Casey Anthony Got Away With Murder

July 5th, 2011 // 333 Comments

For those of you hiding under a rock, or purposefully avoiding the Casey Anthony circus like I’ve been, she’s just been cleared of all murder charges, but found guilty of giving false information to police officers which she’s already being credited for time served. Apparently, it’s a great time to kill your kid in America and then say your dad molested you. They’ll let you walk right out the door with that shit, but I probably shouldn’t say that. Instead, I’ll post this poll and watch the results for “Bullshit” wrap around the site like duct tape over a toddler’s mouth so you can get your party on. USA!

Casey Anthony Verdict

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  1. rican

    Florida is a state of morons.

    • Phill

      The jury members are all morons as well!!

      • Johnny Cochrane

        Despite her innocence or guilt, I would still totally bang Casey Anthony.
        Why ask you?
        Let me argue my case…

        1) No kid to worry about anymore. When you sleep with single mothers or when you have kids of your own it is hard to view the women as a sex object when you see her dealing with her kids day to day. One minute she is changing a diaper and kissing a boo boo and the next she is supposed to be your naughty nurse, it is hard to clear the first thought with the second. With Casey you wouldn’t have to worry about that anymore.

        2) She is bat shit crazy. As we all know crazy girls are better in bed. Sure I might have to worry about her googling things like “neck breaking”, “shovel”, or “household weapons”… You know come to think of it I just might password protect the computer.

        3)She is kind of hot. I’m a guy to a need more of a reason? She kind of looks like that chick on the Real World that became a cage dancer during the Las Vegas season who was continually upstaged by Trichelle’s drunken antics.

        4) She falls into that “she lives in Florida not the cool part but the trashy part” category. There were people that I grew up with that fantasized about living in Florida, which I never understood. The warm weather there is shitty warm weather, there are a ton of old people, and like 80% of the state is beyond redneck. The cool thing about the redneck part is that they are hard drinking, undereducated, and think Jacksonville is an awesome city. This means that you can pretty much talk the people around there into doing anything kind of like using a Jedi mind trick but without the training.

        5) She has a tramp stamp.Who doesn’t like tramp stamps?

        6) No matter what happens between us I can never be the bad guy in the relationship. When you can end every argument with, “well at least I didn’t (allegedly) kill my kid” you win every time. I could cheat on her with her friends on a weekly basis, steal her car, and get caught peddling naked pictures of her on the internet … none of it would be worse than what she (allegedly) did. I never thought it was possible to have an upper hand forever in a relationship but this seems to be the only way.

        Casey baby, I am only a phone call away.

      • Missskitttin

        I love what you wrote. You got it man. I couldn’t put it in better words. Your portrait of Florida is super accurate and the rest as well. Kudos!!!

      • Lillian Q

        God, I hope you are either joking, or too young to be dating.

        I should also hope you never procreate- I’d feel terrible for the woman who had to carry your offspring, and she would live the rest of her life knowing you’d never find her attractive again. Adults are generally pretty good at recognizing their spouses do OTHER THINGS that tramp around the house in lingerie all day.

      • BJ

        You are in a sad place. I can only assume that you are quite desperate.

      • mariana

        You are an idiot. Your mother must be SO proud of you!

    • heatfan

      No. Actually, the jurors followed the law. The state prosecutors failed to prove the case.

      • oh i know

        agreed, heatfan, the jurors did their job according to the jury instructions–they had to find casey guilty BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT, and even if you dislike casey, REASONABLE DOUBT was there!!! it’s a shame that someone, whether it was casey or george or whoever, tossed little caylee’s body and won’t have to answer to that, but there just wasn’t proof of MURDER/manslaughter–we THINK it, we FEEL it, but it can’t be PROVED.

