Carrie Underwood bitch-slaps Hollywood

November 4th, 2008 // 96 Comments

Country music star Carrie Underwood has no love for celebrities who can’t keep their endorsements to themselves, according to TV Guide:

“There is someone I do support, but I don’t support publicly. I lose all respect for celebrities when they back a candidate. It’s saying that the American public isn’t smart enough to make their own decisions.

You’re right, Carrie Underwood, celebrities should stop endorsing candidates. (Except for McLovin. That kid’s hilarious!) Which is why you should bikini wrestle Lindsay Lohan and Elisabeth Hasselbeck in the mudpit I made with a garden hose out back. But don’t do it for the camera hidden in the lawn gnome. Do it for democracy!

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  1. adsfads

    The dumb bitch probably supports bush

  2. Uncle Eccoli

    Who respects celebrities in the first place?

  3. SmartEnoughToMakeMyOwnDecisions

    That’s dumb. Celebrities are still American citizens and have the right to publicly endorse candidates. I’m a nobody, and I;ll tell anyone who’ll listen who I endorse. Any American should be able to voice their support. And BTW Carrie, the American public is smart enough to make their own decisions, which is why a celebrity endorsement will not sway the election.

  4. Marbar

    Celebrities are people to an they can endorse whoever they want publicly. And the American public AREN’T smart enough to make their own decisions. Thats why we’re in the mess we’re in.

  5. No wonder she cant keep a man, she’s too deep,,,but right in a sense…

  6. Cap'n America

    I suspect she supports Stalin. Communist.

  7. mimi

    Comment review- sexist and not funny

  8. jams

    Funny, last i heard americans CANT make their own decisions.

    fucking redneck yokels, just vote for Obama god dammit

  9. c


  10. Ted Kennedy's tumor

    The only person hotter than Carrie Underwood is Taylor Swift (now that she is 18).

  11. ph7

    Everyone backs a candidate. Why can’t celebrities? Just because they are famous, they can’t voice their opinion as to who they support?

    Lt the celebrities speak their mind. We each can choose to disagree.

    Carrie makes no sense. She doesn’t respect someone who voices their opinion? She’s a dumb celebrity, unworthy of respect for such an inane comment.

  12. Sasha

    I Voted For Nader by Thought Riot

    Poignantly phrased to shift the burden of the blame
    Sick and tired but you keep on marching in their same old parade
    Accuse, construe – dare I even venture – abuse,
    Frustrations channeled through the paths worn well with use

    Binary politics, packaged sound bite rhetoric;
    And you think it makes no difference?
    Watered down party lines, beholden to corporate ties;
    And you still inquire why?

    Maybe you can tell me when my vote was decided for me?
    Oh, oh… Oh ,oh
    I guess the enemy of the enemy, is still the fucking enemy
    Oh, oh… Oh ,oh.

    And one more time around,
    The played out reasons why:
    “Jack knife the diesel to let the bicycle pass on by”
    Reproaching failed attempts
    At restoring representative government
    This poli-earthquake is long over due

    Plastic smiles and candy lies,
    Prestige built on family ties;
    And you find it so offensive.
    Dirty mouths and muddied hands,
    Promises written in sand;
    Still every election you comply?

    Maybe you can tell me when my vote was decided for me?
    Oh, oh… Oh ,oh
    I guess the enemy of the enemy, is still the fucking enemy
    Oh, oh… Oh ,oh.

    A pointed finger, a furrowed brow,
    Relying on the way’s it’s been,
    To get us through the now
    A waning courage, just play it safe.
    Well this is where safe’s landed us: The problems of today!

    Reach out a broken hand! – You have the right to make demands!
    Reach out a broken hand! – We have the right to make demands!

    Maybe you can tell me when my vote was decided for me?
    Oh, oh… Oh ,oh
    I guess the enemy of the enemy, is still the fucking enemy
    Oh, oh… Oh ,oh

  13. Bigheadmike

    She is perfect….

  14. MG

    She’s right about Americans not being smart enough to decide for themselves. Just look at all these morons voting for Obama….

