Carrie Prejean asked her ex to lie about sex tape

November 12th, 2009 // 103 Comments

While she was on Larry King Live just last night threatening to walk off and repeating the line that she was only a teenager when she filmed herself masturbating for a boyfriend, Carrie Prejean’s ex tells TMZ her people called him weeks ago pressuring him to say she was 17 at the time of the video:

During an audio interview with TMZ, the man — who asked us not to reveal his identity — says Carrie sent him the video when they were involved with each other in 2007. He says Carrie sent him numerous explicit videos and insists the one in question was shot when she was 20.

Alright, that does it. Let’s cut to the dark, twisted core of this bullshit. Namely TMZ breaking this story 10 hours ago, yet no one has flooded the Internet with videos of a legal age Carrie Prejean diddling herself. What happened to you, Internet? You’ve changed.


  1. Que

    Que sex is ok you know?

  2. lizzy

    did anyone see her on larry king? she was such a fucking dumb bitch!!!

  3. Deacon Jones

    I guarantee somehow this cunt will cross paths with Sarah Palin. Guarantee.

  4. saywha?

    i had a feeling she did this as an adult. she never seemed comfortable saying “i was 17 when i did the video”. she only said she was “young” or a “teenager”. technically, she could be a teenager and an adult (18, 19), hello!!!!!

  5. Anone

    This chick has derailed.

  6. Vanquish

    She’s very sexy but such a dumb whore.

    And I oh so love it when hypocrites get it up in their ass.

  7. stu

    a year from now she’ll be in playboy
    two years from now she’ll be doing hard core porn

  8. maeby

    knew it. i knew that stupid bitch was older. ugh i hate these fucking hypocrites. all of these republican asshats are hypocrites.

  9. andy7171

    I’d plow her into next July.

  10. Angel of Death

    This diseased slag slut should be gang raped, her tits cut off, and her lips (both sets) sewn fucking shut, then dropped in a pile of her own shit and lit on fire.

  11. Virgin Carrie

    So this ex boyfriend has a lot of explicite tapes of her? He is gonna be so riiiich! Of course Carrie will profit as well which sucks. Guys, can you refrain from buying this shit?

  12. cc

    I hope the internet gets flooded with these numerous explicit videos. Or at the very least Vivid releases them on DVD. Anything to tear the lying fucking mask of this hyprocrite. Values Voters…aahahaahahah. ‘Hi, I am Carrie, I make self made porn. But I have strong Christian values.’ I wished someone on Larry King had asked her if she believed in abstinence before marriage, at what age she lost her virginity, or how many partners she has had. There’s countless women her age who have been more ‘modest’ and who don’t shout their values, insert laugh here, from the rooftops.

    She’s the perfect foil of Palin though. Faux religious mouthpieces with nothing but looks and the support of the braindead going for them.

  13. Uranis

    I guess porn pays more than Christianity.

  14. kris

    I want to see the tape!!

  15. Willie Dixon

    This just goes to show you what happens when people blindly follow anybody who tells them what they want to hear. People were so obsessed over her “message” and “freedom of speech” they didn’t even consider they were being used as walking wallets or a political agenda by an average college girl.

    In a broader note: This, my friends, is how tyrants get elected. It doesn’t matter what your political affiliation you belong to. The political system is a gyrating mirror dance of good cop vs. bad cop PR campaigns where the same agenda has been carefully pushed for the past 30 years since Nixon. More recently, it got Clinton elected. It got Bush elected. It got Obama elected. It will get Obama’s replacement elected.

  16. just

    women lie… why on earth is anyone surprised?

    The sex tape is merely a bonus and I for one am not complaining!

  17. Shits gettin weirder and weirder

    Did she not care about the people who supported her and paid her to write a book espousing her VALUES?

  18. she's a dumb bitch

    in addition to having the face of a male midget and a wonky boob job, this bitch is DUMB. i know she seems to think saying she was just a kid makes it look like she was young and niave and its illegal for it to be seen. but guess what? it actually makes her look like a BIGGER whore for being such an oversexed teenager. i mean, come on, teens have sex and they masturbate, but honestly, in my day, we didn’t masturbate on film for members of the opposite sex. we didn’t film ANYTHING yet and we probably weren’t even sure the way we were masturbating was ‘normal’ or ‘right,’ so we wouldn’t WANT others to see it. this whore is full of moral contradictions. don’t care at all if you have sex or try (and in this case it really is TRY and FAIL) to be sexy…think its great in most cases…but don’t then act like you are above that. even if she didn’t have sex tapes and such, she would be a tease, and last time i check, god thinks that is just as shitty, probably shittier, than those who follow up on the lure.

    i’m not in line with her political or moral beliefs, and damn glad for it, because she is an absolute HUMILIATION to the political and ‘moral’ groups she gets involved with. each is entitled to their own beliefs, but next time try to pick a spokes women who lives what she speaks. funny how all these bible thumping, anti-gay marriage, anti-pre-marital sex, ‘family values’ groups always seem to have spokes people and members who are caught in sex scandals, divorced, or have pregnant/wild partying teens…and broken families. to each his own, but live up to your mantra if your going to use it put others down or make them miserable.

  19. cc

    Virgin Carrie, oh, I can refrain alright. Just knowing it’s out there as a constant source of humiliation is all I need.

