Carson Daly is still alive and a complete tool

November 28th, 2007 // 70 Comments

Carson Daly is resuming production of his show Last Call with Carson Daly despite the current writers strike. Carson, who is not a member of the Writers Guild, will be the first late-night host to cross the picket line, according to People:

All of the late-night talk shows have been in reruns in solidarity with their writers, who went on strike Nov. 5. Contract talks between the writers and producers resumed Monday.

If Carson Daly wanted to remind people he exists, mission accomplished. I had completely forgotten about this ass-clown until now which is sort of depressing. It’s like remembering there are still things like cancer and AIDS out there. Fortunately there’s a cure for Carson Daly. It’s called my fist; applied liberally to the face area.


  1. ilikesake

    Why is he a tool? Because he crossed the picket line? He doesn’t even belong to the Guild..

  2. tlovvebabe

    He is very cute man, I like him so much. I saw that he is in the top 50 men list of He should be the TOP1 in my mind. And i heard that he appeared on a millionaire&celebrity dating club with a personal account there. Is it real or just a rumor on internet?

  3. joey

    That show has writers? Wouldn’t have guessed.

  4. kris

    Can superfish please ban fuckwads that spam that stupid site? STFU you piece of garbage

  5. violet-aurora

    i know this comment is inappropriate, but i must tell you that i love the way you write….especially about britney…you always make me laugh…
    bye bye from italy!

  6. So, he’s like Ellen, huh. So can we assume he’s gay?

  7. Texas Tranny

    Who gives a fuck?

  8. Ted from LA

    You can assume whatever you want. I assume he has five penises and his pants fit like a glove. That doesn’t mean it’s true.

  9. anna

    I live in Houston, and they don’t play his show, never have. Is it even any good? And is he still Manorexic?

  10. Selby Tiger

    You don’t have to belong to a union to respect the people that do. Right now the best tool that writers have to be noticed by average Americans is that people can’t watch David Letterman. The loss of late-nite TV is a daily reminder that workers are fighting the man. People who cross picket lines are pricks, thank you for reminding us that Carson Daly is a prick. If I ever watched his show I would stop.

  11. you are so handsome. I love you. I saw his profile on Is he dating there?

  12. iburl

    I’ve heard his monologue. I didn’t know 3 year old chimps could strike.

  13. ph7

    Carson will now forever be know as the Scab.

    Good luck finding guests to come onto your show for the next 20 years.

  14. funkfaker

    I don’t think he’s a tool. He’s not in the guild. Yeah, there’s personal motivation involved, but he’s keeping his non-guild staff employed through the holidays.

  15. #9 Oh!!! That was funny, can I use that some time?

    Anyway, I put Carson in the same catagory as Ryan Seacrest. I think they are the same person.

  16. Yeah, so he is a scab. Don’t pick on him!!!!

    HA! Get it??? Scab? Pick?

    Sorry, I just woke up..

  17. Oh, wait I could have done something better there with the words “scab” and “picket”.
    Oh well, after only getting 5 hours of sleep a night it’s lucky I function at all..

  18. Shallow Val

    Hmmmm, I’m trying to figure out WHY I SHOULD GIVE A SHIT!!!???

  19. jeff

    check out the – carson is appealing to his friends and family to provide jokes for a sketch on the show. sounds high-larious.

    anywho, the number you can allegedly call in ideas is on the smokinggun’s page about this.

    scabs and scabies – a carson daly true hollywood story.

  20. Shallow Val

    Didn’t he used to date that disgusting clap-trap, Tara Reid?

  21. Lindsey L

    These pricks make more than most of america. They cry because they aren’t making more. Go to work at a real job and quit your whinning. He does not belong to the guild. Therefore he does not have to support them. PERIOD! Good for him for keeping his employees employed durning the holidays.

  22. jeff

    allow me to pull a FRIST!!! and provide a more cohesive post unpleasantly soon after my first botched attempt:

    the number is 818 260 5107.

    no idea if it works, i only got 5 minutes of sleep – you all are lucky i’m functioning at all potato doorbell.