      • Dee

        Really!!! For those that said the jury did their job according to the law please understand that beyond reasonable doubt does not mean all doubt. Just because she had a defense that might of , maybe, could have happen etc.. does not mean you have to find her not guilty. Common sense can be used. Did their job according to the law Really

      • soeling

        Anyone and I mean anyone who doesn’t tell police, parents, friends or SOMEBODY, that their child is missing is guilty of murder !!!! It would take me seconds to make a call. A parent who partys for 31 days is guilty for sure. This is unreal. How could a jury think she had nothing to do with the dealth of this poor baby ? No justice for this beautiful baby girl. Twelve people need to have their heads looked into. Everyone is shocked !!!! Casey will have the GOOD life now, Book and Movie deals, plenty of money and lot of the good life.

      • soeling

        Florida sucks—–any mother that partys and never mentions her daughter is missing is guilty !!!!

      • Cashmoneyman the third

        Exactly. It’s guilty or not guilty, not guilty or innocent.

      • tw

        beyond a reasonable doubt refers to what a reasonable person would find prudent……what REASONABLE person could look at the facts in this case and say that she had nothing to do with this death. It is one of the most irresponsible decisions that i have ever seen made by a jury. To say that a REASONABLE person would allow a child to go missing, lie about it, and continue to make false statements to cover up any kind of involvement is ridiculous. The jury was hung up (according to the alternate) on how Caylee died, if they had doubt and really thought that the death was an accident then the totality of the circumstances lead to them finding her guilty of the child abuse charges due to her not attempting to get her any help and then dumping the body. I hope these jurors are happy with their decision and hope that Casey never has the opportunity to have and then murder more children.

      • Jeff in St Louis

        Heatfan=Clueless douchebag

      • kit

        Complete and utter BS. The state more than proved their case. The jurors are morons. I heard the one who spoke to ABC and that woman was dumber than an doornail. She said she ‘followed the Constitution’. What the ef does the constitution have to do with it, you idiot?! It’s Florida law you are going by. Every state’s laws are different! Freaking moron. She said she thought it was an accident. Except there was NO evidence of an accident.

    • Racer X

      Florida should be nuked from space.

      • rican

        @heatfan, If you had doubt, you’re a fucking moron as well. You’re saying that ’cause you’re from Florida.

      • Just a California Guy

        heatfan is correct.
        DA failed to prove the case. She should not have been charged until they had a better case. There was No Proof.
        We do not convict based on being a SLUT.

      • rican

        California, did you move from Florida at one point? Making reference to the slut argument shows you missed the point and all the other evidence.

      • cc

        Nah, that would wreck the Everglades. How about unleashing the last remaining smallpox?

      • FL Boy

        WTF!!! I live in FL and think the state should burn. This proves dont take it to the system. TAKE CARE OF IT YOURSELF!!

      • Hanging Chad

        Bunch of ass clowns. WTF Florida?

    • D-chi

      As a Floridian (from Miami, where we don’t get it twisted like our northern cousins), this was a huge fail. At LEAST the charge for child abuse should’ve stuck.

      • kkkben

        miami? haha you the most twisted lazy douch bags in florida miami is like a third world country. aside from south beach and the other over priced televised places in miami, miami is dump, piece of shit place.

    • Juan Lopez

      What do you expect from a jury composed of SEVEN wymmen and only 5 men!!!!. These broads thought that she was “too pretty” to go to jail and her tears were cute!.

      This is why the founding fathers did not believe women should own property, have the right to vote, or sit on juries.

      If a man had been in the exact same situation, you better believe the SEVEN wymmen would have been voted for his immediate execution and castration!.

      this feminist b.s. is getting out of hand!

      • me

        and don’t forget all the “witches” burned at the stake because of men. and all the countries invaded and races wiped out because of men. not feminist, but come on. Don’t blame this on women.

      • F

        @Juan Lopez — You are a fucking idiot. I am a 24 year old woman AND a mother. No, Casey Anthony’s tears were not cute. No, she is not too pretty to be in prison. That lying shit-excuse for a mother needs to have her ass on death row. It has absolutely nothing to do with “feminist b.s,” You are one unbelievably ignorant man.

    • Ace Rockola

      Things are sick and twisted,
      From too much sun and Nazis.

      Sex , meth and death fetishes,
      Both of them have got these.

