Carrie Underwood is engaged

December 21st, 2009 // 62 Comments

Carrie Underwood and Mike Fisher of the Ottawa Senators are engaged, according to Us Weekly:

“I’m happy to confirm that Carrie Underwood is engaged to Mike Fisher, and the couple couldn’t be happier,” the rep tells Us. “No wedding date has been set at this time.”
According to the Ottawa Sun, he also confirmed the news at a press conference Monday. He said he popped the question Sunday, but declined to offer any other details.
“It’s true,” he said. “We’re both obviously excited and very happy.”

Based on Carrie Underwood’s love of touting her superior Christian morals, I’m going to assume Mike Fisher calculated how much he’d lose in a quickie divorce and considered it worth the cost of having sex with a virginal Carrie Underwood at least once on their wedding night. In fairness, I’d probably do the same thing and not just because 50% of my net worth is a ham sandwich. Mostly.

More Carrie Underwood in a Bikini

Photos: Splash News

  1. OhBoy


  2. Taz

    great body

  3. grace

    OhBoy, loser.

  4. Cristina

    I’m sorry, but all I can focus on in the top pic is that I can see her actual crotch thru her swimsuit

  5. Crusty

    Hope Fisher is patient.. Would hate to see him sent to the penalty box for high sticking prior to the marriage.

  6. Rough4life

    Any update on Tila’s surrogacy?

  7. 45yearoldloser

    OH MY GOD, she’s so fat., disgusting and OLD….what kind of granny fucker would get anywhere near that washed up nasty hag?

  8. josh

    Ok. Carrie who ?

  9. Shawn_solo

    Dude, I can’t believe that you didn’t notice what her married name will/should be: Carrie Fisher!

    That. Ain’t. Right.

  10. steve

    Mike Fisher is probably more “christian” than she is. I assume that’s the appeal for Underwood. He’s actually a born again christian, like Bush. They tend to even more devout. They actually choose it. Aren’t just following the family tradition.

  11. Donnie Brassballs

    Congrats to the both of them.

    Based on his NHL stats, I fear he may not know what to do in the sack as he hasn’t really put the puck through the five hole often at work.

  12. OhBoy


  13. chris

    pic #1 nice tat, nice mound, nice lips

  14. gen

    Mmmm, hockey players are sexy. Congrats to both of them.

  15. JD


    Yeah, let’s go with that.

  16. who dat

    I doubt the fact Fisher recently signed a $21 Million Dollar contract had anything to do with it. Water seeks its own level. Without the $21 Million, there would have been no engagement. If the guy was smart, he would pound her every hole for as long as he could without marrying her. When she gives him the ultimatum, toss her back on the market.

  17. Erica

    Is she actually a virgin though? Hasn’t she dated a whole bunch of people?

    • Dee

      I have a friend who actually knows Carrie and she says virgin went out the window a long time ago. She doesnt know the hang up with her living with a boyfriend considering she isnt a virgin. Besides when u pick someone who lives out of the country and you call nashville YOUR home, there wont be a whole lot of living together anyway. According to Carrie, if they had to live together for long periods of time, they would hurt each other. Her words exactly. Forget Virgin. Mike isnt one either.

  18. who dat

    …and to the guy who keeps posting under my screen name.

    Fuck you. I know I’m an idiot. I have managed to piss off most of The Fish’s readers with my childish comments. I am stupid and anybody reading this can see it.

    But…that is no reason for you or anyone else to hate me for being a flamboyant pole smoker. I would love for Mike Fisher to break one off in my hot butt. Then I would clean off his hockey stick with my willing tongue.

    Yummy. Don’t hate me for sexual preference. Hate me because I’m a stupid cunt.

  19. Hoax & Chan$e

    He is Canadian, what do you expect?
    Its not like he has a whole lot of choices up there to work with…..
    Hot chic’s in Canada, please, be for real.
    Arctic cunts with a taste for cummunism, yummy, not.

  20. Miss Alex

    she either has a really fat vag. or theres something more in that bikini bottom. i see a poke comin thru….

  21. Miss Alex

    she either has a really fat vag. or theres something more in that bikini bottom. i see a poke comin thru….

