Carrie Prejean sues for ‘religious discrimination.’ Christ…

August 31st, 2009 // 178 Comments

Carrie Prejean filed a lawsuit today claiming Shanna Moakler and Keith Lewis, but strangely not the Donald, subjected her to “religious discrimination, defamation, public disclosure of private facts, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.” Carrie had teased a lawsuit a month ago only to use the opportunity to push her upcoming book, and Miss California Pageant officials are calling her out for the same tactic, according to TMZ:

TMZ just received the following statement from Miss California USA honcho Keith Lewis, lashing back at the lawsuit Carrie Prejean filed against him this morning for religious discrimination:
“It appears that suits from both sides are now inevitable against the other. I would guess Carrie sees it as a chance to get publicity for her upcoming book because in the interviews I have seen, she talks about the suit and the book in the same breath.
We have no problem with her selling lots of books – considering in the current situation we could stand to profit from every copy she sells.
For us, it has never been about her beliefs and we have always just wanted to move on.
But it seems like Carrie really has nothing new to talk about or anything new in her life so the impression is she just keeps looking for ways to rehash her position as a victim because of her onstage answer.”

How do I explain this to Carrie Prejean without hand puppets? The Miss California Organization invested in you, particularly in the chest region, to be the face and again, chest, of their Company. You were an Employee. But should an Employee decide to publicly latch onto divisive political causes in violation of its contract, whether it be bigoted anti-gay marriage legislation or retarded hippie protests with, the Company has every right to protect its investment. So, basically, you’re still free to say whatever you want, but your employer is still free to fire you. That’s not censorship, that’s CAPITALISM. And in case you inexplicably missed the memo while subbing at FOX News, Jesus wants to dip his balls in it. It’s his favorite.

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  1. Megan

    I’m essentially being called a retard by a person who 1) uses “lol,” “kewl,” and “u,” 2) can’t differentiate between “then” and “than,” 3) let’s face it, can’t spell OR get a single point across for shit, and 4) uses every anti-atheist/agnostic faux-argument in the book. Congratulations, Internet: you are the single best and worst creation of all time. The amount of knowledge you hold is irrefutably indispensable, and the amount of retards who flock to your shelter of near-anonymity — those who also vehemently avoid said knowledge at all costs — is almost more plentiful.

  2. Bass Pro

    “I have more rethoric / calculation / theroy’s trying to disprove god without success then there is actual valid comprehensive proof that unproves god.”

    There is no obligation, for anyone, anywhere to disprove a claim. The claimant is obligated to provide the evidence and proof supportive of their claim.

    The purpose of science is to discover, analyse and document evidence for education and research. There is no reason to disprove the existence of supernatural beings. So far, no evidence has ever been discovered that supports the existence supernatural sky buddies.

    Scientific theory requires very high levels of verifiability and replicability before it is presented for peer review and accepted as scientific theory.

    On the other hand, religions make fantastical and bizzarre claims yet provide not a shred of evidence in support of them, free pass at being dishonest.

  3. Dear conservative fuckwits, please read the post, and the links. She has a right to her opinion, and I did give her some respect for sticking to her convictions for that brief moment when poopoo asked her for that opinion. However, when she immediately turns around and capitalizes on her sudden “celebrity” to promote her opinion she loses all respect, and her job.

    tl,dr version: in America you can have an opinion, and you can get fired from your job when you stop doing said job.

  4. Bass Pro

    “Does that make you curious when greater minds then oneself in the end switch sides and believe in something they spent their whole life trying to disprove ?”

    Another logical fallacy, the number of believers and/or intelligence and/or nember of credentials of the believer does nothing to support your case since no evidence is available to support your claim. Further, they held their beliefs prior to you, so are you believing it simply because they do and again with no supporting evidence?

    ad populum and appeal to belief are logical fallacies, so again your argument has no merit.

  5. Bass Pro

    And last but not least, if you insist on having something disproven you must define that something. Good luck with that. From the looks of your reason, logic and critical thinking thus far, it’s safe to say that you are incapable of defining your god so you’re back to the proverbial drawing board with not a shred of evidence in your behalf.

    I don’t have to prove you wrong; you’re quite capable of doing that yourself.

  6. God

    @101 – case in point (English is my 4th out of 6 languages)
    your cynicism is entertaining however.

  7. God

    @ BassPro – Semantics my friend, you need to learn how to let go. Read again and hopefully you will comprehend :)

  8. EM

    Are those definitely photos of Carrie Prejean. Those look like pictures of Gretchen Rossi of The Real Housewives of Orange County.

