Carrie Prejean sues Miss California Organization. But not really.

July 31st, 2009 // 100 Comments

Carrie Prejean is a crafty bitch. Last night the front page of a lawsuit targeting the Miss California Organization for slander and libel was leaked online which opened the door for Carrie to appear on Access Hollywood today where she said no suit would be filed and then conveniently started plugging her book:

But Prejean, who was dethroned in June, over what the Miss California USA group said were contract violations, told Bush she isn’t going to sue her former bosses in court. Instead, Prejean said she plans to put pen to paper for her upcoming book.
“[Are] you going to file one?” Bush asked of a lawsuit.
“No, I mean, hopefully this will all just get taken care of,” Prejean said. “There’s definitely some things that are false that they’ve said about me and I think definitely the book will — it’s sort of like therapy for me. It’s a way for me to just get out the truth, really.
“The book’s going to be amazing,” she said. “Everything in the book is factual. I could never say something that’s not true… Everything that is in the book I can either back it up with e-mails or witnesses. I’m really excited about that. I just can’t wait for that book to come out and for people to see it. I really think their jaws are going to drop.”

So, remember when Carrie Prejean said the topless photos of her were taken when she was only 17 then changed her story to say a breeze blew her shirt open? Did a ventriloquist say those words? Because obviously Carrie can’t tell a lie. Kind of like Superman if you don’t count the time he knocked up Lois then said he had to go to the bathroom. On Krypton.

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  1. Robert M

    I am so sorry everyone for spewing. I am just having a bad day. My wife is a fat slob and I have to fantasize about Sarah Palin to get it up.

  2. Ed

    I believe opposite male to male-equine marriage is ok-

  3. Robert M

    Forgot to tell everyone that I give the best head in town.

  4. Not this beast again

    I hope her implants implode during her book signing. I am not even gay, I just hate liars. Can you see all the right wing baldies lining up to get thier books signed and POW! POW! Her fake crying is a mess.

  5. I agree

    Ed- Whatever you just said I agree (oppisite) har-har or should I say Nay-nay!!!

  6. Ms Whiplash

    2-4-6-8 Separation of Church and State!!! It’s narrow-minded Americans like Carrie Prejean, who use “God” as their excuse for intolerance, that give your country a bad name. Keep your religion out of politics and things would be much better. Hey, it’s only what your founding fathers wanted! She seems like such a hypocrite, citing her Christian values as the reason she doesn’t believe in gay marriage, yet has no problem posing semi-nude and discriminating against others. Don’t even get me started on her lying and breach of contract issues! Live and let live, Carrie, and try to remember that freedom of religion includes freedom FROM religion.

  7. Loving this

    Ms Whiplash, Do you think her book is going to make the best sellers list? Please PRAY that it does!

  8. Justice For Carrie

    Too bad, I would like to see her get a great big settlement out of this. If I was the judge it would be 100x millions. That’s small compensation for having her personal modeling port folio stolen and posted in public, medical records disclosed, parents attacked and suffering a relentless smear campaign that has involved every despicable act that you can imagine.

    Too bad she can’t do the same to TMZ and Huffington Post who have persecuted her by churned the hate pot every day for 3 months or more.

    I guess there’s not much hope for justice in La La Land the gossip center of the universe.

  9. Justice For Carrie

    Well I’ll be buying several copies when the book comes out. One for myself and a few to give to friends.

  10. Loving this

    Be sure to get it signed ROBERT!

  11. deddog

    god i hate this bitch, i thought she had already evaporated into obscurity, but no here she is again, more coverage…

    @58 – shut the fuck up bottom dweller, what the fuck do you know about this stuck up bitch really

  12. Jerome

    ya mang u jsutice for cary iz so right.

    evn do da miz usa pagant waz not rezponziple 4 har modlng porfolio stoln. dey shud still get zued cuz she a hot long az she kep pozin nude an i can zee her tits she desrves lotsa $$$$$!!!!!

  13. Loving this

    How did she write a book when she can’t even string two sentences together? I pity the poor ghost writer.

  14. Ms Whiplash

    #57, I actually do think her book will probably sell far more copies than it deserves to, simply because this story has been blown out of proportion. But I never, ever pray. No Skydaddy for me!

  15. Loving this

    64. I have no problems with God, but God do I hate hypocrites and liars.

  16. Ms Whiplash

    65…All I can say is “Thank God I’m an atheist!”

