Casey Anthony Got Away With Murder

July 5th, 2011 // 333 Comments

For those of you hiding under a rock, or purposefully avoiding the Casey Anthony circus like I’ve been, she’s just been cleared of all murder charges, but found guilty of giving false information to police officers which she’s already being credited for time served. Apparently, it’s a great time to kill your kid in America and then say your dad molested you. They’ll let you walk right out the door with that shit, but I probably shouldn’t say that. Instead, I’ll post this poll and watch the results for “Bullshit” wrap around the site like duct tape over a toddler’s mouth so you can get your party on. USA!

Casey Anthony Verdict

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  1. Carlton Banks

    If the glove don’t fit, you got to acquit. And yeah, I clicked it.

  2. Not Long

    Judicial fact ~ The state of Florida has more convicted felons per capita than any state in the country.

    • TomFrank

      I think that’s only because Texas is so much better at executing their convicted felons. Even those pesky ones who turn out after the fact to have been innocent.

    • Cracker

      And the Vatican CIty has more paedophiless per capita than any country in the world.


  3. Casey Anthony Not Guilty
    Commented on this photo:

    And here she is, preparing to head off to the golf course to find the real killers.

  4. Casey Anthony Not Guilty
    Commented on this photo:

    waiting an entire month to report your child missing while partying the whole time isn’t enough evidence to show she’s guilty of something?? and making up a babysitter? she still better get locked up somewhere, ‘cos you know someone’s going to try to pull a caylee anthony on her.

    • mafme

      “waiting an entire month to report your child missing while partying the whole time isn’t enough evidence to show she’s guilty of something?”

      No, it isn’t– not in a court of law. The defense had a theory that *also* explained all of the evidence. Do I think she did it? Yeah, most likely. I wouldn’t sentence anyone to death because the way that they (supposedly) deal with grief makes no sense to me.

      Also, the defense didn’t claim that she was murdered by someone else– the claim was that she wasn’t murdered at all. They didn’t say that Casey didn’t know about Caylee’s death or didn’t hide the body, they had an elaborate-though-plausible explanation for it that the jury couldn’t disregard. They had two theories in front of them– accepting one would mean that you could end up putting someone to death when another theory explains the same evidence… I’d rather that a jury err on the side of not sending someone to prison when the evidence is so circumstantial. They oculdn’t even prove or demonstrate that caylee was murdered.

      • yoyoblack

        no, but still. who the hell does that? if my 8 year old didn’t come home by dark, i would first search around neighborhood, then call police. how can someone wait an entire month? and say she was kidnapped by a babysitter that doesn’t even exist? i understand there has to to be like, hard evidence to link her directly to it, but it’s just not fair. not fair that she’ll probably just get time served for the 4 counts of false information, and she smiles and laughs when everyone’s leaving the court room, but that beautiful little girl will never get to smile again, and hasn’t been for the past 3 years. and no one will ever step forward and admit that they did it. it’s all over now.

      • sooooooosuperficial

        “They oculdn’t even prove or demonstrate that caylee was murdered.”

        You know, you’re right. The kid probably put duct tape over her own face, sniffed chloroform, crawled into 2 trash bags, grabbed the keys to the car and locked herself in the trunk for a few days before hopping out and then potato sacking over to the swamp. Clear as day, no murder, it was suicide.

  5. adolf hitler

    porno will be called:

    “baby mama drama”
    “ex-mother fuckers”

  6. DOucHe BaGELs

    Yeah but she’s hot…

  7. I want some Chimp ass

    She’s a hot little monkey that needs to be taught a lesson.

    You know she’ll be out partying tonight, I’m gonna find her ass and impregnate her again.

    I’ll only be on the hook for child support for two to three years tops and I’ll be able to write a best seller after she wacks our kid.

    Easy money.

  8. Magnus

    So many opinions so little facts.

