Casey Anthony is Free, Has a Nice Rack

July 18th, 2011 // 139 Comments

“I’m here for the gang-bang.”

Casey Anthony was released from jail early Sunday morning, and is it wrong that I immediately noticed her breasts? Maybe she really is innocent and could use some money to get back on her feet… *slaps self in the face* Where was I? Oh, right, tits child killers. With tits. Keeping with the theme of supernatural signs, I added a shot from outside the jail where a bolt of lightning was seen just before her release. So, either God’s improved his aim, or he finally quit drinking which is definitely for the best. You ever talk to that guy when he’s shit-faced? Worse than your redneck uncle. When He’s not blatantly endorsing slavery, it’s homophobic slur this, or “burn the Jews in a lake of fire” that. Plus He cheats at cards.

YOU: Wait, how do we both have three Aces?
HIM: Because I’m an omnipotent being capable of manipulating reality at whim, and you’re a fuckin’ faggot. BRAAPPP.

Photo: Getty, Splash News


  1. Casey Anthony Released From Jail
    cocoa j
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  2. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    I know this is going to sound “insensitive”, but if she can cook, clean, and knows how to shut the little bastards up, I say we should quit being so goddamn judgmental!!!

  3. McMikey

    Speaking of that big cop lady behind Casey…is it just me, or does her vest say “OCD” ? (Probably just me)

  4. Katie

    “Hey guys…uh, is the Mormon wench look still in?”

  5. Casey Anthony Released From Jail
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    She’s got killer boobs. And killer legs. And a killer butt. And a killer face. And killer arms. And killer hands. And a killer torso. Because she’s a killer.

  6. Casey Anthony Released From Jail
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    Wow! The finger of God! absolutely amazing!

  7. Casey Anthony Released From Jail
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    “OH NO YOU DI-INT!!”

  8. Fandy

    what a letdown in the justice system….the scales are broken

  9. Casey Anthony Released From Jail
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    they say she wants to study law…..well the offices of Kellum,Barium and Walk will hire her

  10. Jake's Lover

    CRAZY!!! NOT to do porn!!! Has everything it takes (including the low self-esteem) in anal department!!!

  11. Jungle Lover

    Let me fuck her! She can kill my baby and eat it straight from the womb (I’ll watch and jerk off on the bones!)!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. Casey Anthony Released From Jail
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    Ralph Lauren Polo Sport. Wonder if they sold out already…

  13. Casey Anthony Released From Jail
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    Noooooooooooo!!!!!!! no no no!
    This wrong.
    wtf stop talking about how nice this She-dEVILS screwed up body
    she killed her child (R.I.P CAYLEE)
    I DONT CARE I SHE WAS PROVEN “INNOCENT” innocent my notebook,she isnt innocent.shes far from it.
    ughhh casey ur gonna get it one day u polo wearing phyco!

  14. Casey Anthony Released From Jail
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    see the smile of baez face? he just KNOWS he’s getting his dicked sucked later.

  15. FinDuMonde

    Frankly, I really don’t care what she did…she is HOTT! I would fuck her in a heartbeat and not even worry if she got pregnant! She would perform an abortion on it in a couple years anyway.

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