    Angel of Death, you are in serious need of psychological help.

  20. beast man

    stupid fucking cunt.

  21. Marxo Harp

    Interesting how the thought control police rule this country now. Say anything about gays or Obama and your in for instant IRS Audit, F.B.I filing and public humiliation! Well here goes “Queers are sad , unfortunate, mental fuck-ups of nature and Obama better put down the malt liquer and the malboro menthols and figure out how to run a democracy!!! Bring it on Bitches!!!!!



  23. Dave

    She is single handedly attempting to get off from her terrible terrible mistake.

    The girl needs a helping hand.
    Come on now people.
    Let’s leave her to lick her wound and get it off her rented chest.

  24. If she truly were only 17 when the video was made, TMZ would not be in the position to make an “editorial decision” regarding whether they release it or not. She’s full of shit. But, then again, we pretty much knew that.

  25. Fors

    I love how the last picture is captioned “Carrie Prejean with boyfriend in San Diego”


  26. Virgin Carrie

    @ 21, Sweetie, it aint our fault your racists hate filled ass picked a whore to use as a poster child. You picked her, not us, quit lashing out pumpkin!

  27. Bob

    @21, Actually, sir, we live in a republic not a democracy. Secondly, its called hypocrisy. You cant start a crusade against porn and pretend you have values when you’re taking nude pictures, making sex tapes, etc. If she wants people to respect her, maybe she should a) fess up to her real life moral character b) not insult others for their life styles.

  28. Vivian

    I really wish people would stop posting/updating/talking about her already.I never read posts about her because I could care less about what some dumb talentless beauty queen says or does. Just let her die out already!

  29. Hanson Danson

    A greater marketing ploy would be to include the tape as a DVD attached to the inside back cover. It would definitely drive interest in the book.

  30. Tard

    Woopie Goldberg just called her a snotty bitch for her behavior on the View. I agree WOOT-WOOT! Nobody is gonna book her for anything if she doesn’t start acting like a lady. I know she is a whore, but act like a Christian!

  31. Sport

    she still doesnt look as fake as Heidi/Spenser nor does she bother me nearly as much.

  32. Crabby Old Guy

    #8 – CONGRATULATIONS – you win the highly coveted “Idiot of the Day” Award.

    Lying, self-serving, hypocrites can be Republicans or Democrats. Liberals or Conservatives. High Income or Welfare Recipients. Wise up and stop being such a fucking sheep.

    Oh, and #10 – Your mother called. She’s VERY proud and is looking forward to Thanksgiving Dinner when all the women in your family are going to ass fuck you with a power drill loaded with a 1″ auger bit. Enjoy!

  33. Right here

    This is what happens when you use God’s name for personal gain. God knows every hair on your head Carrie.

  34. Terry M

    You people need to get a life.

  35. KIKI

    @ 35 We have a life honey, and we love making fun of Carrie. Life is good.

  36. Drew

    Whatever, I’d still rail the dumb cunt.

  37. dude_on

    She is an outspoken, hypocritical, christian beauty queen with multiple self gratification videos in the hands of a reckless ex-boyfriend. Am I missing something here? What’s not to like about that?

  38. dave

    It has to be the truth because the boyfriend certainly wouldn’t realize that he just fucked up by releasing a tape of an underage girl masturbating.

  39. Posh

    LOL .. okay, that Larry King Live interview went pretty bad. Carrie, wth.

    Why are we taking her ex’s word? He could have been approached by “the other party” to say that. Jeez.

  40. Posh

    Ugh, and why is Sarah Palin your idol? She’s STUPID. Carrie, Carrie .. can’t you be wiser -__-.

  41. Vanquish

    Oh god, just saw the interview…. OH MY GOD!

    Sarah Palin her role model, thinks she would make a good president, dumb book plug, hiding behind some nonexistent confidentiality clause . Give me a break, LOL. PWNED by Larry King. It’s only the easiest interview in the universe. Hahahaha. Hard to express just how pathetic this hag is.

  42. Max Planck

    Britney, Pam, Paris, Kim…now Carrie.

    Same strategy. Different market.

    It’s all about the cash people. Calm down.

  43. Yo Mama

    I so love her. I’m totally switching to republican I can marry this chick and drop 8.

  44. Yo Mama

    I so love her. I’m totally switching to republican if I can marry this chick and drop 8.

  45. Reason

    Everyone, boycott her book!!!! Don’t give this mega-self-righteous-bigot-porn star-bitch any money. Just watch her fall on her face over and over again in the media for FREE.

  46. Fartz

    Hop on over to TMZ and check her out before her plastic surgery. God must not have loved her as much then………God don’t love no UGLY>

  47. AnonymousMaleWithACombOver

    I have to remain anonymous. If any of you knew I had billions of dollars and funded the Miss America pageant well you might not read what I write. I got a BBBJTCIM from Carrie. She gently lifted my comb over and spit my jizz on my head then pressed my hair onto my head. For a few minutes I felt like I had a full head of hair. I love this woman.

  48. Keith

    I’d bang this right wing nutjob in a second. Dumb as can be but she looks very hot.

  49. Maximus

    Her 15 minutes are up. Have been for months. Please make her go away.

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