are starting to change in a good way. I just hope they stay — that things stay good, that they only get better. They’ll only get better.”
Anthony makes no mention of her daughter Caylee, first reported missing in July 2008 and found dead five months later. Nor does she discuss the more than 1,000 days she spent in jail before being acquitted. But she does speak of the loneliness of living in hiding — and says the video camera has become her friend.
“Now I in some ways have someone to talk to even when I am by myself so I am not bothering the poor dog who I have adopted and I love,” she says.

Granted, it’s a huge red flag that Casey doesn’t even talk about the daughter the state of Florida botched proving she killed, I’m pretty sure this story will have a touching ending when we all found out she named the dog Caylee. Of course, we’ll only learn this after it’s found dead in the trunk of a car, but the important thing here is baby steps. Non-killing-a-child-this-time baby steps.

Transcript (Via Mediaite)

So this is my first video diary, it is October 13th, which is a Thursday, 2011, and I’m just trying to figure out my new computer and I don’t know, I guess I’m liking it so far. It’s obviously a different ballgame for me, because I’ve never used this before. So, I guess these will be as tedious as my audio recordings have been. To start off this one, just a few updates from the last few days, there really hasn’t been all that much going on, except now for this and I’m extremely excited that I’ll be able to Skype and obviously keep a video log, take some pictures… and then I have something to finally call mine. It’s been a long time since I’ve been able to call something mine, and now that I have something even — you know, it’s silly to say I have a computer. And a camera and a phone, granted, I wouldn’t have a phone without (inaudible) and know I’ve now actually paid for my own computer, the camera was a gift, these are things I don’t have to give back. It’s kind of nice to say I have some belongings that are mine that I’ll be able to keep with me when I leave next year. It’s kind of funny to think about, actually. It’s going to be a while before I leave, I’m going to be here for many months more, I’m going to be here for 6 months, even if I get off probation early.

I’ll still be here at least until February… the end of February. Seven months, March, my birthday, just either way, you know, whether it’s six months or it’s a year from now or a year from middle of August. I don’t know. It’s just been a blessing in so many ways. And now I have someone to talk to when I’m by myself so I’m not bothering the poor dog. Who I’ve adopted and I love and he’s as much my dog as any of the other pets I’ve ever had (inaudible) families I’ve ever had if not moreso… so… I don’t know… I don’t know whether to look directly at myself, or look up, or… oh man… just a little surreal how much things have changed since July and how many things haven’t changed… but the good thing is that things are starting to look up and things are starting to change. In a good way. Let’s just hope they stay… that things stay good and that they only get better. They’ll only get better. So this is the end of my first video log. I’ll probably do one later. Maybe I’ll bring the dog, who knows. But this is again the first of many and I’m looking forward to this. It’s a little scary because I hate being on camera, but I don’t know. I need to conquer that fear at some point. This is a good start. So here’s something. It’s the end of the first. Just the beginning.

Photo: YouTube


  1. That’s nice. I have a dog, and a computer, and a cell phone too! You know what else I have? My CHILDREN because I didn’t KILL THEM.

  2. Jen

    This is so fucked up that I can’t even think of anything clever to say.

  3. Dude of Dudes

    The Chloroform Diaries.

  4. Snack pack

    Let’s hope this somehow causes a chain of events that lead to Nancy Grace being taken off the air.

  5. Peter Griffin

    That is one hot armpit clit!

  6. Bane

    I see killing her daughter didn’t affect her appetite.

    • Emily

      haha I just peed a little. Seriously though, in reply to the other comment, the state of Florida did not frame casey or make her look guilty.. she was guilty. Bitch couldn’t even keep her stories straight. Worst of all she ruined peoples lives and ended her own daughters. I think the worst part of the trial was watching her night school half ass lawyer trying to ask a question.

  7. Deacon Jones

    She shouldve taken off her top

  8. Venom

    The State of Florida did not botch anything, the jurors were fucking retards.

    Hmm, kid goes missing, mom goes out partying every night and gets a tattoo, body found within walking distance from the home, fake kidnapping story, mom is a pathological. What the hell else did they need?

    • The jury did their job. The prosecution didn’t present the case well enough. Same thing happened with OJ. The presumption of law is that a person is innocent. Prove them guilty without a shadow of doubt, and they go to jail. Leave even a little room for doubt, and they go free.

      Armchair jurors and judges should open a law book once in a while instead of watching Entertainment Tonight.

      • Venom

        Child disappears for 3 days, no one calls the police, made up nanny kidnapping story. Parties at clubs and gets a tattoo that says “The Good Life”, child’s body found within walking distance of the home with duct tape over the mouth, mother’s phone call to 911 saying the trunk of the car smells like a dead body, job that does not exist and the list goes on and on and on. But yeah, totally plausible that she is innocent.

        You have to be pretty brain dead to hear those facts and not figure out that she killed her daughter.