  9. Megan

    106 God -

    I’m sure English is one out of the many languages you supposedly know. I’ll humor you and pretend this is the case, even though I’m quite sure it isn’t. The thing is, why would you mix up “then” and “than” if you learned English from a different language? Those two words are one letter away from being the other, but that is only in English. Certain other languages would have completely different words for “then” and “than” which wouldn’t look similar to each other in the least. You would really have to go out of your way to mix them up when translating to English from a different language. For example, in German the word “then” is “denn” and “than” is most often “als.” If your first language was German, you wouldn’t mix up then and than since they are conveying completely different things and are not spelled almost alike.

    TL;DR version: nice try at bullshitting.

    Sleepy times for me now.

  10. Anathema

    She was attacked because they didn’t like her answer to a question that really had no relation to the pajeant. And now you peolpe are doing the same thing. You don’t like her because of an opinion you disagree with. Freedom of speech doesn’t seem to matter to you. At least when it goes against something you support. I’ve met people who disagreed with her answer but still found it unfair that she was attacked non stop because of it. And here you people are leaving comments about how you want her to be mutilated, beaten, and die! Good God what’s wrong with you people. I wouldn’t say these things about my worst enemy. Hell, even if I was thinking it I would’t say it out of politness. All she stated (and quite respectfully I might add) was that she personally supported one kind and not the other. The very next day she was called a ‘Cunt’ among other horrid things by that fat, ugly waste of flesh Perez Hilton. It has gotten to the point in America where you can’t state an opinion anymore for fear of something like this happening. And it’s people like you make these things worse. You’ll hate me for saying this but – Grow Up.
    (And it has already been proven that she did do all the things she was contracted to do).

  11. Dr Truth

    I think the one thing we can all agree on regardless of our beliefs is that we would like to take a baseball bat to Perez Hilton’s stupid pumpkin head. That guy is human garbage.

  12. Atheist

    “And shepherds we shall be, for Thee, my Lord, for Thee.
    Power hath descended forth from Thy hand, that our feet may swiftly carry out Thy command.
    So we shall flow a river forth to Thee, and teeming with souls shall it ever be,
    In Nomine Patris, Et Fili, Et Spiritus Sancti.”

  13. Man, she’s got the eye bags AND the under eye circles! Double whammy.

  14. Sar

    Perez Hilton and Carrie Prejean are both wrongly using their beliefs to get publicity. I do not know much about all of this nonsense, but from what I have seen it does not even matter. There was no reason for Perez Hilton to be a judge in the first place. There is no reason to wish harm on this girl just because she wants fame, many people have done worse to get it. I also disagree with the observer about how a certain group “hides” behind just one thing, for the most part one person (or some) in a group will make an argument and others of that group will jump behind them, without having an argument of their own. Every single labeled group slanders, but it is only people in a group that do, those people need to grow up and fight someone’s argument, not the person.

    A lot of these comments are just silly, this isn’t the site for this talk, let’s all comment on her boobs instead. Or how ugly her hat is.

  15. The white hat is very beautiful.

  16. Sar

    The white hat reminds me of toilet paper.

  17. Matrim

    Are people actually forgetting the timeline of events here? She lost the pageant partially because she wasn’t as marketable due to her views (which is the whole point of the pageant) and partially because the winning contestant WAS. That’s the way it is, sucks to be her, but that’s the nature of the pageant.

    She lost her position as Miss California because she was a weapons-grade douche bottle, failing to show up for scheduled events, trying to schedule events without the approval of the MCO, and for arguing with her handlers every step of the way. As an employee, her failure to execute her job led them to cut her loose. If you don’t do your job, you get fired; that’s how it works in the real world, that’s how it worked here.

  18. ROUGH before dishonor

    Would that be a bad PR move if they ask for the implants back? I have to check my ethic books on this one. I think its perfectly fine…

  19. Pilatunes

    Megan, you are the best.