      Guaranteed not to bore ya,
      It’s Germany or Florida.

    • Dan

      @rican I haven’t followed this, and I don’t follow court cases in general, but from what I read in the ubiquitous news today is that a cause of death has still not been determined. Apparently there is no evidence that the girl was murdered by ANYONE. How can you convict someone of murder when you don’t even know how the deceased died? If all you have is circumstantial evidence, you cannot convict, otherwise you’re convicting on emotion and suspicion, not on evidence and fact. Whether or not she murdered her daughter is immaterial if you can’t prove it. The state tried her without evidence to back up its claims, so the jury had no choice but to acquit. If you want to blame someone, blame the prosecutors, not the jurors. There is no statute of limitations on murder. If they were so convinced of her guilt, they should have waited until they had a solid case before trying her.

      • Spew

        @Dan, if you haven’t followed this and don’t know much about it, then STFU. I know, I know, you are entitled to your uneducated opinion, even if it makes you sound like a moron jury member.

      • F

        @Dan… They’re saying she drowned and had her mouth duct-taped. Proof enough of murder. And what person innocent of murder lets their child go missing for a month before calling the police?

    • wlv

      JC……..she looks like a gorilla without facial hair to me……you must be hard up

    • 593-Weston Lacy

      I agree, the jury done poor job, man, that fucking jury has no experience of his reading, and they can’t believe that? totally wasted whole entire month of this shit.

  2. misterfister

    I hope somebody stabs her in the cunt on the first day she gets out.

    • Katie

      Someone will. Homegirl needs to move out of Orlando cause even I will punch her right in the neck if I ever see her out and about.

      • Jeff in St Louis

        Epic win for Katie. You will be a national hero.

      • boudin

        Katie, maybe if you punch her forehead, you can make that caveman slope look normal. Jebus, the bitch has “crazy” all over her damn face.

    • team hot ginge


    • me

      Two stories I do not believe for the year 2011:

      1. Barack Obama found and killed Bin Laden.
      2. Casey Anthony is innocent in the death of her daughter.

      Two movies I will not be watching.

      • Venom

        Technically the Navy SEALS killed Bin Laden.
        So basically you are saying the SEALS are liars, the entire military, the Joint Chiefs of Staff etc. No Republican has refuted Bin Laden being dead, not one, not even the batshit crazy ones.
        Bin Laden’s own family confirmed he is dead, killed in from of them; Al Qaeda confirmed he is dead, what the fuck else do you want?

        Here is a thought, do you think the government is so fucking stupid as to declare Bin Laden is dead if he was not? I don’t know, maybe if he was alive he could come out and broadcast himself and make them look like idiots. Guess what, no video tape, no nothing.

        I bet you think Elvis and Tupac are alive too, right?


      • baron of all media

        you’re only half stupid. congrutulations.

      • baron of all media

        Venom, totally agree! Great post, but Tupac is totally alive, dude :)

      • me

        and don’t forget the dog! That dog is a hero too! Go watch some more tv and fill your head with all the stuff they want you to believe. Yes, your government lies to you EVERY SINGLE DAY. You really think your leaders are a bunch of patriots that are defending our nation and it’s principles? sucker. btw, never said bin laden wasn’t dead. That guy has been dead for years.

  3. Venom

    Wow, just wow.
    I don’t want to hear anyone bitch and moan about OJ anymore.
    This is unbelievable.

  4. I have never really had faith in our justice system. Thanks for reminding me again why.

  5. misterfister

    I bet Scott Peterson wishes he killed Lacey in Florida. He’d be surfing today.

    • rm

      really he should have gotten a tattoo that said ‘my life is better with my wife dead’ and he would have walked. also, a lawyer that gives the most hilarious explanations (including conflicting arguments) helps too..

    • Annie

      Fuckin-A he would be!

  6. Casey, I”m looking forward to partying with you when you get released!

    Team Casey!

  7. FishBone

    She will sell enough Playboys to get that magazine out of the red once and for all!

