Horny Teenagers and Sex Offenders Are Sending Casey Anthony Money

July 14th, 2011 // 54 Comments
Casey Anthony Duck Lips Ohio State

In their defense, duck lips = puts out. That’s just smart investing. Via ABC News:

The donations have increased since Anthony was acquitted in the death of her 2-year-old daughter Caylee last week, the records show.
As of today, Anthony has $472.18 in her bank account, nearly $200 more than what was in her account the day she received the verdict. One stranger donated $100 this week.
The average balance in an Orange County jail inmate’s account is $36.30.
The donors range in age from men as young as 19, to middle aged women, and to men in their late fifties. Some are bankers and others have criminal pasts including charges of aggravated assault and sex offenses. The donations have come from across the country and from Canada. Some donors have deposited multiple money orders over the past few months.
One donor even offered Anthony a place to stay when she leaves jail on Sunday.

And that donor’s name is David Copperfield. “Are you comfortable, Casey? We should be at my private island soon. Now, just out of curiosity, when you chloroformed your daughter to death, did you build up a tolerance that requires more than a normal dose? It’s a hobby of mine, that’s simply why I ask, ahahaha! Wait, are you texting that 19-year-old who sent you $20? You shall rue the day, Franky DeMarco!” *wraps cloak around body and vanishes*


    • WOW. Finally something somewhat normal about the case. OF COURSE there are fucking psychos out there. I was waiting for the marriage proposals and what not to start. That comes next.


        I would totally love to suck on her tits and fill her ass with mansauce. She’s a cute little slut, “murderer” or not… She basically just got a REEALLY late term abortion is all. Whatever happened to “The Right to Choose?” In other news, Casey, if you wanna chill at my house, me and my roommates would fill you soooooo good… Of course you’re reading this right now so call me and we’ll slide it in your sweet holes. Ciao.

  1. I’m gonna file this one under “There’s something seriously fucking wrong with people” and never think about it again.

  2. She’s hot. i wonder if she’d be into doing some necrophilia with me.

  3. cc

    ‘One donor even offered Anthony a place to stay when she leaves jail on Sunday.’

    Did they use the word mausoleum?

  4. Hugh Gentry

    has she had sex the last 3 years? If not, the first guy that nails her is going to have a fun time. I’d mean fuck her.

  5. vitobonespur

    She’s fuckable all right, but I’d be worried she’s pull a Catherine Tramell on me with a blunt ice pick!

  6. Inmate 12236969

    I’d fuck the whore then duct tape her naked and throw her in Compton and let the brothers PIMP the bitch.

  7. Wow WOMEN are donating. How fucking lonely are you that you’re trying to fuck a baby killer you might as well try to sleep with Lindsey Lohan or Amy Winehouse .

  8. Izzy Mandelbaum

    If hitler was live he’d be texting her for a first date . Most rational human beings that aren’t sociopaths might want to think twice about a long – term with this spectacular woman

    • Hitler's ghost

      Ya , I did text her and we’re meeting in Orlando . Quick drink or two und zen a little hanky – panky mit mein schatzie . Why would you find this zo objectionable?
      Even mass – murders need a little fun now und zen

  9. neo

    can i donate my dick inside her

  10. BE

    PT Barnum got it right – there IS a sucker born every minute.

  11. Fundamentals of roughing

    Im not horny and im not a teen ager, I gave her a second chance. All based on my gerber theory.

  12. fools

    Wait, first of all, how is ABC going all Rupert Murdoch on us and getting bank account info like this?
    Second of all, how the f*ck is a $100 donation to someone with a $400 bank account newsworthy? Really ABC?

    • Freals, I was like what?! People are sending her money! oh… a couple weirdos sent her 20 bucks…… I almost want to send her 20 bucks with a note attached.
      Rope: $4.99
      Duct tape: $6.99

  13. Venom

    Wow, this country is full of some sick fucking losers.

  14. PoorMaryKelly

    She needs the Ryan Dunn treatment. Hell’s gonna make her a great home someday.

  15. Frank

    Ugly women and beta men are just mad that no one is giving them money

  16. Nick

    Just keep in mind that you can nut in her and you won’t have to pay more than 3 years of child support. That’s a positive I suppose…

  17. The cape thing was the perfect touch :)

  18. fools

    Also, she’s hot, I’d totally do her. Granted with 3 condoms of course – my sperm have done nothing to deserve the ill-fate of fertilizing her gametes.

  19. Dana

    If Casey was smart she wouldn’t go live with anybody who offers her anything. Unless she wants to be murdered.

  20. Confused

    Who’s that woman?

  21. hoochiedaddy

    i’d pay to see her strip

  22. Johnny Cochran's Tumor

    It looks like the buckeye isn’t the only poisonous nut we can associate with Ohio State…

  23. It looks like she gave one too many blow jobs and her mouth broke.

  24. that copperfield’s good. sure made chaudia schiffer disappear

  25. MarkM

    So, really? The whole story is that a bunch of people gave this chick a whopping $200.00 total? Call me when she’s showing her boobs!

  26. the captain

    well, alot of americans are just as dumb as they look.

  27. 603-Mike Canada

    So much outraged tv viewers, and likely starting a riot like this.

  28. Your Gynecologist

    Bet she could kill a horny teenager and say it was latent SIDS.

  29. MuchoInteresante

    Here are some excerpts from letters people sent to her while in prison. http://harpers.org/archive/2010/10/0083128

  30. Interesting…so for former OC jail inmates Casey has above average bank balance, breast size, and media exposure…but below average number of children.

  31. BigOkie

    Every time I see someone making that “kissy-face” thing with their lips makes me want to mash my fetid, spicy asshole against it.

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  33. gross

    You people are sick. I love how men wanna f^ck her, even though they know she murdered her own child. Then men wanna know why women are such bitches to them. Your whole gender is just falling into a hole of depravity. Won’t be laughing when she kills you, too.

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