  20. Io

    honestly, i do believe the pageant set her up. what really in the end does it matter what one person over another thinks of gay marriage? and if they weren’t prepared for BOTH sides of the coin, they never should have asked the question to begin with. they knew what her beliefs were ahead of time, and yet still chose to crucify her with that question. Why does the whole world have to fight any one particular group’s battles? if gays want the right to marry, let them fight for it. They shouldn’t expect everyone else to say ‘oh yeah, certainly! I agree with it’, because not everyone does. As a conservative christian, i can say this however, the bible is very clear that we are supposed to treat EVERYONE with love and compassion, that we aren’t to judge, lest we be judged. it also says in part and is very clear in John 3.16 that WHOEVER believes in Christ will not perish, not just a certain select few, but WHOEVER, and that to me would include gays. I truly do not believe that the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah were about homosexuality, but rather HOW PEOPLE TREAT ONE ANOTHER. sexual sin is sexual sin whether you are gay or straight, and no one has a right to judge another one way or another…

    sorry for the bible lesson, I just wanted to put that out there for both sides

  21. @7: you can’t call a judge a ‘faggot’ and then say you’re ‘ok with gay people’ in the same post. that’s called hypocrisy. enjoy being a bigot :)

  22. Jayone

    Dude, I love you….PREACH ON!!!

  23. Debbie

    Okay that’s enough! You know I am opposed to same sex marriage as well but I will definitely not go and defend someone like her. C’mon, some of you dare to come here and put the bible into that?
    Mmmmmm, there is a lot of fake Christians here I guess. Are we that desperate to have people who are oppose to same sex marriage to accept any stupid comments and then go defend them to make a case out of it? SHE IS JUST TRYING TO GET HER 15 MINUTES OF FAME. She wasn’t fired because of her comment, she was fired because she could not even fulfill her contract. They gave her a chance; they even gave her a chance when her naked pics came on internet and usually, the committee DOES NOT give a chance like that. She got privileges than no other have gotten. Am I the only one who see that? Gee, next time a lot of you will come here and defend Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag because they say they are Christians and they love God but do not act like Christians at all?You can call me a fake Christian as much as you want but I will in no way defend her in this situation. She couldn’t do the job so they got someone who wanted to do it.

  24. jester

    I’d fuck her christian ass. I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole damn thing was planned down to the latest b.s. Miss America popularity has been fading and this just keeps it in the news longer.

  25. geraldo

    The US citizens are amateurs in terms of religious confIict. love the heated comments about Christians, so much turmoil. At least in this country we all get to express our views & have freedom, not so much for the poor Afgannie voter last week who unfortunately had part of his nose & both ears sliced off by Taliban, just for voting. What a great religion! Why don’t you hate that?

  26. Burungi

    This person (along with many of you posters and Heidi and Spencer) is everything that’s wrong with America. DEFENDING her bigoted “Christian” ass and pretending like she’s not completely loony is just idiotic.

  27. Robert

    I really don’t understand the invective directed at this woman. She was asked an irrelevant question by some freak who sucks mens dicks and gets fucked up his own ass. She didn’t bring it up, the freak did.

    Who cares about her nipple pictures? What in the FUCK does that have to do with anything? Are all of these haters out there really trying to say that because she has flaws she can’t stand for traditional values?

    How is she a “cunt” and Joy Behar isn’t? She seems like a good woman to me. She’s hot, has brains, courage, breasts and she knows the fundamental truths about sex. Let me break it down for the faggots: women get dicks in them, men don’t. See how simple that is?

  28. Jen

    ah, fighting over religion and beliefs. the never-ending war.

  29. Robert


    Why does using her celebrity to promote her views cause you to lose respect for her? Did you lose respect for Ashley Judd when she marched her scrawny ass in a parade with a “This is What a Feminist Looks LIke” shirt? Do you lose respect for Robert Redford, Tim Robbins, Barabara Streisand and the countless single-helix retards in Hollywood who use their fame to promote things they could never understand? Many of them barely finish high school before taking a couple night classes at a community college but they feel they can call George Bush an idiot. Imagine that! An actor calling someone stupid.

    One important thing about getting your view promoted is that people have to hear about you.

  30. Randall

    I totally agree with her. Christians are the most oppressed group in America ever. It’s about time someone with fake titties finally took a stand to the secret rulers of the world (the gays). I’m not fooled at all by this god bullshit she’s trying to say is the cause for all this. She answered like a retard…sorry, I mean opposite brained person, and now she latched on to this religious bashing plot so no one remembers that she’s an empty headed broad who signed up for the pretty parade to show off her fake tits in a bikini.

  31. Robert

    Randall –

    What’s wrong with fake tities? Is there some bible verse no one has ever heard of that says “Thou shalt not implant bags in thy flat chest”?

    She didn’t latch on to religious bashing. Lefty journalists who reviewed the pageant said that she lost because of how she answered a question from a scrotum sucker. She was in the lead until the shit-eater asked her an off-topic question.

    Christians are the main oppressed group in this country. I think that is largely because their beliefs call for them to tolerate insult. They usually let it pass with the same ease Perez Hilton takes a fist up his ass.

