Carrie Prejean sues for ‘religious discrimination.’ Christ…

August 31st, 2009 // 178 Comments

Carrie Prejean filed a lawsuit today claiming Shanna Moakler and Keith Lewis, but strangely not the Donald, subjected her to “religious discrimination, defamation, public disclosure of private facts, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.” Carrie had teased a lawsuit a month ago only to use the opportunity to push her upcoming book, and Miss California Pageant officials are calling her out for the same tactic, according to TMZ:

TMZ just received the following statement from Miss California USA honcho Keith Lewis, lashing back at the lawsuit Carrie Prejean filed against him this morning for religious discrimination:
“It appears that suits from both sides are now inevitable against the other. I would guess Carrie sees it as a chance to get publicity for her upcoming book because in the interviews I have seen, she talks about the suit and the book in the same breath.
We have no problem with her selling lots of books – considering in the current situation we could stand to profit from every copy she sells.
For us, it has never been about her beliefs and we have always just wanted to move on.
But it seems like Carrie really has nothing new to talk about or anything new in her life so the impression is she just keeps looking for ways to rehash her position as a victim because of her onstage answer.”

How do I explain this to Carrie Prejean without hand puppets? The Miss California Organization invested in you, particularly in the chest region, to be the face and again, chest, of their Company. You were an Employee. But should an Employee decide to publicly latch onto divisive political causes in violation of its contract, whether it be bigoted anti-gay marriage legislation or retarded hippie protests with, the Company has every right to protect its investment. So, basically, you’re still free to say whatever you want, but your employer is still free to fire you. That’s not censorship, that’s CAPITALISM. And in case you inexplicably missed the memo while subbing at FOX News, Jesus wants to dip his balls in it. It’s his favorite.

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  1. Ms.Whiplash

    I hope they counter-sue for breach of contract. And also for asshattery. Thank god I’m an atheist!

  2. Rupert

    Jesus doesn’t want to dip his balls in it–Louie does.

  3. God

    @2 agree with TimeKiller 100%. more power to her

    @Liberals – your hypocrasy is astonishing. Just because she has conservative view you guys want to destroy her. Yet you are the ones that call yourself progressive ?

    @All God Bashers – If somebody can prove to me he dosent exist via scientific facts, other then the hearsay you kids spew out, im all ears.
    Again please try and prove to me that he dosent exist.

    looking forward to this.

  4. Willie Dixon

    It would have been a freedom of speech issue had she not been stupid enough to pull diva b.s. (via email!) to her employer and demand she make her own schedule, when, by contract they do it for her. She’s only suing to remind people who belive in her views so she can score more $$$ on the lecture circuit. What better way than to have a lengthy trial under the pretense of first amendment rights to drag out her fame?

    I used to agree with her on the premise of her free speech (though I disagreed with her opinion), but now she’s obviously milking it. She’ll fail as the evidence that she actually did contractually break her agreement is overwhelming – especially when Trump gave her a second chance to make amends contractually.

  5. Mary Jo's bubbles

    @ 53: There’s a guy named “Ted” knocking, wanting to buy his way in.. what do you think?

  6. Ms.Whiplash

    53- There’s no need to disprove the existence of god- it’s never been proven in the first place! Bashing god would just be pointless- might as well bash my childhood imaginary friend or the tooth fairy. And as for Miss Prejean, I thinks it’s HER hypocrisy that’s so offensive. Calling herself a christian while posing topless and discriminating against others- I don’t understand why real christians aren’t outraged by her.

  7. The Observer

    They won’t even try to prove that God doesn’t exist because they’ve convinced themselves that ‘logic and reason’ (lol) states that the burden of proof is on religion. How incredibly convenient.

    That’s the problem with choosing a side: eventually, someone is going to present you with a question or argument that you can’t answer thus proving that you are completely full of shit, and then you have no choice but to hide behind something. Slander if you’re a liberal, dogma if you’re a conservative or religious, and contrived logic and reason if you’re an atheist or scientist…every label has some nonsense to fall back on.

  8. Yo girl :)

    Dr. Mr. Superficial,
    This post was fucking hilarious and smart all at once. I am eternally in awe.
    Yo Girl

  9. Mike

    I used to think like a scientist (I am) in that homosexuality was an impossible genetic event, as in the fact that homo relations cannot reproduce. I have recently changed my belief in this matter.

    Homosexuality is clearly a genetic trait, given to the human race by God’s grace…

    To eliminate genetic blood lines. There is no other explanation as to its re-occurrence.