  15. AndresV

    Wow, she managed to sound even more self-righteous than the endorsing celebrities she is criticizing. And I agree with #3 and #4, anybody has a right to announce who they’re going to vote for, particularly if they are a public figure and they feel it might make a difference. It might or it might not, depending on who is doing the endorsement, but to say you lose respect for someone simply because they are engaged politically, is beyond dumb.

  16. Whatever – She just knew she’d get publically flogged for admitting she’s voting for McCain/Carribu Barbie She’s probably religious or racist or afraid of having her top 2% tax bracket take a hit. She should grow a pair and speak her mind and admit she’s an idiot instead of pissing on other actors who aren’t such chickens.
    Stupid Redneck.

  17. Jessica


    Oh and she is a moron. She is probably too stupid to understand what free speech means.

  18. Gail

    Wow, so right and so wrong at the same time…

    “It’s saying that the American public isn’t smart enough to make their own decisions.” No, it’s saying that the celebrity needs attention at all times and sees an opportunity to get some publicity while the public is “distracted” by non-entertainment issues (real life). The same thing happened with all the celebs getting confused when nobody paid attention to them right after 9/11, and then they said “I know…TRIBUTES! WE’LL DO TRIBUTE SHOWS!” to shoehorn themselves into the spotlight of national mourning.

    But, yes, the American public is, in fact, not smart enough to make their own decisions. Every election is determined by “undecided voters” who are the largest bunch of retards just barely smart enough to cast a random vote. Here’s how this election should have gone for undecided voters: “gee, let’s see, a young black guy with progressive liberal (kinda) policies and an old white guy with traditional conservative (kinda) policies…gee…I dunno…I can’t see much difference…hmmm…” ***BANG*** — a shot in the head, the undecided voter is dead, an idiotic vote is eliminated. As Ben Franklin said, in a democracy an informed vote counts exactly as much as the vote of a complete idiot.

  19. drewski2u

    I guess that means she doesn’t respect the “Govenator”, or Hank Williams Jr. for that matter……

  20. Everyone

    “Thought Riot” is the gayest group of untalented non-musicians, exceeded only by their fans.

  21. jim

    Why is every country music star so dumb? And why do they all have that blank, inbred hillbilly look? Is that what sells to the rednecks?

  22. Angela

    Yes, the blank inbred hillbilly look is crucial – country music fans become irate when they see signs of east coast liberal elitism (intelligence).

  23. SomeChick

    How can you agree with #3?? You’re telling me that half the American Public doesn’t emulate their favorite celebrities? Yes, I think that would include voting for their candidate of choice. And, since they KNOW how influential their lives are, endorsing candidates as a celebrity can be misconstrued as manipulative. Look at something as stupid as the Jennifer Aniston haircut back in the 90s… you’re telling me they’re not influential? Jesus. If they’re gonna change their entire appearance because of a ridiculous character, I’m fairly certain they’ll hold any endorsement with the highest regard.

    Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for having celebrities encourage voting in a general sense. But don’t tell me they don’t know how heavy their influence is when they’re endorsing a candidate. They know and they use it to their advantage. Good for her for calling them out.

  24. flabergast

    I honestly think she’s right, it’s not a celebs place to endorse a candidate.
    Yes, even though I don’t listen too or like her music she has a damn good point.

    jeez… looking over the comments allot of you people are complete dicks.

  25. Sephystal

    I like her.

  26. California Red

    Stop with the politics folks. This is The Superficial not the Daily Kos.

    Doesn’t anyone have anything funny to say about Pic 8?

  27. Juan Lopez

    Celebrities have a mind? Of their own? Or just a constant liberal collective that never sways no matter the candidate?

    I’m voting for Obama, but lets face it, celebrities are notorious for always supporting a democrat. No matter what. There is no denying it.

  28. Max Planck

    She’s right. They’re not.

  29. Stanky

    I endorse Carrie Underwood as President of my penis. It’s a republican penis.

  30. Max Planck

    She’s right. They’re not.

  31. eh

    I get annoyed with celebrity endorsements because half of them are high school dropouts who don’t have to work hard to earn a buck. They are completely different from the average American, so it’s silly to me that I would have anything in common with their political views. I’m so happy this election is almost over. This whole debate thing is extremely tired already.