    If half the people here would do the due diligence to check the facts and stop being lead by the nose by the media this verdict would not have been all that shocking. Like most things you get from the news they only tell you want they want you to think. The Truth is this is a sad case not a reality TV Ass Cap. What is scary here is that any of you have the right to vote with your obvious care for facts. Fucking Obama-nites.

    • Ashley

      I watched every day of the trial with little knowledge of it before. It’s plain to see. No, there was no DNA or video evidence that she killed Caylee, but between the chloroform/neck breaking/other disgusting google searches, partying, tattoo, stench in the car, duct tape, ditching the car, numerous lies and overall indifference of the situation, it doesn’t take much intelligence or common sense to see that she did indeed kill her daughter.

      • Magnus

        WOW google search you’re really gooing there, shit you’er almost a lawyer arn’t you. And tell me you watched this every day? You were in the court room? OR did you get spoon fed someone elses opinion. Damn try useing that thing on your shoulders for somerthing other than storeing J-Wow files.

      • duh

        ….and you should try using yours to store the rules of spelling. Hmmm and why is it always the right-winger that tries to bring politics into something that has absolutely NOTHING to do with being liberal or otherwise?

    • The only reason you are on her bandwagon is that you jackoff to her every night and probably think you are going to run off and marry her. You see her as your ticket out of your mom’s basement.

      To all these dick drips who scream and cry that she is innocent then put your money where your fat dumpy ass mouth is.

      Hire Casey as your babysitter.

      She is going to need a job. Hire her and let her live in your house. Until then…fuck off.

  9. The one thing we know for absolute certain, is that if Casey Anthony had been the father, not the mother, he’d be on his way to death row right now. We’ve seen time and time again that mothers who murder their own children are given INCREDIBLY light sentences, or let off entirely…while men who commit the same crimes are punished as much as the law allows.

    I guess it’s some small consolation to know that Casey Anthony now has no prospects for employment, no family support left, and no personal relationships in her future either.

    • Carrie

      Until the tabloids come running. . . . .

    • It’s sad, but true. Because there is such a natural ‘maternal bond’ that mothers are supposed to have w their children, people find it unfathomable that they could actually harm therm. Since men are more ‘natural agressors’ we don’t find it as much a stretch. With women, we fall for her ‘beauty’, look the other way or deem them ‘mentally unstable’ and give them a slap on ther wrist, rather than face the reality that there are some pretty sick women in this world.

    • TomFrank

      Of the six women profiled in this article, four received life sentences (including the best known, Susan Smith), one is in a mental facility (Andrea Yates), and one just got acquitted. Sorry, McFeely, but unless you have some stats to back it up, I don’t buy your contention that mothers get off easy as often as you imply.

  10. Pippy longstocking

    The only thing she is guilty of is giving me erections.

  11. Esther

    Let’s say you’re called for jury duty. You try to get out of it but can’t, or you don’t try to get out of it. The defendant is accused of murder, and based on what you’ve learned through the media you are inclined to think the defendant is factually guilty.

    But the prosecution doesn’t convince you beyond a reasonable doubt that the defendant is legally guilty, and because you care about the legal process you follow it and vote for a not guilty verdict.

    And then a whole bunch of people who weren’t at the trial and who didn’t have to follow a legal process but who have opinions on the case decide that you are an asshole, white trash, an idiot, etc.

    And yet if any of them were accused, arrested, and tried for something they didn’t do, they would pray to have a jury consisting of people just like you – people who follow the law even when it conflicts with their personal opinion and with popular, media-informed opinion.

    • Clearly you haven’t watched 1 second of that trial.

      • oh i know

        sounds like ESTHER watched EVERY second of the trial cuz that’s EXACTLY what happened!!!

      • Esther

        I didn’t watch ANY of the trial, but attorneys who have (like Jeffrey Toobin, who seems pretty intelligent) who aren’t on the Nancy Grace level of tabloid bottom feeders say that the prosecution didn’t prove its case.