  10. timmy the dying boy

    @53: There’s something called Burden of Proof, ever heard of it. It means we are not expected to disprove anything, it’s up to you to prove it. It’s not possible to disprove something. So, prove that God exists, and good luck.

  11. Crocoduck

    Q: What’s the difference between Carrie and a bowling ball?

    A: You can only get three fingers into a bowling ball.

    Haw! Come on, sparkle girl, are you gonna sue me too?

  12. The Observer

    Just because you can’t prove something doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist. That’s like saying that the solar system revolved around the earth until someone proved that it’s heliocentric. Why can’t you see that your logic and reason is contrived and artificial and nothing but a fall-back for your unimaginably stupid way of thinking? This is why you people are laughed at.

    Since you’re in the business of separating real Christians from fake ones, let me follow suit: real scientists are agnostic about everything. Why aren’t real scientists infuriated by Atheists?

  13. After reading this rant by this website’s writer I can conclude that I want to bang the dude who runs The Superficial. AND…I’m a girl. Bah and zing!

  14. david

    i hope they counter sue for her tits.

  15. mjisdead?

    She should run for governor and win and drive all the fags and fag lovers into the Bay with shark chum, way to many child molester(MJ) lovers and turd burglars on this site. Carrie will win that lawsuit !

  16. Etch Too

    @ 57: That is absolutely correct, therefore, all people have “faith” in something. This crap about only Christians “not allowed to speak or have influence n the public square” but everyone else is ok is nonsense. If your argument doesn’t hold up well in public debate, maybe you ought to rethink what you believe…

  17. House

    @ 64: you mean her saline bags?

  18. Newsflash!

    Another X-tian hypocrite flapping her mouth and making a fool of herself. What a tool. Where’s the big X-tian cross necklace?

    Newsflash: Jesus told his followers they would see his return in their lifetime.


    The earth is not flat, the clouds are not dust from some guy-in-the-sky’s feet, the stars are more than a few feet out of reach, snakes and other animals do not speak languages, Noah was a drunken preacher not a mastermind naval artichect, Lot was not really a just and righteous man for knocking up his daughters and claiming he was drunk, the earth was not set on a foundation with cornerstones it rotates on an axis, the sun does not revolve around the earth as the ridiculous bible claims.

    It would take months to type out all the factual, historic and scientific errors in the bible. Fortunately the X-tian gawd only lives in the imaginations of the delusional knuckleheads who fall for the biggest hoax ever perpetrated.

    And, NO, I will not be burning in the firepit of your violent fantasies for not believing your bible garbage.

  19. Newsflash!

    Carrie, you ignorant slut…

  20. the oblivionhaha

    When will you fucking retards realize that the First Amendment only applies to State restriction on free speech. A private company or a private person can tell you whatever the hell they want you to say, and if you don’t say it, so be it. Read the freaking Constitution, you fucktards.

  21. the oblivionhaha

    When will you fucking retards realize that the First Amendment only applies to State restriction on free speech. A private company or a private person can tell you whatever the hell they want you to say, and if you don’t say it, so be it. Read the freaking Constitution, you fucktards.

  22. Bass Pro

    “If somebody can prove to me he dosent exist via scientific facts, other then the hearsay you kids spew out, im all ears.
    Again please try and prove to me that he dosent exist.”

    Logical fallacy – burden of proof fallacy

    A universal negative cannot be proven, it is ridiculous and dishonest to request. Can you prove you weren’t fucking your cocker spaniel again last night?

    The burden of proof is upon the person(s) making the claim, dumbass.

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  25. God

    @57 very true. prolly the most sensible reply i have heard :)

  26. Etch Too

    @ 68: any fifth grader knows more than you do about the Bible & how to interpret it, you sound ridiculously hostile. Chill bro… you can believe you’re from the goo, that’s fine, but the goo is a leap of faith too- and I think you are an idiot to believe it. But I’m not angry or hostile you believe it- again, chill :-0

  27. Hector

    @59 – So you believe that there is a gay gene ? *triestobeattheloonsawaywithaflyswatter*
    This completley contradicts anything a resonable person as you (a scientist) could state, since scientists have not found a gay gene.

    Homosexuality is a complete learned social phenomenon.
    I believe it has something to do with experiences as children, either not guided good enough or some trauma, or as simple as some boys like to wear dresses and girls like to play with cars, and they instantly get labeled as gay. Having too liberal parents or too strict. Somepeople whoever i dunno, they are so flamboyant that i really question my own theory, then again that might have to do with how they were raised.

