Casey Anthony Ready To Start A New Life Wearing Disguises With a Fake Name

July 13th, 2011 // 108 Comments

When Casey Anthony gets out of jail on the 17th, she’s about to be exposed to an entire country wanting her dead even though it’s pretty obvious a higher power had it out for Caylee. But as clever as she is a compulsive liar, Casey plans to become a master of disguise, according to the Chicago Sun-Times:

The mother of the slain Caylee reportedly is considering various disguises she can easily employ — to realistically alter her appearance. “There even have been discussions about cosmetic surgery, but Casey has rejected that out of hand,” said the Anthony insider, who says she believes “Casey really does not completely understand the depth of hatred out there.
“She’s fully aware of the various death threats, of course, but she thinks that’s isolated to relatively few nutcases,” added the source, who is deeply worried about Anthony’s well-being.

She also plans to live under an assumed identity, so out of concern for public safety, The Superficial has compiled a rogues gallery of potential disguises that you’re going to want to avoid unless your toddler is really pissing you off. I’m talking just – URGH! – this fucking kid.

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  2. cc

    Why not conceal herself under a tombstone?

  3. Casey Anthony Disguises Bin Laden Megan Fox Mustache Glasses
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    This is why we can’t have nice things

  4. the captain

    maybe it’s wise to move to hawaii or something?

  5. Casey Anthony Disguises Bin Laden Megan Fox Mustache Glasses
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    Leave the poor girl alone, she was found to be not guilty. Also look at the details of the case and Caylee’s death was an obvious SUICIDE. DUH!!!

  6. Fundamentals of roughing

    ♪ Has anybody seeeeeeen ma babyyyyyyyyy♪

    Any doubt the rolling stones the best rock and roll band of all time?

    Hey don’t get any ideas please. I’m in no mood for controversies this morning.

  7. Casey Anthony Disguises Bin Laden Megan Fox Mustache Glasses
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    if she used botox.. she would not be able to frown at all, that’s the fucking point

  8. tayker

    Let’s not bullshit, we know she’s going to be the next reality TV star when she gets out.

  9. DoorLocks

    Fuck this country, I’m out.

  10. annabell

    Saying that a “higher power” had it in for that little girl is just wrong!!! Some people are just evil like Casey Anthony and unfortunately she murdered her innocent toddler, that’s not god its the devil and befor everybody jumps on the damn band wagon its ignorant to believe in one and not the other. You should be ashmed to have even said god had it out for that child!!!

  11. Casey Anthony Disguises Bin Laden Megan Fox Mustache Glasses
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    Her new name….Kelt Makeid

  12. Casey Anthony Disguises Bin Laden Megan Fox Mustache Glasses
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    Maybe she’s a Transformer after all

  13. boldbearings

    I think she should wear her own face, and destroy anyone who gets in her face. Her martial arts is probably unrivaled after so much time in women’s prison.

  14. mike

    I think they should execute the bitch and throw her father who is a pedophile to the gorillas.

  15. mike

    one dysfunctional family.I hate child killers.lets give the fucking whore a blanket party.

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