    • set her up with oj

      they may not have proved she was guilty of murder one, but when they are presented with a month’s worth of testimony and then return a verdict after ten hours, to me that screams that they were just wanting to go home and took the easy way out. How in the hell can they say she’s guilty of misleading the police and lying, but then not guilty of child abuse? Could it reasonably be thought that had that little bitch reported her daughter missing right away, that possibly she could have been found/saved from some evil phantom kidnapper? Partying it up when your child is missing? Please.

      • cc

        That’s what I was saying to a friend…10 hours? That’s about equal to one pass at the evidence presented, and a half-assed one at that.

      • oh i know

        i GET what you’re saying, i DO, but the problem is the jury can’t decide on EMOTION–i also think it’s bizarre that casey was out partying, gettting a tattoo, actually doing ANYTHING besides being curled up in a ball crying with a missing/dead child and it makes us HATE her….but, i think if the jury wanted the “easy way out” they would have just voted her guilty–it’s what the majority of us feel, not many would have questioned the verdict, and they would be considered “hero’s” for sending casey away for life, or worse, right? she obviously lied about “zanny the nanny”, working at Universal Studios, dropping caylee off a sawgrass apartments, and just pretty much EVERYTHING that she said to the police–therefore she IS guilty of lying. it’s a shame there wasn’t a charge for abuse of a corpse/unlawful disposal of a body; i think the jury would have decided against her on that–but they only had the charges before them to work with, and although there was ALOT of incriminating evidence, there were also alot of “holes” poked in that evidence by the defense. and, the law isn’t always the same as common sense….it’s a shame that there won’t be justice for caylee, that’s the bottom line…..

  12. Obsidiana

    If you’re so ‘factual’, what exactly are you doing here? Go look up FOX news dick…

  13. Trent Wesley -Tarelot

    Someone in Florida is going to have a very pleasant evening with her tonight. Getting Acquitted from Murder sex is right there on top of the leader board.

  14. Chicken Little

    Not only does Casey Anthony piss me off because she clearly murdered her daughter, but she pisses me off because she clearly wore a Bump-It every day in court. Which is a bigger mockery of the court system? A debate for the ages.

  15. Roxanne

    I’m concerned this verdict will make her feel *empowered*. Considering that she was telling her friends that her parents were planning to move away and leave the house to her I think Cindy and George need to learn to sleep with one eye open now.
    I truly wondered if this girl posed a further threat to society or if this was a *unique* experience. I think she does pose a threat to society. And anyone who gets in her way.
    And now she will feel invincible. Scary.
    I always thought the *neck breaking* google searches had more to do with getting her parents out of the way so that she and Lee could get the house to themselves.
    Made me think she pointed the finger towards them in an effort to have them face prison terms and free her up to take over the house. Either way I still lean towards her posing a serious threat to her family and society …and anything that gets in her way.
    Tonight she will no doubt look in the mirror and smile thinking “I’M AN EXCELLENT LIAR”.
    Scary scary scary.
    May God’s justice be done.

  16. Roxanne

    Prosecution should have spent more time explaining that Reasonable Doubt did not mean the total absence of doubt. Basic human doubt is inherent. The reason they say *reasonable doubt* means there are other possibilities of someone else committing this crime.
    I saw many different venues to the cause of death, it’s true, but all of those paths led back to Casey.
    I wonder if the paternal grandmother can file civil suit as the next closest of kin living on the bio dad’s side of the family. First deprived of an active role in her grandaughter’s life by people who claimed to know who the father was.
    Another *deceased* person who crossed Casey’s path.
    It’s troubling to think all that was reasonable likeliness got ruled out by basic human doubt.
    Who else might have killed this child???? I’m flabbergasted by this verdict although I can understand how the term *reasonable doubt* could be confusing.

    • cc

      Regrettably, there do seem to be trials where ‘reasonable doubt’ is replaced with ‘not a single scintilla of doubt’.

