Carrie Prejean sues Miss California Organization. But not really.

July 31st, 2009 // 100 Comments

Carrie Prejean is a crafty bitch. Last night the front page of a lawsuit targeting the Miss California Organization for slander and libel was leaked online which opened the door for Carrie to appear on Access Hollywood today where she said no suit would be filed and then conveniently started plugging her book:

But Prejean, who was dethroned in June, over what the Miss California USA group said were contract violations, told Bush she isn’t going to sue her former bosses in court. Instead, Prejean said she plans to put pen to paper for her upcoming book.
“[Are] you going to file one?” Bush asked of a lawsuit.
“No, I mean, hopefully this will all just get taken care of,” Prejean said. “There’s definitely some things that are false that they’ve said about me and I think definitely the book will — it’s sort of like therapy for me. It’s a way for me to just get out the truth, really.
“The book’s going to be amazing,” she said. “Everything in the book is factual. I could never say something that’s not true… Everything that is in the book I can either back it up with e-mails or witnesses. I’m really excited about that. I just can’t wait for that book to come out and for people to see it. I really think their jaws are going to drop.”

So, remember when Carrie Prejean said the topless photos of her were taken when she was only 17 then changed her story to say a breeze blew her shirt open? Did a ventriloquist say those words? Because obviously Carrie can’t tell a lie. Kind of like Superman if you don’t count the time he knocked up Lois then said he had to go to the bathroom. On Krypton.

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  1. first


  2. I like her purple shirt =)

  3. and exactly who does she think is gonna buy this book of hers??
    ..toddlers? because i’m pretty sure they’ll be coloring activities, stickers and puzzles on each and every page. them toddlers jaws are gonna drop!

  4. R.I.P.Each

    When is it that we get to see her drenched in the piggy blood? Now please?

  5. Whore

    I will give this whore $5000 to do pr0n if she would just shut the fuck up.

    “the wind blew my shirt open” ??? really??? I’ve seen the photos and I don’t see a shirt anywhere. Did it blow the fucker clean off your body?

  6. pasteve

    Oh let her write her silly book. When it comes out I think I’ll be “opposite reading” it though.

  7. Robert M

    I don’t get why Carrie is a bitch. She is a very pretty girl who is a Christian. She isn’t perfect and she might not even be all that serious about her faith. Becauses he doesn’t think that a man marrying a man is a marriage she is vile and evil. Perez Hilton sniffs men’s rectums and gulps their loads and french kisses them, (about as low a thing as shoveling dog shit off the sidewalk and eating it), but that freak is just fine. People who have legitimate values are the devil and the little b*stards in America who want to sip, suck or smoke anything they want are the cool ones. This country is becoming an entire nation of white trash.

    Note to Perez: Hope you know how to swim while you’re on fire, freak. But then, you don’t have anything to worry about since there is no heaven or hell.

  8. Foxhunter

    In less than 12 months she will be one of the up and coming ‘Fox News’ bobble heads. Probably seen in one of the 6 to 10 am slots for seasoning, then moving up to regular appearances with Bill O. Hey, watch out for that loofa or falafel, err, thingy. Also.

  9. andy7171

    LMAO @5 “Did it blow the fucker clean off your body?” Hilarious.

    She has a very kind face.

  10. Foxhunter

    Robert M, your daily ‘Troll Patrol’ winner!!! Ding ding ding!

    //wipes rectum stain off of mouth//

  11. anon

    She’s such a moron.

  12. Robert M


    I’m a troll? How so? I generally enjoy this site as well as the humor of the guy who writes it. Do I need to agree with everything that he says? I don’t.

    (Probably your dad’s rectum stain you wiped off after giving him a rusty trombone while you “ding”, “ding”, “ding” with his balls.) Go to hell.

  13. Danklin24

    Jesus christ, is everyone writing a book? I took a massive shit this morning and now im off to write a book about it. Seriously, how long could this book be? She was miss California and now she’s not. Case closed, get over it Carrie. You were a nobody then and you’re a nobody now.

  14. FromOutofFrakkinNoWhere

    This woman is beautiful.

  15. Foxhunter

    Get it right, Robert M. It was a dirty sanchez.

    I called you troll because you post your moral high-ground*ish* bullshit on a website that posts pictures of nude women, some quite voyeuristic in nature coupled with other ‘gossipy’ items that would be wholly considered declasse in your utopia of christians.

    What are you doing here? Go find another place to play resident hypocrite.

    Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  16. Kelly

    @7. I guess Perez will see you there since unfortunately judging others is a sin as well.

  17. Superfacial

    I would knock the dust of that shiz.

  18. Superfacial

    I would knock the dust off that shiz.

  19. Loving this

    Keep it coming guys, this is good stuff. What ARE you doing here Robert? This women is the poster child for all that is wrong with modern Christianity.

  20. Foxhunter

    Robert “I’m trying not to be Teh Gay” M said:

    “This country is becoming an entire nation of white trash.”