  28. Ms.Whiplash

    62- You’re really reaching, aren’t you? Instead of proving your case for god, you’re insulting people who aren’t as gullible as you. That says a lot about your case (and your god). Christians are forever doing that….dancing around and sidestepping because they just don’t have anything concrete to back up their superstition.

  29. God

    @60 – thats a little too convienient and a pretty lazy way to counterargue. Prove to me how love works then, since everybody believe in that.

  30. Megan


    Hey, another kid died… from a ruptured appendix… due to his parents believing in faith healing. I wish all the Christians, Muslims, and every other Santa-lover had to go through that growing up. What a wonderful place the world would be without these people.

    I do love the hypocrisy of Christians coming to I bet you’re all super cereal for Christ. Yes, traditional marriage is in shambles because two penises and and two vaginas are within close proximity to each other. It’s not at all because you’re cheating on your wife and giving Jesus and your children a reach around at the same time.

    Then again, Frankentitties here didn’t get sacked because of her stance – it was, like Fish and many others pointed out – because she was a pawn of a corporation and didn’t do what they told her to. End of story.

  31. God

    @72 – I have proof and pic’s of my entire activities last night. So ha!
    Well your making the claim there isnt so prove me wrong. all im saying.
    your swearing isnt helping you bring your point across lol

  32. Willy

    @ 80 – Dei tuk yer jubs

  33. Ms.Whiplash

    79, you’re seriously comparing god to a chemical reaction in the brain!?!? Yep, I agree, religion is all in your head and you need help. Too funny, and closer to the truth than you probably even intended. Somebody call Dawkins and Hitchens, you’ve just done a year’s worth of their work for them!

  34. Jibbly Biggins

    47 – So I take it to mean that you believe hand jobs, anal sex, masturbation, cunnilingus, fellatio, condoms, and wet dreams are morally wrong ? None of those things are straight up penis in vagina textbook scenarios.

    In other words, your analogy fails. Sex has evolved beyond, shall we say, plain old 15th century procreation in missionary. What is natural is not always right and what is right is not always natural.

  35. Megan

    81 – Your use of “lol” and the fact that you believe in a glorified Santa Claus is reason enough to not take anything you ever say or ever have said in your entire life seriously. You’re a tiny, irrelevant worker bee who can’t seem to understand that the reason no one feels impressed with/sorry for you is because you’ve been living a slave’s life for a queen bee that was never there to begin with. If you really want to learn about the atheist’s side of the discussion and why we believe the way we do, asking people on the Superficial is not the place to begin. I would start with books by Richard Dawkins (other than being an atheist, he is an evolutionary biologist), Christopher Hitchens, and Sam Harris.

    Unless of course, you’re not at all serious about gathering the information you so desire and, instead, are just another useless troll.

    And 82 – Dey did tuk mah jubs.

  36. justin case

    christianity is a copy-cat religion, everything copied from previous folklore, nothing original about it. virgin birth, sun god/sky god, crucifiction, resurrection, revelation and the failed prophecies all borrowed, copied or stolen from previous superstitions. even december 25th was stolen from the pagans. what a fake religion.

  37. Joker

    OK. Dude. If the idiots didn’t want her to answer a question like that they shouldn’t have let the homosexual gossip dude ask that question. How is this her fault? Duh? Like 50% of Americans don’t agree will gay marriage. It doesn’t matter if you agree with them. It just is.

  38. Joker

    95% of people in the world believe in GOD. I’m sure the 5% of you must be right. The funny part is that this isn’t even about that. Who cares about her religion? She answered honestly to the question she was asked. What did she do wrong?

  39. God

    @83 – so love is just a chemical reaction… well i feel sorry for you that its just a chemical reaction for you… thats prolly why you have whiplash because of all the strawberry sundays and donkeypunches you recieve as love.
    Yeah go call dawkins over that fucker is just the biggest ignorant tard ever. Just treat everybody as a reject versus listening to argument. really mature and scientific way of disproving something lol

  40. zuzuspetals

    Carrie Prejean is a stupid religious CUNT.

  41. Ms.Whiplash

    Riiiiiiiiiiight, god, you’ve got me all figured out. No need to feel sorry for me. The love part of my brain is working perfectly. Not sure what strawberry sundays and donkeypunches are, and don’t think I want to know. Did they teach you those in Sunday School, or was that special one on one time with your preacher? And what argument am I not listening to? Haven’t read a single thing that makes the likelihood of a skydaddy even the tiniest bit more possible. Still waiting for your earth-shattering evidence that will once and for all prove you’re not completely deluded for believing in fairy tales……………

  42. Pilatunes

    What newsflash @68 said. Also, what the fuck is the vacant twit going to write a book about?