    • twat

      The judge explained this in his instructions to the jury, that “reasonable doubt” does not mean that they cannot imagine something else. You know, the instructions that not a one of them took notes on? There has never been a father named for Caylee, so there is no chance of a suit from someone claiming that would be taken seriously.

  17. Of rough & wrong

    I Dont know much about the case but looks like she has less baggage when entering the dating scene.

  18. Racer X

    She looks like that big headed chick form Mar Attacks.

  19. shibirian

    Not guilty until proven. Jury did not think it was proven. So if in doubt always in favor of the accused. That’s how it works. Get over it. The lynch mob is always wrong anyway, that’s why there is the law.

    If any of you don’t like how that, move to a different nation. Venezuela, Russia, or North Korea, come to mind.

    Otherwise – case closed.

  20. Cardinal Fang

    Well said!

  21. Jimbo Riots

    It’s a good thing. The way she was fearmongered and hate mongered in the media, judged guilty even before the trial started, I think she deserved to get off.

    It’s called INNOCENT until PROVEN guilty. We don’t live in France (where it is guilty until proven innocent).

    I will be on the side of whomever the shrieking harpies like Jane Velez-Mitchell and Nancy Grace are against.

  22. Christy

    Wonder if the state of Fl will convice the Anthonys for perjury and Baez for knowingly putting Cindy on the stand knowing she was going to lie. It seems Casey always get her way so put the Anthonys in jail and give it to her.

    The commentators on HLN and In Sessions have been so pro defense this whole trial. A jury member who claims not to be able to judge, judged her not guilty. I hope all the jury members and the prejudiced commentators feel all their senses now. When they go to sleep at night, hopefully they will see Caylee’s big brown eyes full of tears, feel her loving touch, have a lingering taste of choloform in their mouths, hear her cries and get whiffs of decomp every night for the rest of their lives.

    The Anthonys do not care enough to dream about Caylee. Sadly they never did

  23. me

    Barack Obama found and killed Bin Laden and Casey Anthony is completely innocent of murder. USA! USA! USA!

  24. Jules

    Wow, just….wow. Then again, why do you think they call it FloriDUH?

  25. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    Well if she didn’t kill her daughter, then who on earth did? That’s what I want to know.

  26. Casey Anthony Not Guilty
    Commented on this photo:

    “Bitch, I will murder you!”

  27. Casey Anthony Not Guilty
    Commented on this photo:

    Well, now that she’s free and has no kids…
    Heya, hot stuff.
    Yeah, I’m the best you’re going to do. No one else will come near you.
    You get a chubby, aging nerd and I get a child murderer. We all make sacrifices. Now put on this Wonder Woman costume. Shh sh shhhhhh. I’m your good-enough.

  28. Alex

    That’s it. Adios, USA. You can have your debt ceiling and child murderers. Haiti, here I come!

  29. JN

    Meet your new OJ, white people.

  30. Casey Anthony Not Guilty
    Commented on this photo:

    Hmm…who should I hire to toddler-ghostwrite my book deal?

  31. Jeannette

    They got scott peterson on circumstantial evidence but not her? Not even life in prison? How do chloroform searches and duct tape fit in with the accidental drowning claim. As well as partying and getting a tatoo that says “the good life” after her two year old drowned???

  32. Marie

    Casey, her defense lawyers & the jurors will all rot in hell one day. This verdict made me sick. Kill a dog & get 10 yrs. in prison…kill your kid & go party. WTF is wrong with this goddamned country?

  33. Perhaps Octomom should hire her as a nanny. That can solve her “kid problem”.

  34. Casey Anthony Not Guilty
    Commented on this photo:

    Keep your laws off of this woman’s body! She was merely exercising her choice as a woman.

    • the lawyer

      You better just be saying this to get dumb replies because if you truly believe that men or women have choices like this then you’re wrong!!

    • ToriLyn

      you’re clearing a fucking psycho if you believe that killing your two yr old kid is acceptable. i would fucking hit your right square in the jaw if i met you.

