Carrie Underwood in a bikini

December 7th, 2009 // 164 Comments

Here’s Carrie Underwood in the Bahamas this morning and I really hope her boyfriend wasn’t along for this trip. Mostly because Carrie recently made it a point to say she would never live in sin, so even after an entire day of looking at her in a bikini, the most you’d probably get is a tepid handjob followed by lots of praying. Dammit, I swore to myself I wouldn’t write erotic fiction for Rick Warren, yet here we are.

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  1. Taz


  2. azzman

    i would sin all day with her

  3. pimp

    i want to eat her asshole…

  4. Jrz

    Carrie From Undahwood

  5. Gatorbates

    I think I see a meaty camel toe. Me likey. Yum.

  6. toolboy

    #5…yeah, she’s got a little pitcher’s mound going on…

  7. pimp

    she has an awesome mound….

  8. I want her to wrap her sphincter around my tongue.

  9. J-Money

    Dear attractive ladies of planet Earth,

    Please stop marking up your perfect bodies with tattoos. You don’t need stuff inked in to your body.


    P.S. – If you’re fat and/or crunked, ink away. You can’t wreck a crashed car.

  10. Wade

    Merry Christmas to me!!! She is amazing!

  11. Biff

    She has a tattoo above her poon? No way she’s NOT living in sin, come on!

  12. Weed

    I want to lick her camel toe – if you know what i mean ;)

  13. Weed

    I want her to get ON my Wood .

    Get it?

  14. Tim

    Nothing too special. Any girl who doesn’t overeat and gets some exercise can look like this. Hit a happy hour anywhere (except the midwest or the hillbilly south ) and you can find a girl like this.

  15. Rational Rick

    Freaking HOT !!!

  16. Jrz

    That’s not a tattoo; it’s the padlock to her chastity belt

  17. bernard

    #15 – yep, but those chicks usually have herpes

  18. Dank24

    #13 no I’m not sure what you mean, can you help me out a bit? Jesus. Anyway she looks damn good. No ass but that’s okay. Btw, living in sin doesn’t mean she’s a virgin(which she isn’t) she’s just not living with her boyfriend.

  19. Weed


    I meant i want to stick my Tongue in her Vagina. then i’ll stick my p.e.n.i.s. in her vagina

    Get it?

  20. booya

    tony romo regrets this move every day of his life.

  21. Haywood Jablowmie

    She has more in the front of her bikini than I do in my pants.

  22. jlylec

    ummmm….wow. almost makes me want to listen to cuntry music. almost.

  23. Rizzle

    Sweet Jesus, thank you.

  24. mambo

    slightly masculine jawline, but a damn near perfect body. i’d let her take a shit on my chest any day

  25. cg

    What a hottie
    Perfection if you ask me

  26. that belly needs a protein shake

  27. Donnie Brassballs

    Isn’t living in sin mean she doesn’t do it with the lights on?

  28. tatt-EW

    why do girls put ugly ink on their pretty skin? ruins the whole thing.

  29. Aaron

    @Tim #15

    Ummm you’re very ignorant. The midwest and the south have way waayyyyy hotter chicks than on the east or west coast. Sorry, but you’re obviously looking in the wrong places in the midwest and the south

  30. blowhard

    I’m going to the beach tomorrow, can I borrow your crotch please? I want to impress the ladies

    Where are the pics with her balls hanging out the back and sides of her costume?

  31. john

    Wow! Almost a nice cameltoe shot!

  32. pimp

    the hottest pussy in the country comes from the midwest…and the easiest pussy…

  33. Meh

    Oh please; I really don’t like these hypocrite religious types. “Oh, I’ll never live in sin!”, yet she’s got a tattoo to the right of her pussy. Give me a fucking break; typical self righteous religious nutcase hypocrite. And, the chick needs a tit job; those 28 A tits ain’t cutting it…

  34. Interesting

    Nice figure. 2 Tats at hip level? Interesting…

  35. @15

    She is a hillbilly you asshat knob gobbler.
    Do you fag much?

  36. cc

    “the hottest pussy in the country comes from the midwest…and the easiest pussy…”

    And you are telling me this now?!!!

    Yes, she looks good. Nice pudenda. Stupid fucking tattoos though.

  37. Parker

    I will buttfuck her in Jesus’ name as she kneels in prayer. This way she wont have to feel guilty about anything and I’ll get to plant a holy load in her hot ass.

  38. cc

    That looks like a four leafed clover. I am trying to work in some joke about Lucky Charms, but I can’t quite pull it together.

  39. random

    she’s in shape, but there is something just not right about that body. don’t like it. and her giant cooch freaks me out. ew. face is pretty bad with out make up. next, please!

  40. Dura

    Hot damn thats a hot piece of ass.
    Guess I could take a break from punching the clown over Miley and take a shot at this one.

  41. LEB

    #40… she doesn’t have a “giant cooch.” Looks like she has completely normal labia. Stop watching pornos where chicks have had their labia fat sucked out and learn what real women look like. Or maybe you should try losing your virginity.

  42. Notty

    Now that’s a nice, normal, surgery-free body. Hate the tats but the rest is very very do-able.

  43. good in the sack

    she had a nice looking snatch.

  44. Gorilla

    Funny, I somehow assumed that her legs/thighs would be a bit more meaty. And I for one PREFER my curves below the waist. Cute A, B cup tits are just perfect. Also, nice MOUND.

  45. Rough's wood never sinned!

    Im not falling for this! -All show and no go-

  46. Parker

    #42 “…chicks have had their labia fat sucked out ”

    Ouch! Who does that? Seriously. Your making that crap up. You sound like someone who runs with PETA.

    BTW: Fat pudenda or not, all living women are real you tree-hugging hippie harpie. Go smoke some weed with your other commune buddies while you wear your Birkenstock sandals and talk about existentialism like you know what it is.

  47. Raoul Duke

    I’m gonna pack her pooper with my pooper packer!

    yellow hearts, green clovers and the new shape “Pink mons veneris”

  48. Russian Kunt

    Her chin reminds me of an Thai penis.

  49. pimp

    her chin reminds me of wanting to stuff my cock and balls inside her ass…

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