  43. Bass Pro

    “95% of people in the world believe in GOD.”

    argumentum ad numerum – even if 99.99% of the population believes something, their belief has no effect on whether it is a fact or not. You can’t wish something into existence.

    #81 “Well your making the claim there isnt so prove me wrong.”

    Your arguments are illogical. I’m not the one who made a claim, you are. You’re obligated to provide verifiable evidence if you expect anyone to take you seriously. You are also dishonestly attempting to shift the burden of proof. If you were honest you’d simply admit you have faith, not evidence.

  44. vito

    I wanna fuck her…in fact, let’s ALL fuck her…we can have a HOLY CLUSTER FUCK in the name of JEEEEZUSSSS!

    Now please turn your hymnals to page 232…

  45. God

    @ 85 – Oh Megan – it is people like you who scare me most. You generalize. I am not religious in any way. Just because you have one or two years of college behind you and you came across some douche who denounces everything humanity ever cameup with, developed, shaped how we interact with eachother, dosent make you smarter or more aware then anybody. Its people like you who think they are smarter then others, are the real threat, because you fail one essential skill that you so overwhemlingly like to spread, and that the skill of being unbiasedly openminded. You criticise religion I am simply asking for an explanation, proof to a claim that people like you feel so self rightous about throwing around and demeaning others for not agreeing with you.
    Since you know about dawkins and co i suggest you expand your college mind and try and research rene gateaux, john von neumann, joseph saurin, francesco severi, e.t. whittaker, st. augustine, some of the greatest physcists / mathematicians and logicians there ever was that converted to a faith.

  46. God

    @91 – I apologize ms.whiplash, i lived in the moment and thought it would add a little humor. If you are really interested in finding proof that god exists.
    Please read the works of the following people:
    rene gateaux, John von Neumann, joseph saurin, francesco severi, e.t. whittaker, st. augustine, st. thomas aquinas, st. anselm.
    Those people are some of the brightest physcists / mathematicians and logicians that ever graced this planet. Every single one of those spent more time trying to dissprove Catholisim then Richard Dawkins did or ever will.
    All of them ending up convert from atheisim to catholisism.
    That is why i ask atheists such as yourself for proof that god dosent exist, since people who created / invented rules / discovered scientific formulas and theories our current lives evolve around couldnt come up with.
    From one atheist to antoher.

  47. God

    @93 – How is my argument illogical ? I have more rethoric / calculation / theroy’s trying to disprove god without success then there is actual valid comprehensive proof that unproves god. Now with that i ask you what makes you believe that there isnt a god when the greatest minds in our history spent most of their lives trying to disprove god and then convert to a religion ? Does that make you curious when greater minds then oneself in the end switch sides and believe in something they spent their whole life trying to disprove ? Thats what im really asking, if you dont believe there is a god just because you think there isnt. kewl by me, just thought u had additional information.

  48. Ariana

    I didn’t know I was on perez homo We all know she lost because of the way she answered the homo judge. She should have won the contest.

  49. Ms.Whiplash

    96- What I don’t understand is, if there is an allmighty whatever, why doesn’t it reveal itself? Should be easy for an all-powerful being, no? Please don’t say that it’s a “test of faith” or “look around at nature” because I don’t like to play games like that, too much of a cop-out. I would never be able to respect a god who demanded/rewarded credulity and robotic servitude. I’ll live my life with the expectation that it’s my only one (which in my opinion makes it all the more worthwhile). Anyway, thanks for starting all this fun and games with your comment way back at # 53. It’s been pretty GODDAMN entertaining!

  50. Bass Pro

    #97 “How is my argument illogical ?”

    In the most basic ways, you request that others prove a negative, or prove you wrong. You don’t get to go around making wild fantastic bizarre claims and exclaim they’re true unless proven otherwise. It’s ridiculous; you have it back asswards. Imagine the legal system based on your illogical brain short circuitry, anyone could make any claim they wanted to and you’d be expected to prove your innocence. Anyone could claim you owed them money and you couldn’t prove otherwise. Again, the burden of proof is upon the person(s) making the positive assertions.

    Your “argument” failed to launch.

    Literature and classroom training is available to assist you with discovering logical and critical thinking.

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