  8. rm

    hopefully the prosecution appeals, maybe they can get a jury with a decent IQ if they do…

    • Venom

      Clearly you do not know the law.
      The prosecution cannot appeal.
      Double jeopardy.
      If there was a mistrial they could have had ordered a new trial.
      It is over.

      • Photoshop Police

        They can’t try her for 1st degree again, but I think they could probably try her for 2nd degree murder. Maybe she didn’t intend for the kid to die, but negligent homicide could possibly stick.
        Apparently duct tape and chloroform don’t make a good substitute for a babysitter.
        Go figure.

      • Not Long

        They can not re-try her criminally for ANY charges related to the death of her daughter. Best chance is that her parents sue her CIVILY for pain and suffering, defamation of character and the unlawful death of their grand daughter. That way she will never profit financially from this crime.

      • rm

        lol, sorry, my knowledge of florida state law isn’t that great… being that i am from canada… my understanding of the matter is that the prosecution can review the case and if they find something that baez did that unfairly swayed the jury (which shouldn’t be hard, i mean he accused half the anthony family tree of crimes) then they can appeal. in any event, if i were george anthony i would be filing suit against baez for slander, and i would divorce my lying wife, and i would file a civil suit against casey.

    • The Listener

      The prosecution can’t appeal. It’s called ‘double jeopardy.’ She can’t be tried for the same crime twice.

    • Katie

      Her parents should file a civil suit.

    • PJ

      The prosecution can’t appeal a not guilty verdict. And she cannot be retried for the same crime. That’s double jeopardy. So she’s free.

      • Josephus

        There’s a difference between an appeal and a re-trial. Double jeopardy applies to re-trials; she cannot be tried again on the same charges. However, if there was some sort of procedural error, or at least the prosecution wanted to try and pretend there was one, they could certainly appeal the process, I think.

      • Venom

        No Josephus, it cannot.
        The prosecution and the State are the one holding the trial.
        They cannot appeal their own errors.
        It is over.

      • “a[n]…offense and a conspiracy to commit that offense are not the same offense for double jeopardy purposes.”

        If they can build a case that she conspired with Tony Rusciano (or anyone else) they can charge her with conspiracy to commit murder.

    • cc

      The only thing left is a civil suit(s). I know the woman who actually had the name Casey gave as that of the nanny in one of her many bullshit stories is suing her for defamation. And, I suppose, if the real biological father (should he ever be known) could file suit. Her parents could file suit for a number of different things. If I was her father and wasn’t guilty of the molestation she accused him of I’d sue the shit out her. Then again maybe they went along with that story, despite the public humiliation, to see her go free. It would be nice to see her get sued so that she doesn’t somehow make money off of this.

      However, at the end of the day, she got away with murder, plain and simple.

      I hope that the jury does speak publicly at some point and gets asked, well, if she didn’t do it, who do you suspect might have?

    • The Laughing G-D

      The number of people here posting with their emotions and saying crap that is completely not possible for the law to do, like retry someone for a criminal case, is frightening. I guess you all need a dose of jury duty so you can learn first hand what jury instructions are, you need to follow the law, not your sense of it.

  9. heather

    Let’s see if she actually helps look for the “Real killer” or if she will be out partying it up. Which I guess the jury never found strange at all! I guess everyone tells lies to the police rather than cooperating to find your “missing” child.

    • cc

      That is truly bizarre…finding her guilty on ALL counts of lying to the police but STILL finding her innocent of all the other charges? How do they square that in their heads?

    • LOL

      There is no “Real killer” to be found, since the girl drowned “accidentally”. Casey hid the body in the trunk of her car and celebrated for a month before reporting her missing because she “panicked” and was “in shock”.

      • Jovy

        You don’t stuff your dead kid’s body into the trunk of your car after they accidentally drown. You don’t put duct tape over the child’s mouth and ditch the body elsewhere after they accidentally drown. You fucking take your child’s dead body to the hospital yourself or call for a fucking ambulance. You don’t party, get tattoos, and act like life is peachy keen when your child “accidentally drowns”.