      • Tina

        yea but its bullshit when the guilty go free and there is alot of people in prison right now that did nothing and they are rotting away for someone elses crime I know a guy that served 10 years only for evidence that he told them to check and they were to lazy to do it. about a year ago that evidence practically fell on the officers lap and he was set free. boy did he have 1 awesome lawsuit for false imprisonment loss wages missed time with his kids and wife (that he lost due to his imprisonment) the law is bullshit they do what ever comes easiest to them the best evidence or lack there of is how they justify the verdict which is not always right. then you got this bitch that got away makes you wonder who the real criminals are

      • Scott

        You should open a law book, boy. The standard of proof in a criminal case is beyond a REASONABLE doubt, not beyond a shadow of a doubt.

      • do you honestly think there are 12 people alive who would not want a baby killer to go to jail?

      • Ugh

        Yes, the jury did their job unfortunately well. All of the things that Venom points out are true, but they are NOT evidence of murder. They’re circumstantial and could have gone a long way to support a factual case, but there wasn’t much of a factual case that the defense’s theory couldn’t also explain. It was a brilliant defense, really, to accept all of the evidence and construct a theory around it. If they had said that she had no knowledge of the child’s death or if they had offered a nanny-based theory, she’d be in jail right now. Instead, they went the route they did and offered an alternative, non-murder-based explanation of the evidence and provided reasonable doubt.

      • Emily

        No… actually the evidence was tampered with in O.J.’s case. Things weren’t handled properly and evidence got contaminated.

      • D-chi

        Actually, it’s beyond a REASONABLE doubt. Not a shadow of a doubt. Maybe you should pay attention once in awhile. It’s that kind of attitude that let a murderess go free.

      • D-chi

        Also, the prosecution didn’t do their job well enough. If they’d gone with 2nd-degree murder or manslaughter, they would’ve had an easier time convicting her.

  9. Trixxie6690

    Is that hair cut the national symbol for ‘I have anti-social personality disorder’?

  10. Casey Anthony Video Diary
    Dirt Dog
    Commented on this photo:

    she is hot!

    • Tina

      no shes not I dont know anybody that would even fuck her with your dick! how can you say that about her what if that was your kid that she had killed?

      • Know how I know you’re a chick?

        Because you think that her value as a human being is somehow related to her fuckability. The real world is going to eat you alive young lady.

  11. Dufresne

    Bat shit crazy.

  12. Insider

    I just watched the whole thing. Seriously… how many times does this insane bitch mention me, mine, myself? Listen, she’s happy as a fucking clam about the way things have turned out. She’s got some kind of fucked up plan cooking and is going to put herself out there as much as possible for the general public to get used to her. And that haircut looks like shit. She makes me want to kill something with duct tape.

  13. Rooster

    I’m predicting 173 comments by 1700 central. Something about baby killers gets people worked up.

  14. doni

    Whos name is she saying that we can’t hear? Also, she’s a piece of shit.

  15. Cher X

    Saw this on the news this morning. Like Fish I thought it was kind of a giveway she didn’t mention the daughter AT ALL. Nothing like ” I miss her” etc. More like me, me, me.

    Yep. Total sociopath.

    • Richard McBeef, PsyD

      It’s very common for murderers to lose much of the emotional attachment to their victims.

      • Murderers belong behind bars not on video – yeah, she lost “emotional attachment” is totally obvious – she killed her little girl.

  16. Johnny P!

    Well, at least when the dog starts annoying her by, y’know, making noises, wanting attention, a little love, being fed, etc. (let’s just say: being so DAMN NEEDY ALL THE TIME!), she can have it “put down” legally and not have to worry about all that annoying publicity/prison/lawyers/trial stuff. So it’s win-win, right?

    • It's the kimkim, bitches

      She wouldn’t have it put down. She’d chloroform it and duct tape his snout shut. Because she’s fucking evil and enjoys killing things.

  17. “Psychopathy is a personality disorder characterized primarily by a lack of empathy and remorse, shallow emotions, egocentricity, and deception.”

    Thanks, Wikipedia!

  18. Caylee Marie Anthony (August 9, 2005 – June 2008) was a two-year-old girl who died because of this sick woman’s lack of being a mother or a good person! Stop watching these videos and don’t give this “THING” another minute of your time!!! PLEASE!

  19. Well at least she loves the dog…

  20. Tom

    I don’t think she did kill her baby, but if she DID do it, it would have been because she loved her very much. You know, OJ style!

  21. It’s clear to everyone with reasonable deduction skills that this person killed her daughter, and like OJ she thinks she’ll always get away with things because she got away with murder. Mark my words, she’ll be in prison like OJ at some point in her life.

  22. forrest gump

    casey & dildo’s………..Just Good Friends.

  23. Any Guy

    i’d pee in her butt.

  24. It's the kimkim, bitches

    Hate being on camera my ass! Oh, yes, you’re so modest and shy, aren’t you, Casey? Cunthole.

  25. adolf hitler

    i dont think she killed her daughter. i think the daughter died accidentally and the family just happens to be stupid and tried to cover the death up.

  26. MickeyRouke

    Is that her daughters painting on her wall??!! Wack-As-F**k

  27. Steelerchick

    Oh look it’s Tot Mom!! More like Twat Mom.