  32. Sasha

    Yeah I know #20, having an ability to write actually meaningful lyrics (and write them well), play instruments and sing live means a group is completely untalented. No really, in this day and age, that’s exactly what it means.

  33. kim

    thank you carrie, you said what many americans have been thinking. total respect for you.

  34. Joe Cat

    Good for her.

  35. Smart&Cute2Boot

    Oh surely SomeChick is not comparing the Presidential Election to a hairstyle that mostly teenagers too young to even vote emulated. Celebrities endorsing political candidates say nothing about the American people and everything about themselves. Only a self-righteous, self-involved celebrity actually believes that people are going to vote for the candidate that they endorse just because they said to do so. Instead of “losing all respect” for those celebrities who get involved in something bigger than just posing in front of their wax statues, making commerials for gaming units, or spreading rumors about Tony and Jessica, Carrie should learn something from them.

  36. The Observer

    Damn, now I have to go out and buy her album to support her. First intelligent thing i’ve heard from a celebrity in a long time.

    When Lindsay Lohan and Madonna are telling you what to do, doing the exact opposite is probably the way to go.

  37. She can bitch slap me when ever she wants..

  38. Karen

    Free speech. They can say anything they want. Don’t like it – move to Iran.

    But, please, celebrities sway actual votes? Pop cultural campaigns – especially MTV’s Rock the Vote – are notorious for FAILING to increase turnout in the groups they target (young fools). If they had even the slightest real impact, John Kerry would be president right now.

    #23 has it right, in a mixed up way. Some people copy celeb’s appearances – hair styles, clothing, etc. – in a way that’s right on topic: superficial. Nobody copies their thinking. Or, at least, the people who do are not the ones who actually vote. Oh, they may bray loudly about politics every so often, mindlessly repeating whatever some celeb said, but they quickly bail out of genuine political debates (just like the people here saying “can’t we shut up about politics on Election Day and just focus on her overly small left areola?”) and they DO NOT bother to register or find out where they need to go to vote or actually go there and stand in line and vote. They’re classic empty vessels making loud noises.

  39. Look, she’s showing you the nice load I just deposited in her mouth in pic 8.

    She has me do that before she goes on stage to lube the ole vocal chords.

  40. Jesse

    Great, we’re back to skinny boring fake blond white girls. I guess the previous set of pictures made all the homos feel uncomfortable.

  41. Rich

    She’s probably keeping it to herself because she’s voting for McCain. I wouldn’t want people to know I was voting for the same candidate as Heidi and Spencer either.

  42. kagrez

    She’s just saying that because she slept with McCain, and he conned her into voting for him if he promised not to tell anyone.

    Mmm mmm.

  43. Christie

    Understandable. I mean, why let people know you supported the LOSER?

  44. Look, she’s showing you the nice load I just deposited in her mouth in pic 8.

    She has me do that before she goes on stage to lube the ole vocal chords.

  45. Sgt. C. Foxtrot

    I think I want to hit that more now. A woman who understands when it’s time not to talk. :D

  46. supersex

    i like her

    with her ass in the air so i don’t have to see her face

  47. B

    Wow…now, if I go back to the “articles” that have the YouTube videos of celebs endorsing candidates will I see people saying “Right on Matt Damon! You have the right to publicly endorse whomever you choose!” or “Fuck celebs, what the fuck do they know? Why the fuck should we listen to them?”

    I’m thinking it will be the latter…

  48. Mr. Jones

    Yeah, celebrities are citizens, too. But they also have a responsibility to put some thought into what they say. Just because the mike is on, it doesn’t mean that you spout out any stupid shit that occures in your little pea-brain. “Omigawd! Like, vote for Obama, okay? ’cause, like, everyone else is!”

    Bono is a good example of someone who has the right to speak. He dedicates his life to good works (not just run his mouth), and he actually sounds thoughtful in what he says. As a celebrity, he’s extremely atypical.

  49. Sport

    Thank you, smartest celebrity political comment even spoken.

  50. Candy

    carrie has such ugly eyes. actually shes ugly all over. the cunt probably supports palin/mccpain too.

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