      • Your Mom

        Ahh, yes. With “panicked” meaning totally schwasted whenever she wasn’t passed out in her own vomit/urine/feces and “in shock” meaning chock full of nose candy and meth. Wash, rinse and repeat.

        This bitch is likely to be shanked in the shared parking lot of a Toys R Us and Denny’s.

    • The Laughing G-D

      @Jovy: That is what you do, this is what she did, apparently, and apparently that is not murder now is it?

  10. misterfister

    She should’ve been found guilty just for not reporting her child missing for 30 days. She can get one year for each of the four guilty verdicts against her and credit for time served meaning she is the Lindsey Lohan of Florida only instead of driving drunk she killed her two year old and kept her rotting corpse in the trunk for four days before a dingo came and carried it to the swamp.

  11. Josephus

    Sooooo…what’s her porno going to be called?

    “Casey Anthony and the Long Dong of the Law”
    “Casey Gets Off”
    “I Have No Fucking Clue, Either. Blowjobs for Everyone!”

    P.S. I will watch any and all of these in 90-second snippets.

  12. wish i’d learned from the oj trial not to watch a murder verdict live on tv. unfuckingbelievable. yeah the babysitter kidnapped little caylee then drowned her in grampa’s pool, but cleared the water from her lungs. guess the-one-armed-man-did-it constitutes reasonable doubt in fla.

  13. stevebeagle

    she’ll walk on the rest of the charges…time served.

    • FishBone

      actually i think she is being held on check fraud currently so she should still serve some time, but not enough.

  14. Annie

    I just can’t believe this bullshit.

  15. Katie

    I live in Orlando and I will not hesitate to say that Floridians should never be allowed to serve on a jury. The legal system is a failure.

    • After this display I wouldn’t even let them judge a wet t-shirt contest.

    • Or vote, for that matter.

    • tromba

      The problem wasn’t the jury. It was the prosecution. They tried to convict someone of premeditated murder with little or no case based on FACTS. 98% of this trial was permissible hearsay, opinion, and grand-standing.

      • 98% permissable hearsay and opinion? Seriously? 100% of the defense was complete bullshit. She was convicted of lying about everything surrounding the murder but not the actual act of murder?
        How much further beyond reasonable doubt does something have to be?

      • tromba

        The burden is on the prosecution, not the defense. The other way around is how they do it in China and Iran. Lying tells you what is NOT the truth but does not tell you what IS the truth. Idiot.

  16. Mr Obvious

    That goes to show you don’t have to be rich to get away with murder. Equality for all.

  17. Casey Anthony Not Guilty
    Commented on this photo:

    This is the face of a bitch who’s bored in court, cuz she can’t wait to get out and PART-TAY WOO!!! I mean, thats why she killed her little baby, isn’t it?

  18. Ashley

    She’ll end up spending about a year in jail. Unbelieveable.
    So much evidence she killed her child, what are these jurors thinking?! They need to get on TV and explain themselves. This makes me sick.

    • Tracey

      She won’t spend a day in jail; time served.

      The jurors need to get on TV, get lined up, and get mowed down.

  19. Were these twats on the jury watching the same trial that everyone else was watching?
    I mean wtf. She practically acted out her confession in some twisted game of charades up until the body was found. How much more proof did they need? A step-by-step video of the actual murder?

  20. Tracey

    The jurors are worse than Casey Anthony.

    It’s got to be the Florida Curse — they can’t get shit right.

  21. Casey Anthony Not Guilty
    Commented on this photo:

    Sorry, but the simple fact is that the prosecution didn’t prove its case. Admittedly, it seems likely that she did it and I don’t think many of us would be entering hot body contests and getting “Beautiful Life” tats if our kids were missing and we gave a damn but the legal standard is “beyond a reasonable doubt”. No fingerprints, no DNA, no witnesses, so she walks.

  22. titsonsnackington

    Fucked. Up. How does she live with herself?

  23. misterfister

    They should make her tie her tubes when she gets out so she doesn’t murder anyone else.

  24. Judge Dredd

    I’m so glad all you were sitting on the jury and had all the facts to make a decision.