  28. DC

    I don’t understand why anyone thinks she is pretty…..looks pretty homely to me

  29. The Royal Penis

    I sense no emotion what so ever. She’s the perfect women! I can screw her all day with no drama and no condoms and know she’s got the abortion end covered.

    Yay! Come to me my lover.

  30. Tina

    Casey the only video diary’s you should make is of you killing your self and don’t say you aint got the guts if you can kill your kid you can kill your self. go ahead and get a gun I will tell you what it will be the most watched video on you tube then and only then will your name EVER be recognized for doing anything good and if your as stupid as we all know you are the good that im talking about is you removing yourself from existence.

  31. Tristyn

    Hoping the shelter is doing home visits unannounced..

  32. Alex

    No one gives a fuck about this child-murderer. In fact, she and the 12 idiot peers that couldn’t find their ass with both hands can rot in their graves. I will die a happy man if I never see this bitch’s face again.

  33. Disco Dave

    I’m actually surprised the mafia haven’t found her yet.

    • The Royal Penis

      Just curious, why would the mafia care?

      • Schmidtler

        You must not have seen Casey Anthony’s twitter comment where she said “All mafia guys are dick sucking queens, especially the Gottis, Gambinos and Bonnanos. If they weren’t so busy tickling each others balls, they might find time to mete out some justice over me killing my baby. I triple dog dare the mafia queens to try and do something to me.”
        idk, I got nothing against the mob, but seems to me Casey Anthony crossed a line there, and now they’re going to have to prove she’s wrong about them.

      • da fuck

        She has a twitter? What makes her think her white trash ho-down family would even be targeted by the mafia? I grew up around the gotti’s and Id rather stare at victorias weave and leather skin than listen to another minute of this bitches “video diary”.

  34. jk

    I’d bang the shit out of that crazy bitch! HOT!!!!

  35. kirby

    If the first thing she didn’t do upon getting released was look for the REAL killer of her child, then one can only conclude this sick bitch did it!!! Really, it’s not rocket science. Did she ever even say “I hope they find the real killers of my daughter.” ??

  36. cc

    Online streaming porn is in her future.
    I wonder how many people are scouring the background looking for clues as to which rock she’s hiding under. BTW, can’t IP addresses be traced? I wonder how long she’d be vlogging if someone told her how that was done.

  37. Can someone check my work:

    Single white trash lady+webcam+dog+need for attention+broke=pervs reaching for their credit card

  38. Her getting a dog is perfect. Kids are so high maintenance. Of course you can’t go out partying if you have a kid. But a dog, leave out some food and water and you’ve got a responsibity-free night ahead of you. The dog is happy no matter what time you get home. Way to go Casey. Next time try getting the dog first though.

  39. BillyBobsRevenge

    Bets on how long the dog will live?

  40. The Voice of Reason

    LOL this trashing of her in these comments assumes, OF COURSE, the video is even genuine..
    I mean there’s NO WAY someone could dress like her and then do a video, right? No way huh…that would never happen.
    How STUPID of me…
    okay on to the next website

    • Venom

      Her lawyers and people already confirmed it was her. Two seconds on the Internet or watching CNN could have saved you the time to write that and look dumb.

  41. Twirl

    I do not think this is her, anyone else?

  42. Oh. My. God. The ASPCA needs to take that dog away before she kills it.

  43. Casey Anthony Video Diary
    Commented on this photo:

    I wouldn’t bang this biatch even if I was a necrophiliac. She needs to meet the underside of a bus

  44. Synful

    To everyone saying she’s a baby killer, and bringing up “The Same thing happened with OJ” I’d like to point out that there’s a difference between a celeberty basketball player and A Nobody.

    To the others going off the Chloroform Evidence I’d like to point out that the program wasn’t correct and as soon as it was fixed the creator of the program came out and told the prosecution that, they decided not to disclose the details Link Below:

    And to those mentioning the fact that she’s not mentioning her child, she could just as easily be trying to get over the loss of her child. The fact that people just jump to conclusion without viable evidence is what makes this society so horrible, Someone gets accused of something and they’re instantly guilty because they heard the accusation before the defense.

    • Synful

      Lol Fail, Sorry meant to say Football, I’ve been thinking about basketball for some reason recently.

    • Insider

      Can you please zip it? Go through the MOUNTAINS of evidence that point to Casey’s guilt. And there was a LOT of chloroform found in the trunk of the car. There were some bungles in the evidence as in any complicated case but for the most part… it speaks for itself. The ONLY source of the drowning defense comes from a known liar. A pathological psychopath murdered her daughter and got away with it due to a lazy jury’s inability to take the step to pronounce her guilty.

  45. Imlivin

    Another fear you should cauncquer is going in public and letting society rip you to shreds or confess and go to jail and let the prison murderers handle you

  46. Casey Anthony Video Diary
    Commented on this photo:

    There is a special place in hell reserved for this fucking sub-human swine.

  47. zing

    i thought she was gonna start crying and screaming “LEAVE BRITNEY ALONE!”

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