  17. Loving this

    Thanks Robert M, Foxfire and Jerome. This was a fun way to pass a few hours, I laughed/cried!!!!

  18. pus

    Great, another dumb cunt who is going to be famous for nothing. What the hell could be so interesting about her that anyone would want to read about it in a book? The only way I would buy her book is if it had pictures of her being fucked by a German Shepherd while she blows a donkey. She needs to go away and do what her mother has trained her for all of her life; ie: marry some old billionaire, kill him, and live happily ever after.

  19. Beetlejuice

    Gooooooooooooooo ATHEISM!!!

  20. Just sayin

    The only thing about being an atheist is your shelf life- ah, you can’t figure that one out. Too bad…Tragic really. In your universe you are destined to be wormshit, nothing more. Have a good one!

  21. spinal

    GET THIS HATCHET-FACED BITCH OFF MY SCREEN. She’s a nobody, she’s done nothing of importance, said nothing of interest and machinated for attention the entire time. Everybody and their mom has an opinion on gay marriage and guess what? I don’t give a damn. Having an opinion (especially a stupid, poorly expressed one) should not entitle one to this much national airtime.

    She’s like the Christian Heidi and Spencer.

  22. farty mcshitface

    i would like to fuck her. many times. although i’d really like to put my hotdog between her buns and fill her colon with my baby paste.

  23. Phil McCracken

    Her entire career consists of a bad day on tv. Maybe she should start her writing career with a pamphlet, or a note scribbled on a piece of toilet paper. If she were to do that, I might consider picking up a copy from my local library, if someone were to say… slip one in my backpack whilst I wasn’t looking.

  24. Ms Whiplash

    Hate to break it to you, #70, but that’s your destiny too. This is it, your one and only chance at life. Make it a good one.

  25. Pilatunes

    “an empty-headed bimbo”
    Robert M @21…you are too kind if anything. The ‘Christian’ drivel that comes out this chicks mouth. Is she going to fill a book with that? What the hell has she done with her life? Jesus, who doesn’t think they can write a book? Unreal.

    I can’t white for the high school football quarterback to come out and say he’s been banging her since they were 13.

  26. Phuleez

    When is one of these asshat rich repubs gonna step up and make her an honest women? Come one guys! She is literally out there blowin in the wind!

  27. Just sayin

    74: we are all in the same boat-no provable information. Your thought “choice” gives all a green light to believe whatever we want. You can’t back anything up either- so you are no better than a fundy. So, keep you hopelessness to yourself or be labeled a fanatic. Hope you look forward to your shrivel :-0

  28. el ces

    Grrr….when are we going to see those titties? All the way.

  29. Ms.Whiplash

    Thanks, Just sayin, but we’re actually not in the same boat at all. You believe in something without any proof or evidence, and I don’t. Simply that. I don’t need to back anything up, because I’m not the one making outrageous claims about a mythical fairy tale being real. And no hopelessness for me… life is precious because I know it’s the only one I’ll have, so I choose to make the most of it, while I’m waiting for my “shrivel”. What are you doing?

  30. Just sayin

    79: You know you are in the minority, I bet 98% of the world claims a religion & the 2 % stated non-believers have a belief system. You believe alright, just different stuff. I think you are selling yourself short. I’ll make a deal with you- don’t project what you think I believe and I’ll try not to think you took the lazy path in terms of your belief. If your belief system works for you, great, but anyone who is so cranky about others shows a hint of uncertainty or non-fulfillment in life. Namaste y adieu!

  31. Ms.Whiplash

    Finally you’ve said something I’ll agree with, #80! Atheists are in the minority. I think your number of 98% is a bit high, it’s probably more like 85-90%. But if you checked into it, you’d find that the number of non-believers is increasing at a very quick rate. I honestly think that’s because more people are taking the time to examine what they believe( or think they believe ’cause that’s what was in the home while they were growing up). And, no, I don’t have a belief system- I just have good morals and a rational mind with a strong bullshit detector. Anyway, by your account I’m lazy, cranky, unfulfilled, hopeless and no different than a fanatic or a “fundy”. That’s not very nice of you to say. Is that the morality that your belief (whatever it may be) has taught you? Baaaaaaaad sheep!

