Carrie Prejean’s nipple. Sweet Jesus…

January 15th, 2010 // 211 Comments

Dear Christianity,

You’re officially off the hook for Pat Robertson. Apology accepted.

- The Superficial

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  1. gfrgf


  2. kingofbeer


  3. cave diver

    doesn’t look like we missed much anyway

  4. Maxie

    What kind of douchey boyfriend stands right in front of you and doesn’t tell you that your nip is hanging out?? Wait, who are we talking about?

  5. she has a good body, but she needs to be careful.

  6. Vinnie the Chin

    Jesus likes big nipples. Book of Mark says so.

  7. Buzz Killington

    Fire and brimstone bitch, fire and brimstone.

    Now, about that jerk off tape of yours….

  8. Audrey

    Why are you guys stupid? Just keep clicking on the picture until the page opens with the picture without the star over her boob. DUH!

  9. Audrey

    Why are you guys stupid? Just keep clicking on the picture until the page opens with the picture without the star over her boob.

  10. techman

    I love how all these “christian” girls wear swimsuits that are so small they might as well be nude. Such modesty. Dumb slut.

    Nice ass though! ;)

  11. rovingardener

    Nice backside as well. Thanks!

  12. ELH

    @5, I am pretty sure she doesn’t need a world more of protection after she showed her vagina to the world wide web.

  13. Idiot Police

    This chick completely sucks. Anybody see that Larry King interview? Ignorant idiot. These fake tits aren’t even hers, they’re pageant-purchased. At least she’s a glowing spokesmodel for Christianity.

  14. Hugh Gentry

    “forgot to remove the stars”….HAHAHAHA what a fucking douche!!!! I absolutely love when people can’t figure out how to click on the picture. Stupid fucking humans! HAHAHAHA! Oh, and by the way…great fucking body! She’s god damn perfect!

  15. Jonas Brothers

    Where are the masturbation videos we all heard so much about?

    Get with it Internet! We’re waiting . . . and waiting . . . and waiting!

  16. CarrieCarrie quite contrary

    When you get fake boobs they tend to lose feeling, glad she didn’t feel the air!! What a body on this girl, wow, she makes my sticker peck out!!!

  17. Jonas Brothers dad

    I’d hit that every way possible, hell, I’d even let the boys watch

  18. POW

    So average. Must be great not being able to feel your nipples. Hiyo.

  19. Brian0523

    This bitchasscunt is a cocksuckingchristian whore that would go down on Pat Robertson if given the chance.

  20. Chupacabra

    she has an ugly fucking head/face. Seriously. bitch’s face aint too far off from mother gosselin’s. busted.

  21. Nameless


  22. Doc Schweinstrudel

    Blushing…I think he is having a hard on pic when they kiss…Anyways…I want those tits, her bf and be at the beach now!!! maybe even everything except her busted face.

  23. efdFfd

    8 – Audrey

    You’re such a dumb cunt, of course people clicked until the picture got bigger. You think it’s our first time visiting the site you twit? They forgot to remove the stars even on the bigger pictures.

    STFU next time.

  24. havoc

    God wants me to hit that….


  25. pimp

    she is an absolute fuck machine!

  26. Mark B

    Holy fuck! Is that piece of shit ex Ravens quarterback Kyle Boller??

  27. Prejean’s boobs maybe be prepacked, but she is absolutely stunning…sexiest hypocrite that’s been pre-exposed…

  28. kj

    This just in she’s claiming she was underage when these were taken in another lame attempt to cover them up.

  29. Holy crap she’s fit. Like her or hate her, she has a great body.

  30. Keith

    Nice body, but a mom face.

  31. Maximus


  32. What beautiful blonde hair she has… I wonder why she dyed the roots black..?

  33. James

    Judging by her ass she must squirt orange juice… yumm!

  34. 7L

    I bet larry king is gonna jack off to these pics cursing her out for fucking up his show.

  35. Particle)Man

    With the wraith of a vengeful god, I would bang that out.

  36. Parker

    See? Even God knows women have nipples so men will want to have anal sex with them. Heck, he’s the one who made it that way. Look at the ass on her. She was born to bend over.

  37. gotmilk?

    23, you’re wrong, at least on pictures 3 & 4.

    i hate this bitch, but figured she’d look better from behind. it looks like it’s a sloppy mess waiting to happen in the last picture.

  38. gotmilk?

    good one 34.

  39. Jake

    I wanna drink her bodily fluids

  40. amanda

    whos the guy? he looks familiar

  41. Deacon Jones


    I’m pretty sure an NFL quarterback wouldn’t put up with a dick tease when girls throw themselves at him constantly.

    You pig hypocrite. He probably hate fucks you doggystyle everynight.

    Watch, Fox News will have her on Hannity this week and say the media is trying to destroy her again.

  42. Jackie

    Look at that bikini bottom. She really wants to show off! Hilarious.

  43. Bosco

    Praise the Lord…….

  44. @ 26 – that is indeed Kyle “thank go I’m not fucking Tara Reid” Boller

  45. KC

    Every time Carrie Prejean’s nipples get a page view a Christian bigot dies.

  46. Rams Fan

    Jesus christ I hate kyle boller

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