Carrie Prejean sues for ‘religious discrimination.’ Christ…

Carrie Prejean filed a lawsuit today claiming Shanna Moakler and Keith Lewis, but strangely not the Donald, subjected her to “religious discrimination, defamation, public disclosure of private facts, intentional infliction of emotional distress, and negligent infliction of emotional distress.” Carrie had teased a lawsuit a month ago only to use the opportunity to push her upcoming book, and Miss California Pageant officials are calling her out for the same tactic, according to TMZ:

TMZ just received the following statement from Miss California USA honcho Keith Lewis, lashing back at the lawsuit Carrie Prejean filed against him this morning for religious discrimination:
“It appears that suits from both sides are now inevitable against the other. I would guess Carrie sees it as a chance to get publicity for her upcoming book because in the interviews I have seen, she talks about the suit and the book in the same breath.
We have no problem with her selling lots of books – considering in the current situation we could stand to profit from every copy she sells.
For us, it has never been about her beliefs and we have always just wanted to move on.
But it seems like Carrie really has nothing new to talk about or anything new in her life so the impression is she just keeps looking for ways to rehash her position as a victim because of her onstage answer.”

How do I explain this to Carrie Prejean without hand puppets? The Miss California Organization invested in you, particularly in the chest region, to be the face and again, chest, of their Company. You were an Employee. But should an Employee decide to publicly latch onto divisive political causes in violation of its contract, whether it be bigoted anti-gay marriage legislation or retarded hippie protests with, the Company has every right to protect its investment. So, basically, you’re still free to say whatever you want, but your employer is still free to fire you. That’s not censorship, that’s CAPITALISM. And in case you inexplicably missed the memo while subbing at FOX News, Jesus wants to dip his balls in it. It’s his favorite.

Photos: WENN