  32. Plobes

    the word “Christian” makes me want to rape a ferret

  33. Just sayin

    81: You’re “faith” in nothing takes faith. You’re a wacko just like everyone else, to each his own. Just don’t criticize other belief systems than your own. See, that’s easy. There is nothing new under the sun…

  34. Ms.Whiplash

    83…You’re not paying attention. You need to get yourself educated on what atheism is if you want to debate about it. It is simply the REJECTION of a belief in a god. I don’t need to have faith in anything at all. Just admit to yourself that faith/belief isn’t the same thing as truth and you’ll get what I’m saying. I will say that you’re right about “to each his own”. I’ve got no problem with religion as long as it’s kept out of government, schools, and public policy. Not even sure why I should care, I’m not even American. We don’t seem to have the same kinds of problems in Canada. It’s been fun chatting with you, by the way. I’m enjoying your point of view…..just keep the insults to yourself, please. See, religion is not needed as a “moral compass”…that just seems to come with a good upbringing.

  35. Pilatunes

    Would it be un-Christian of me to say I’d like to give her a spanking while she was wearing a hot pink thong?

  36. “heterosexual values”
    “normal people”
    “hell bound faggots”

  37. Galtacticus

    Obviously she’d need a ‘boxing ball’ to get rid of her frustations.

  38. Just sayin

    83: Sorry, no go & nice try. You can’t opt out of the life belief dilemma. You have faith & beliefs, taken with as much “non-info” as everyone else & therefore, just as wacked out. I detect either ignorance or elitism -based on how many certificate you may have hanging up on the wall. I believe it’s ignorance- sorry. If you come from the goo, then good for you. I believe in a higher intelligence, so be it. But your belief doesn’t negate mine or anyone else’s. You also don’t get to selectivly decide “who gets to speak in the public square” either. Citizen influence in government is the American way, not so sure N of the border. If you wish to eliminate individual belief influence out of the public square, then yours goes too. Only fair. But that leads to State as God which is a religion in itself (and a bad one). It has proven over and over to squelch human freedom which I hope you would want. Just man up & get in the game, try to influence & don’t think you have more answers than anyone else. Sheesh!

  39. Darth

    She isn’t quite the type who’s sucking it up.

  40. Gando

    I’ve read many times that the most satisfying revenge is ‘success’.Success with her book!

  41. Ms.Whiplash

    I don’t know #88, maybe I am ignorant, because I couldn’t understand most of what your last rant was saying, especially the first few sentences. No idea what “opting out of the life belief dilemma” means. And faith and beliefs? i’d prefer to call what I have ethics and morals, no faith required. You’re beginning to sound pretty defensive, maybe some cracks are showing in your certainty? Ha, ha just kidding. Look, bottom line is…’s your right to believe whatever you want, just as it’s my right to DISbelieve all that same stuff. Nobody wants to take that away from you. BUT….. RELIGION HAS NO PLACE IN GOVERNMENT IN ANY FREE COUNTRY. Keep it in your churches or whatever, just stay out of my kids’ schools, courtrooms, government, and other places of public domain. Can you honestly not understand the concept of “separation of church and state’”? Just out of curiosity (if you don’t mind), what’s your demographic? I’m female, married, kids, 30′s, West Coast lifestyle.

  42. Stew Griffen

    When is Perez Hilton next getting punched by someone please?

  43. marina

    I´m sorry, Ms.Whiplash, but you are really very ignorant.
    You cannot opt out of the belief dilemma and it´s sad that you don´t understand what that means.

  44. Ms.Whiplash

    No marina, what’s sad is your brand of intolerance and judgement. I’ve honestly never heard that term and can’t make it out. Instead of insults, how about a defintion?

  45. jess

    She can sue them for her ehancement! –

  46. robert

    Carrie Prejean is perfect for a career in porn. Pretty to look at, and no one wants to hear her talk.

  47. She is looking so awesome !! I love her face and eyes. She has got so killing eyes. Very pretty.

  48. The girls seem to be more interested in the Dog. Jon looks good too. I wonder whose pic were they clicking.

  49. good article,thank you

  50. Great, another dumb cunt who is famous for nothing. What about all that anyone want to read about it in a book might be interesting? The only way I would buy her book if she is being fucked by a German Shepherd while he had pictures of an ass contest. She and her mother walk away her what her life has been trained for all needs, ie: some old billionaire marry, kill him and live happily ever after.

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