  22. Miss Alex

    she either has a really fat vag. or theres something more in that bikini bottom. i see a poke comin thru….

  23. celebs love me

    when exactly has she “touted her superior Christian morals”? She claims Christianity as her chosen religion, much like other people claim Islam or Buddhism. How is telling interviewers what faith she believes touting superiority? Defensive, much?

  24. my comment

    No true Christian has a tattoo above their vagina.

  25. Big Good Looking


    who dat,

    You really are an asshole. A gay asshole, but that is not why I hate you. I hate you because of your stupid comments.

    Also, because you are a flaming pooftah.

  26. Schadenfreudelicious

    ok mister..” all Canadian chicks… are non-hot arctic cunts”…now we all know that is shit dont we?, sorta like saying all British chicks are ugly…….ya i know Pamela Anderson and Shannon Tweed are old cougars now, but i imagine most American men would have considered those Canadian women pretty hot back in the day…Shania Twain isn’t exactly tough on the eyes either…but i will admit that her hotness is directly cancelled out by the abomination of Canada… Celine Dion… i’ll shut up now….

  27. Mr. Obvious

    @10, Mike Fischer is incredibly religious. The guy has crucifixes on every one of his hockey sticks marked in marker (seriously). Their kids aren’t gonna have a chance of figuring out religion is a scam. You imagine they did though? Mike and Carrie would lose their minds, lol

  28. mo

    belly belly-o

  29. the real who dat

    #18 it backfired on you clown. The person who keeps trying to post under my screen name was severely bitch slapped by me about a 2 months ago. He never recovered.

  30. shush

    She’s just meh to me. Nice body but small tits. Flat nose. Looks inbred. Needs lots of make-up to look cute.

  31. shush

    She’s just meh to me. Nice body but small tits. Flat nose. Looks inbred. Needs lots of make-up to look cute.

  32. who dat


    Give it up. I am the real who dat. I know it’s a cunty play on that wack Saints shit, but it’s MY wack play. Aight?

    My game is weak. I know that. I’ve got nothin’. Just look at my play.

    I bitch slapped this guy. I bitch slapped that guy. I bitch slapped…bitch slapped…bitch slap.

    Fuck me…bitch clap…bitch slap…bitch…

  33. I think its great we all knew it was comming everyone deserves a good guy and if he is willing to be with her threw her hectic scedual they are ment to be and som of yall should be ashamed she is a nice girl he is a nice guy.
    more sexy pictures click the link above~~~

  34. who dat

    @ 18 and 30

    …a big fuck you to both of you homophobic bullies. You just hate me because I’m gay.

    I don’t know who “Big Good Looking” is but fuck off before I bitch slap bitch bitch slap bitch slap you like this wannabe who dat says he can do.

    And fuck you ‘the real wannabe who dat”. You are a homophobic sissy. I’m gay and proud of it. So fuck you.

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  36. Great news Carrie Underwood is engaged, lets see how long does this relation last?

    • Dee

      I cant believe they met in oct 08 started dating in 2/09 and then engaged in 12/09. Does anyone realize that mike was in canada 5 of those months and carrie outside of a few day trips to canada was in nashville. How the hell did either of them get to know each other. This appears to be another one of those kodak moment kinda things. She loves the attention, lets see how she likes attention when the divorce comes.

  37. Bones McCoy

    I see ‘toe shadow. YUM.

  38. HockeyBoy

    Further proof hockey players pick up fine trophies.

  39. Make a REAL wish!

    make a wish:

    8,888 wishes granted, after that, no more wishes will be granted…


  40. OhBoy


  41. crushed garlic

    man…. that there is a nice chunky pussy/toe. I’d spoon all the funk outa dat pussy and drizzle that shit ova my hotcakes. hmmm.

  42. Insatiable Peter

    She’s got that farm snatch. Mmmm.

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  44. Johnny Nogarelli

    Why should I respect US militants? Because they blow up and dismember innocent IRAQI women and children by the 10s/100s of thousands? I’d rather support crack heads. Go preach your BS somewhere else.

  45. I am so happy for her. I saw this coming.

    Read it then weep!

  46. Galtacticus

    Being engaged,that’s a good legal reason to have sex.

  47. Gando

    My father,this is quite my cup of tea.

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