    • Johnny Pepper


    • oh i know

      right??? reading some of the comments it’s clear that alot of folks didn’t even watch the TRIAL; the misinformation is rampant!! NOT saying casey is INNOCENT, but from the case that was presented, i’d also have to say NOT GUILTY and those are 2 VERY different things…..

    • The Laughing G-D

      @Judge Dredd: The people posting here are ass clowns, they don’t understand the law and if they are called to serve on the jury they try to find some way out or are kicked off for being unable to follow instructions.

      • M

        Agreed. I’m sick of articles like this. As if the guy that writes this blog and the brainwashed American public know better than the jurors what actually went on in that courtroom and who is guilty or not. The arrogance is astounding.

  25. Katie

    What will her book be called…”If I Did It: The Casey Anthony Version.”

  26. C.

    They actually found 11 people dumb enough to believe this stupid bitch.

    See you in Hell, Casey- I’ll save you a seat by the fire.

      • 13 if you count the judge, who could have made a judgement non-withstanding and overruled the jury.

      • TomFrank

        A judge can set aside a jury’s guilty verdict; s/he can not set aside an acquittal to convict someone.

        Good Lord, I can’t believe some of the comments here about how “the prosecution can appeal” or “they can try her again for manslaughter.” I mean, even if you ever thought that in your life, wouldn’t you have learned that that wasn’t the case after O.J. was acquitted? Or do people just forget basic principles like that over time?

      • Judgment notwithstanding can go either way so long as the judge believes that the verdict COULD have been reached by the jury, but wasn’t for whatever reason. So, no, it doesn’t have to be a guilty verdict.

        Also, while they cannot retry her for this crime or a similar crime based on the same incident (such as manslaughter), they can charge her with another related crime such as conspiracy to murder if a case can be made (there is Supreme Court precedent for this).

      • TomFrank

        “The last time conspiracy was easy to prove was Judas and the Romans.” – Ben Stone, Law & Order

  27. Total butterface. I wouldn’t hit it with chlorophyll.

  28. Lawless

    Todlers are looting!!!

  29. Cardinal Fang

    When did Alanis Morissette change her name?

  30. Klein Paean

    Do we know that the jury found Anthony not guilty of murder because Anthony claimed that her father molested her?

    There are more options than “Bullshit” and “She’s actually innocent,” aren’t there? Like, um, she’s factually guilty but the state didn’t prove it beyond a reasonable doubt (and in the US, this means that even if popular opinion in tabloid media – Nancy Grace, The Superficial, etc. – leans toward factual guilt, jurors sometimes adhere to a higher standard, and yes, one can always point to OJ’s criminal trial as an exception)?

    • cc

      Well, Ironside, where exactly do you think that reasonably doubt crept in? I mean, if one was to think of the events leading to Caylee’s death, and felt that there was reasonable doubt, wouldn’t one stop to think, well if she didn’t do it, what’s the other possible explanation? To which the answer is none. That to me pretty much eliminates the prospect of reasonable doubt.

  31. You know she’s going to end up in some random reality show or porno, “Woohoo!! This is exactly the life I was hoping to have; childless and whorish!” I seriously hope someone chloroforms her and tapes her mouth and nose shut and puts her in a car so she knows what her daughter had to go through. Someone else here was right – her Dad should file a civil suit. Her Mom won’t; she lied under oath to protect her. But “molester” Dad sure should.

    • Dr. Laser

      Her dad’s a creep. Don’t know if he molested her but I don’t doubt her stories about her brother’s attempts. I’d like to see a human centipede made out of her dad, her brother, and that creepy meter reader.

  32. Dan

    How can you blame her – this is just a 15th trimester abortion, really.

    People shouldn’t have to be bothered with consequences to their actions.

    Innocent I say! Let her have her freedom!

    • Ho Hum

      Absolutely right, who are we to question her birthing decisions?
      Great point.

      • Totally! Because a blob of non-sentient cells is totally equivalent to a 3 year-old child.

        Fucking assholes.