  35. Dick Douche, Private Eye

    A Question about the English language:

    If you were to have sex with Casey Anthony, does that make you a “mother fucker”, an “ex mother fucker” or something else?


  36. Jamers

    I work and live in Orlando and this is just unbelievable. I have followed this case since day 1 and cannot believe this jury. At the very least (though I say guilty of murder), she should have been guilty of child neglect but noooooooooo, these idiots go for lying to police and that’s it?!?! Nobody parties while their child is missing for 31 days and only reports her missing because mommy Cindy busted her on it. How much longer would the lying and partying continued?! Just grrrrrr……

  37. Jack

    I wonder if Octomom saw this?

  38. Casey Anthony Not Guilty
    Commented on this photo:

    That explosion you likely heard around 2:16 EST on Tuesday, July 5th, 2011 is reported to have been Nancy Grace’s head upon hearing the Casey Anthony verdict.

  39. Casey Anthony Not Guilty
    Commented on this photo:

    Casey Anthony and Lindsay Lohan are both getting their drank on tonight!

  40. anonym

    fuck the government.
    fuck the judicial system.

    bring back anarchy and the lynch mob !!!

  41. Brooke

    My home is not found under any rocks, but today was the first I’d heard of any of this. I don’t live in an English-speaking country, though, so that’s probably why ;D

  42. Cutthecrap

    What pathetic bullshit, the only thing better wud b 4 her and her smaug ass lawyer Baez to get married. good tging Caylee is in heaven, cuz she wud have never come out normal in that fucked up family

  43. LOL

    We know Casey kept the body of her daughter in the trunk of the car for days before getting rid of it. We know she lied to the police about everything since the beginning. We know she was jobless, that she was a thief, that she was a party animal, and that she was celebrating after she disposed of her daughter’s body. How is she not guilty’ What was she lying about if not the murder she committed?

  44. McPedro Gonzales

    They could have avoided all this bullshit by just allowing Floridians to vote on Anthony’s guilt or innocence on punch-card ballots.

  45. tlmck

    Based on the actual evidence presented at trial, the jury got it right. Had they emotionally found her guilty, as many have, it would have been overturned on appeal. If the court system works properly, people are convicted based on facts, not emotions. Thank goodness the court of publ

    • tlmck

      damned thing cut me off. Anyway, thank goodness the court of public opinion, and people like Nancy Grace count for nothing.

      • LOL

        There is no evidence as to how the girl died because CASEY ANTHONY GOT RID OF THE BODY! We know the girl was not abducted, we know Casey kept her daughter’s body in the trunk of her car; we know she dispossed of the body and abandoned her car. We just don’t knnow exactly how she killed, althoug there is circumstancial (which is not synonym of “invalid”) evidence that she used chloroform and duct taped her. She CAN’T explain how all of this happen (the drowning story is bullshit, the abusive father story is bullshit), but she is still found NOT GUILTY. “Thank Godness” she will be free to have more babies and kill them as well.

  46. Danielle

    I just feel sick about it! The verdict made me wanna vomit! What a waste of time watching this trial!

  47. John

    Don’t worry Caylee, you died for a good cause.

  48. John

    Why are you people bashing America? If you don’t like America because of this verdict, go move to another country where they could kill people without proving their guilt.

  49. Vanessa

    Theres not enough evidence to convict for murder in the first. This is a bs celeb site and I came here to get away from the ridiculousness of this trial and all the idiots who are all of a sudden prosecutors, and I not just get this post, but every fucking one you post is some quip on this trial. My god. The real media already beat this to death.

    Stick to your god damn day job and leave trials and politics to people with a fucking brain.

  50. Blech

    Why do I feel like the same fate is going to befall Octomom? Except there will be more dead kids. And she’ll just continue to play our system and result in sucking it’s tit for the rest of her life.

    Coming up next on Legal Douchebaggery: Octomom.

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