    I crack up at the potheads, pole dancers, and assorted unshowered losers who all think they are “too smart” to believe in the existence of God.

    I bet Ted Kennedy’s sorry ass believes.

  32. therush

    I agree with Prejean. As a fellow Christian I know we are all discriminated against all the time. It’s not like Christians have been making the rules in this country since it’s founding or anything. Oh wait, it’s totally like that and maybe she should stfu.

  33. Arline

    What’s with the gay bashing, borderline-retarded republicans trolling on a celebrity gossip site? How shocking to find out that their role models are also homophobic, borderline-retarded republicans. Way to go, scumbags, you’re really making it easier for people to vote democrat these days. Keep on tootin’ your crazy horn and lying down with swine; more and more people will edge away from you for being the dirty and shrill losers that you are.

  34. robert


    Do you think at all about what you’re going to write or do you just post something quickly that you think sounds meaningful? I have no idea at all what in the hell you were driving at. Christians have been making the rules so now Carrie Prejean should stfu? What possible sense could that make?

    What is you major in college? Something that ends in “studies”?

    It’s funny the number of supposed feminists and open-minded men (not open-coloned, like Perez HIlton) who will tolerate Ms. Prejean being called “bitch”, “whore”, “cunt”, etc. Where are defenders of women? Why isn’t Pamela Anderson any of those things? She has even bigger bags and has never said anything which makes sense. Difference is, she doesn’t claim to stand for anything. Once you take a stand (not a head stand, like Perez Hilton getting gang ass-fucked) for something decent, you’re a target.

    Maybe if the stinkin pita pocket who posted “God is Imaginary” can say it often enough to convince herself.

  35. Jim Jones

    To all the idiots who think she got fired solely for her answer in the pageant, my recollection is that the Donald and the organization stood by her after that. It wasn’t until she went on show after show flapping her lips about it and injecting herself further into the politics of it that they got irked and finally pulled the plug.

  36. Robert


    Try as I might, I just can’t understand postings by lefties.

    I wasn’t gay-bashing. I was faggot-bashing. I’m not homophobic because I don’t have an irrational fear of faggots. I find their behavior nauseating (like eating dog shit off the sidewalk) but I’m not afraid of them. Isn’t it funny how you assume (rightly in this case) that a person who opposes grossly immoral behavior is a Republican?

    By lying down with swine, do you mean visiting this site? I like this site because of the pictures (South Park Republican) and the writer’s comments. I usually find him funny. I don’t understand why Christians draw so much fire is the only reason I responded. Her voicing an opinion is “hate” but others wishing her dead and calling her vile names isn’t?

  37. Arline


    I’m sure that the gays would find your mode of sexual congress “nauseating” as well. It’s not up to you folks to judge other people’s behavior and impose your dogma all over the place, but you do it anyway, probably because deep down you are dissatisfied with yourself and your life. Guess what, Roberto? Jesus didn’t spend his life calling gays “faggots” and defending morons who can’t do their jobs. He preached a lot about love for your fellow man, and helped the poor and the sick. What the fuck have you done in your life that can be called “humanist”? Your beliefs are like dogshit on the sidewalk; disgusting, irresponsible and transient. Instead of playing a victim and working your hardest to be a divisive asshole who throws up his hands and cries “I’ll never understand lefties!”, maybe you should go out and volunteer at a fucking hospital or soup kitchen and work on your fucking compassion skills. Be a fucking human. Fuck.

  38. GoApp

    Now I remember why I stopped looking at this site. Too many brain dead liberals. And yes, I know that’s being redundant.

  39. robert

    Arline -

    You judge other’s behavior. Isn’t calling Carrie a “moron” a judgement? If I call Perez Hilton something good, wouldn’t that be a judgement? Is calling me an “asshole” a judgement. Who deserves to be called names? Mean people? You won’t find anyone meaner than Perez Hilton.

    Jesus didn’t have to spend his life calling people faggots. That’s my job. It’s on my business card. He did call people to repent of their faggotry (as I understand it) and whatever else they were up to. As for my beliefs, it isn’t my standard you have a problem with, it is God’s. (as I understand it – don’t claim to be any bible scholar).

    I should volunteer at a hospital so that I will agree that men can suck each other’s dicks if they wish? What sense does that make? My beliefs are “transient”? What the hell are you talking about? What have I done that would be considered “humanist”? Nothing! Do you even know what these words are? You have got to be a college student.