      • Dan

        @Matrim If a mom wants to kill her kid, at any age (including abortion), she is not going to be much of a mother to the kid anyway, and is most often doing something that optimally she shouldn’t be doing (I have had sex for a long time without making a baby).

        If she is suffocating her kid then more than likely she was abusing her kid before this.

        You are still killing your kid when you have an abortion – but you are saving the world from yet another fucked up kid. And saving your kid from a shitty life. I don’t think it is morally wrong – I think we should just be honest about it.

    • Dan

      Oh, and killing your 3 year old is definitely morally wrong… some decision should have been made long before this time.

      I wouldn’t be surprised if a person like her gets pregnant again.

    • Dan

      Finally, totally trolled you Matrim.


  33. Ho Hum

    Fucking libs.

  34. CptCreep

    Calm down everyone… Dexter lives in Florida…

  35. The Listener

    I’m not saying that I think she’s guilty, but I was completely expecting the verdict to go another way. But you have to admit that Casey’s attorneys really pulled a rabbit out of a hat on this one. She had an AWESOME defense team.

  36. Randolph Duke

    she’s probly ready for a good ass eating…

  37. Samantha

    i dont understand how you can be not guilty of murder and not guilty of child abuse.. but guilty on 4 counts of lying about it.. whatevs!

  38. Paul

    Nothing of major/important significance should ever happen again in, or because of Florida. First they screw up and let Bush be president in 2000 and now they set a killer free. WTF????

    • Blumpkin

      ALMOST paul..ALMOST screwed up the election…and let that no good, lying, energy hog, cock gobbling asshat gore win. ALMOST. Wed have been tonguing african ass worse than we are now had that been the case. Thank God for small miracles…and slavery only lasting a few hundred years.

      Good Call.

  39. scott

    i hope someone bashes her to death with a hammer and stuffs her body in an abandoned bus out ina field. stupid fucking cunt slut. die.

  40. Trish

    Yes I believe she did it, but do any of you know how to write a comment without using the f word?

    • Ashley

      Sweetie, you’re on the wrong website if you’re looking for PG rated posts.

      Fuck fuck fuck fuck fuck.

  41. Cock Dr

    If I’m ever accused of murder I know what legal team to call in.

    • Can you choose in which state you want to be tried? I’m unfamiliar with the US “justice” system.

      • Dan

        No you cannot – the trial happens in a court system where the court has jurisdiction over place where the crime occurred – unless you can prove that you will not be given a fair trial at that court because the all jury knows of your alleged crime before the trial starts, or something like that.

  42. beastman

    she should have saved herself some time and aggravation as well as saving the tax dollars from the state of Florida and killed her baby with a coat hanger when she was pregnant.

    • Dr. Laser

      Or killed life by capturing it in a condom or using some other method of birth control, not to mention eating fish, poultry, or meat, wearing leather shoes or sandals, breathing, existing…

  43. Hmm, not guilty of anything except lying about everything…pretty interesting.

  44. I can hear Nancy Grace’s screams from Canada

    • I think her head might have exploded…that’s probably what you heard…

    • Lisa

      Nancy Grace is screaming, Fish is screaming, lots of people are screaming. Not too much noise, however, when the US kills noncombatants in Muslim countries, including children. All this outrage over a little white girl, but Madeleine Albright said it was okay that half a million Iraqi children died as a direct result of US led sanctions against Iraq, where was the popular outrage in the US? Half a million Iraqi children = no big deal. One white American child = MAJOR HEADLINE NEWS. I vote “Bullshit.”

      • hmna

        Nancy Grace’s exploding head is the only positive thing from this outcome.

      • set her up with oj

        You’re a fucking idiot, Lisa. The Iraqi children didn’t die because of sanctions imposed on Iraq by the UNITED NATIONS, btw- get your fucking facts straight. They died because they lived under the regime of a brutal, murderous dictator who did not hesitate to execute, torture, rape, gas his own citizens. How many Muslim women, children, homosexuals, etc. died from the actions of the Taliban before the US liberated Afghanistan? Typical fucking liberal- everything in the world is the fault of the US, instead of pointing the finger at the true bad guys. Why don’t you move to Iran, or another wonderful Muslim country and see how you get treated while you are there. You’ll be on your knees crying and begging to get out.