  23. I’ll bet he really misses Tara Reid.

  24. sportsdvl

    Hey #1, you are as big a tool as Carson is by being excited about posting first.

    Seriously though, does anyone watch his show? Like the public gives a crap about this guy. he barely has more talent than Jessica Simpson.

  25. veggi

    HA! potato doorbell! I need coffee..

    He looks carroty..

  26. who cares about him

  27. Dick in a box

    One word……


  28. MindRiot


  29. roastbeef

    Eeeewww, he stuck his weiner in that nasty skank-tard Tara Reid. He is forever tainted.

  30. J-Sin

    Always knew this guy was a prick.

  31. kool

    His hair looks like a Brillo pad…or steel wool…

  32. daffy

    “It’s like remembering there’re still things like cancer and AIDS out there. Fortunately there’s a cure for Carson Daly. It’s called my fist; applied liberally to the face area.”

    HAHA! total win. i am amazed at how you come up with hilarious stuff like this one. good stuff!

  33. gcoke

    he looks pretty good considering he dated tara reid.

  34. Where has he been all these years? In safe hiding out of complete shame for sleeping with Tara Reid?? Seriouly, skanky whore aside, he really is a complete tool.

  35. Dr. John

    Good for Carson Daly. Piss on the pinko writers’ union. Lazy bastards need to get back to work, for their own good. Scripted over-the-air television is going the way of the dodo. The longer they engage in this ridiculous charade, the more seeds of their own destruction they sow.

  36. Donkey Punch

    Good for him. The writers (just like the actors) are being extremely selfish while the majority of the crew are forced into unemployment. Crew members only make a tiny amount of money in comparison but the richest are always the loudest to complain and demand more.

    When was the last time a writer was injured or killed at work like regular crew people? When was the last time a writer had to spend all night in the rain or snow while working on a show?

    Screw the pampered writers. Spend one day on set working as a grip or an electric and see how much crying you do!

  37. lol

    Good thing, still, no one knows you exist. Or ever will for that matter.

    nueva historia por favor

  38. Ript1&0

    Yeah man, he should get a shirt that says TOOL really big on it in capital letters. I think they make those and people buy them for whatever reason… ;)

  39. HankTheDwarf

    What’s up with the botoxed forehead? And I think he’s taking tanning pills. Orange skin.

  40. Malffy Hernandes

    Why is he a tool? It’s not like his show had writers to begin with.

  41. My second thought on reading this was profound disappointment that an entertainer would cross a picket line and severely hamper the progress being made by the completely justified Writer’s Guild Union in their attempt for more equitable working conditions.

    My first thought was: Carson Daly is still on the air?

    Cross-posted at:

  42. lindaP

    There’s a writers strike?????

  43. jeff

    anyone who thinks the writers are at fault and shouldn’t be so “greedy” should search youtube for the clips from the writers for the office, or search youtube for “this isn’t the daily show”

    here, since you’re mentally lazy, you’re probably also e-lazy as well: – a daily show writer explains the hypocrisy of the real selfish people in this situation (heads of networks). why should the writers back down so these guys can continue to pad their already fat wallets?

    here’s the office writers/actors explaining how NBC’s lawyers ingeniously designated the webisodes as “promotions” so that the writers wouldn’t get compensated properly but so NBC could still sell adspace on-line and make a profit:

    so take 10 minutes to learn and laugh (a daily show staple), or blissfully enjoy your ignorance, douches.

  44. Noname

    Whose being “greedy”? The poor production and post production people who are losing their jobs because of the writer’s strike? Or the economy that’s going to suffer?

    I recommend all of you start using your heads for once, instead of taking the side of your favorite celebrity. I think it’s fucking great that carson’s going on the air, and as for the rest of you i suggest you get off your lazy asses and get your news from a source other than the superficial, perez hilton, or Dlisted.

  45. Nobody

    Wait, people actually watch his show? Seriously?

    He looks like a vampire getting ready to go postal in that picture. Somebody ought to give that fucker a stake in the heart for Christmas.

  46. Mimi

    Unions are run by thugs who don’t care about their members.

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