    I don’t understand lefties because there is nothing to understand. It isn’t about undestanding, It’s about believing. It is just a collection of random hogwash that you accept in total. You don’t think about it, just believe it. Kind of like the koran.

    “Fuck, fuck, fuck” What a well-reasoned and compelling argument. Why not call me a poop-head and stick your tongue out?

  40. Arline

    I think it’s fair to single out morons for being morons. I think there is enough evidence to suggest that Carrie is, indeed, a moron.

    Jesus did not call people to repent for being homosexual. Find me that passage. I’m not religious, but that’s what you people use to justify your crap and you call yourselves Christians, so go ‘head. I love how you people claim to know the will of “God” because of what some guys wrote over 2 millennia ago, which borrowed heavily from other religions. You just use religion to justify your wrong-headed and false sense of superiority. It’ sad.

    Yes, I know what words mean, do you? You’re an asshole because you hate gays. It’s ignorant, and indicative of a great deal of personal insecurity on your part. Maybe if you did something for others, selflessly, you’d be less of an asshole. But you won’t, cause that to you would be “crazy” and “liberal”, cause being an asshole republican means never having to justify your useless existence.

    “You don’t think about it, just believe it. Kind of like the koran.” You’re anti-Muslim, too? What a fucking shocker. You don’t know what you believe, you just have a bunch of random assumptions and stereotypes built up in your brain, not based on real-world experience, but probably on some shit you saw on Fox or heard on Rush and just bought without thinking about it for a second. You’re a fucking coward, ignorant, bigoted, homophobic and you don’t have a clear argument in your head because you’re full of hate. Hating gays just feels right to you. Being angry at Muslims is something just instilled in you. You’re a typical wooly-headed Republican without an original thought in your head, and it is easier for you to say I use big words or say “fuck” a lot, therefor I must be part of some big liberal conspiracy against you. More victim shit. I’m done commenting, since you don’t seem to have anything of substance to say. There’s still time to turn your life around and stop being such a fucking asshole. Just sayin’.

  41. Randall


    I think we can all agree everyone loves fake titties, and whoever disagrees is a communist.

    My point was that this whole situation is retarded. we’re being given moral lessons from someone in a “look at me in a bikini, ain’t I pretty” contest. Again, Don’t get me wrong I’d bang every contestant six ways to sunday, but does anybody really give a shit what they have to say. let’s be honest, this whole contest is family friendly stroke material. Also, the reason this first got attention was that she answered the question like a retard. She called it opposite marriage for shits sake. Like that other beauty pageant retard miss north Carolina, I think.

  42. Sar

    #139 – It is just a collection of random hogwash that you accept in total. You don’t think about it, just believe it. Kind of like the koran.

    Many people say this (or something like it) about beliefs they do not agree with. It’s a pretty ignorant statement, for anyone of any belief to make.

    #140 – you just have a bunch of random assumptions and stereotypes built up in your brain … You’re a typical wooly-headed Republican without an original thought in your head

    If you’re going to make stereotypical assumptions you probably should not mention it as a character flaw of the person you are talking about two sentences before.

    On a note that actually belongs on this site: So did they put those implants in through the armpit? Cause she’s got some weird little rolls/wrinkles going on.

  43. robert

    Arline –

    Wow. One thing I’ll say for lefties is that they know how to hate. Good for you.

    Read Romans 1:27 -32 which says talks about men “leaving the natural use of a woman” (hahaha) burn with lust towards each other and that “they which practice such things are worthy of death”. Not my words. Go look it up like you said. Then find a way to explain it away.

    It’s funny how you hate Christianity so much but you think muslims are just cool. Typical coward. My hatred of islam WAS instilled in my. Mostly from watching and reading the news. You know, Iranian Hostages, WTC (1993 and 2001), Kobar Towers, USS Cole, on and on. Lefties watch the news and see nothing but a government plot. Amazing. Watching muslims slaughter the innocent doesn’t make you angry but me saying that two men shouldn’t marry makes you go through the roof. It just tells me what your values are. And that you are the coward, not me. It takes no balls to attack someone who won’t attack you back. That’s why only cowards attacked George Bush. But no liberal says jack about muslims.

    You’re right about me being full of hate, though. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have a clear argument. I think you can both I absolutely hate liberals with everything I can muster. When I talk with one it takes all the strength I have not to beat them within an inch of their miserable lives for the damage they have done to the greatest nation in all of recorded history. They don’t know what freedom is (they think its random whoring around and doing drugs), they don’t take any responsiblity for themselves (they want the government to do that – it’s their right) and they attack the very people and traditions that have given them what they take for granted.