      • Carrie White

        Hey Lisa…

        Youre wrong.

        I DONT CARE about any muslims, not just muslim children.

        After you clean the sand out of your goat lice infested meat curtains, take the time to read about the muslim faith from any source (even their own). They are stupid, stuck back 3000 yrs ago and believe women are property of men and 2nd class citizens.

        Hope that clears up my thoughts on muslims for you.

        Thanks for your concern,

        Carrie White

      • Jeff in St Louis

        I vote ‘shut the fuck up Lisa.’ Why are you on a computer? Where the fuck is my sandwich?

    • Venom

      Nancy Grace caused this shit.
      She tries people in her own “court of law” on TV for months on end and she is so nasty that she ends up having people have sympathy for people like Casey Anthony.

      Nancy Grace has to live with this for the rest of her life.

      • Dan

        Yeah, just like Nancy Grace was inferring that the CNN weather guy was the devil because he said that the radiation from Japan would not affect the US.

        She is a joke.

        And the Lisa is right in a way. You don’t think some little black or Hispanic girl has been killed in the US recently? You don’t ever hear about that.

        Just like pretty young white women are the only ones who ever get killed or abducted… or so it seems.

      • Mortimer Duke

        @ Dan

        Uh, more hispanic and black kids are killed by abortions daily than any other race. Dont you care Dan? You white guilt riddled, sniveling little hypocritical piece of shit? Thats not death to you though Ill bet because its not alive until it breaks the crease of the mothers vag huh Dan?

        Also, maybe if black women/kids were going to be productive members of society one day and do something besides try and change our laws to accomodate their laziness, NOT make more bullshit holidays, NOT bitch about something that doesnt matter like slavery etc…maybe then wed give a shit about them.

        Until then, I have more anger about the dogs at the pound getting put to sleep than some welfare whore disappearing, saving the taxpayer 36k+ a year in welfare.

      • You Americans make me laugh you think that you have won any war in Afghanistan or Iraq.Your still losing American soldiers there all the time.The Taliban still controlls 90%of the Country.In Iraq there are still bombings and death every fuckin day.Your corporate media just lies to you.And by the way how is it that the Repulican party has managed to get anyone who is not a muti millionare to vote for them.All they care about is their big corporate idiots think they support your well.Holy fuck wake the fuck up.

  45. Johnny Pepper

    Big deal, she killed a kid. Kids and midgets aren’t real people anyway. so what does it matter if you kick one or two in the head and end up killing them?

  46. Not Long

    I feel sorry for her murdered daughter, her family and any one who’s lives she touched.

  47. -A

    What the hell!! She killed her if she didnt why didnt she go look for her instead of partying. She makes me sick. I cant believe 160 people think she’s innocent.

  48. Soviet Snow

    Can’t wait to see her naked.

  49. Not First

    Octomom-”Hurry up kids, get in the mini-van. We’re going to Florida”!

  50. Deacon Jones

    Man, this fucking jury must’ve been a bunch of white trash fucking hicks (of course it was, it was in Tampa!)

    So, what, exactly, do these assholes think happened to her child? What a bunch of shit. She lied her ass off the whole time, didnt even take the stand in her own defense, and they still acquit her?

    • The trial was in Orlando but the jurors were from the Tampa area. But Florida sucks when it comes to most things anyway.

    • K-Fern

      heatfan – St. Petersburg is considered the Tampa area…stop being stupid. Oh wait, you’re a Heat fan, you can’t help it.

      • Blech

        Someone needs to appeal this. Like yesterday.

      • twat

        Umm, no, St. Pete is close to Tampa but people there would not consider themselves part of it or describe it as the Tampa are; that’s only for transplanted people from up north. The jurors actually came from all over Pinellas County which includes St. Pete, Clearwater, Largo and more. And yes, they are fucking stupid.

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