    As for the rest of your post, it just sort of rambles. Blah, blah, blah fuck, blah, blah, blah wooly-headed, etc.

  44. robert

    142 Sar –

    Is the koran science? No. Did it get proven in a lab? No. You just believe it. Like the bible, like the bhagavad gita, like whatever. You believe it. Like the koran.

  45. Lynn

    Ugh, I’m for gay marriage and even I don’t think people who are against it are biggoted (although there are always people who just hate people that are different). Christ, perhaps readers of the opposite persuasion would be more willing to accept different points of views if they weren’t consistently called bigots (or racists) everytime they disagree with your point of view, jackass.

    I think Carrie Prejean is an idiot, but your analysis of her is so tainted by your warped ideology. The burden you must carry on your shoulders for always being right… Get off of your high horse, or else you’re a bigot. And racist!

  46. Robert

    Lynn -

    Why exactly is Carrie Prejean an idiot? Most Americans, given the chance to vote, have opposed gay marriage. Every known civilization, religious or otherwise, has held to heterosexual marriage. Every major religion opposes gay marriage. A great many gays oppose gay marriage. She didn’t say people shouldn’t be gay. She simply said what most people on earth believe: marriage is between a man and a woman.

    What EXACTLY makes her an idiot?

  47. Sar

    #144 – I just said it was a belief. But if you are stating this from a “there is no proof so it is hogwash” standpoint, then I apologize, it came across that it was hogwash from your religious standpoint.

    Do you hate innocent Muslims as well? Those that do not agree with the fanatics and outright crazy people who attack innocent people?

  48. Sar

    Robert is right, what exactly does make her an idiot? I have not heard much about her other than her answer to a loaded question, so would really like to know.

  49. Arline

    You use Romans to justify your homophobia? Romans is basically a spewing of the Old Testament in the New Testament, so excellent work there, Christian, for showing you don’t know what the fuck you’re talking about ever.

    I don’t hate Christians, dumbass. I don’t even hate you. Hate is an extreme word which I reserve for people or things that really matter. Some of my best friends are religious, but it’s not an issue. I even have republican friends. I refer to specific assholes like you who identify as republican and use religion to justify your hate (or to fuel your political campaigns). You put yourself on a stupid platform and say that because you’re [this], you win, and everyone who is [that] is wrong. No basis in fact or logic.

    “It takes no balls to attack someone who won’t attack you back.” How would you even know what takes balls? Did your anonymous internet comments cause Islamofascists to blow up your house, tough guy? If you think this nation is “ruined” because of liberals, you’re living in a fucking self-pitying, whiny fantasy land.

    Yes, freedom is whoring around and doing drugs, obvs. Good point. That’s why all of your republican heroes have been making the news recently for their 1.whoring around 2.drug use and 3.refusal to take responsibility for their whoring around, drug use, torture programs, etc. But I guess you don’t watch the news. Or read books. Or if you do, you filter out the facts that don’t conform to your world view.

    It ain’t limited to liberals, you shithead. PEOPLE can whore around, do drugs, do shitty things. Individuals can be shitty, that doesn’t make everyone who identifies with one trait of something (race, religion, sexual orientation) shitty. There are so many possible reasons not to get along with people, and you’re picking nits about some shallow bullshit based on your own insecurities.

  50. Robert


    I don’t think very highly of islam. It has been used to to justify virtually every terrorist attack in the second half of the 20th century. The list of muslim terrorism, from skyjackings in the early 70′s till now would fill volumes. In response, people point to TIm McVeigh (who had muslim sympathies and was not a Christian) and a single abortion clinic bomber – also not a Christian. Also, the abortion bomber’s actions was denounced by every major Christian leader in America. Whereas muslim terrorists are given a hero’s welcome. 25% of muslims in the UK think terror bombings are fine. 75% of muslims in some muslim countries think terror bombings are ok.

    The acts of terrorism are condoned, not condemned, by leaders of major schools of islam. I can say that muslims who are not a threat to the safety of the free world are not serious about their faith. When they get serious, they pick up a gun.

    Their treatment of women is beyond despicable. I hate homosexuality but I think it is utterly disgusting that someone would construct a brick wall and push it over on someone to crush them to death for the “crime” of homosexuality. Dick-sucking by men isn’t a crime, it is just gross. They need counseling, not the death penalty. All of this is justified by muslim leaders.

    I think islam is a hateful political movement disguised as a religion.

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