    Thank you for allowing your post to prove your own thesis. You hereby receive your PhD in being ‘ironical’ for being acutely aware of all internet traditions.

  21. Robert M

    Foxhunter – hypocrite asshole –

    Stupid Fuck,

    This entire site is about moral high ground. The writer (and commenters) writes condescending comments about celebrities. You write moral high ground shit about Carrie whats-her-name. All your ilk does is rag on people with heterosexual values. Who cares if she makes a porn film, anyway? I ‘d watch it.

    You are so eaten up with your high and mighty superior attitude about Christians you can’t see what a hypocritical, self-righteous fuck you are.

    Neither can you, Kelly. Another sin is being an empty-headed bimbo with your particular social security number.

  22. Robert M

    Foxhunter –

    What the fuck does ANY of the rambling bullshit mean?

    “Trying not TEh BE GAY”?

    The hell do you get that theory? I think seeing two men french kissing each other would made a normal person want to puke. That means I’m secretly gay?

    Loving This –

    What the fuck does your stupid ass know about Christianity, anyway?

    Did I say I was a Christian?

    All you dumbasses must have gone to college. Only college-educated idiots could write such nonsensical bullshit.

  23. Sport

    She’s pretty hot no matter what comes out of her mouth (or goes IN IT….)

  24. Beetlejuice

    Fuck this vapid cunt.

  25. Loving this

    Robert, You are the dumb ass. I called your fake titted idol a hypocrite. Real Christian women are not getting implants and posing nude. This bitch is a one trick FAME Whore, so fuck off!

  26. Robert M

    Loving This

    You’re trying to act like you got some balls? Spare me.

    You understand what real Christian women do, I suppose? That’s not your problem, anyway. You have the same issue with me who hasn’t claimed to be a Christian. The problem with you is you dislike anyone who espouses boundaries on behavior. You think that people should be able to do anything they want. That’s how children think. There is nothing hypocritical about anything she has said or done. If she made 50 porn films she wouldn’t be a hypocrite.

    By the way, her fake tits are an improvement. So what? So is lipstick and hairspray. Is there some scripture that says “thou shalt not implant silicone in they bossom?” Fuck do you know about it? And she didn’t ask to get the attention. Hell-bound (like all faggots) Perez Hilton forced it on her.

  27. Foxhunter

    Let’s break this diatribe down:

    Robert M said: “You write moral high ground shit about Carrie whats-her-name. All your ilk does is rag on people with heterosexual values. Who cares if she makes a porn film, anyway? I ‘d watch it.”

    Find any post of mine where I reference Carrie ‘what’s her name’. You can’t. My ilk (big/small word of the day) does not rag on people with heterosexual values. We rag on people who claim to have heterosexual values then proceed to Boardwalk and draw a little bit on the hate card. Rectum, loads, freaks, devils, bastards, white trash. Whew. Where to begin. You, Robert M, are a psychologists dream.

    Robert M also said: “You are so eaten up with your high and mighty superior attitude about Christians you can’t see what a hypocritical, self-righteous fuck you are.”

    I don’t have a problem with Christians. You brought that into the debate with your post. I believe you are so eaten up with paranoia and rage that you immediately assume that if one picks apart another who *claims* to be Christian, that person or their ‘ilk’ is ipso facto anti-Christian. Whatever, dude. Watch your pr0n and protect the X-tians from internet assaults.

    I guess I’ll get back to my WOW league and daddy’s rectum. And watch America’s degenerates take over all things pure.

    //rolls eyes//

  28. Robert M

    Foxhunter –

    Apparently you need help breaking this down. You must be a college student. (Ilk is a word that got your attention?) Carrie Prejean didn’t say anything hateful. She was asked a question which she answered. Apparently if you don’t approve of gay marriage then you hate gays. She didn’t even say in her answer that she disapproved of homosexuality. (I said that because I do). She said that she believes that marriage is between a man and a woman. That’s all she said. But if you don’t want to change the definition of marriage which has existed in all of known history in religious and secular circles since the dawn of time to satisfy a relative handful of the population, then you hate them. Not approving of behavior = hating the person. I don’t get that because it makes no sense.

    My post was hateful because I have intense hatred for people with your values. I don’t just hate what you think. I hate you. But I wasn’t the subject of this thread. Carrie was. Carrie is the one who has drawn all this fire (bitch, cunt, etc) for merely stating her opinion. She has been far more gracious with those who disagree with her than I will be.

    I didn’t bring Christianity into the debate about her. All those who call her a hypocrite did that since that is the entire basis for her being called one. If she were an athiest who got implants no one would care.

    Get your shit straight.

  29. clpierced

    Okay I just wasted a few minutes of my life reading 3 people fight via a celebrity gossip website. how about we all make up and be friends? robert m want to bang later? ok call me

  30. Kelly

    @Robert M.

    I’m an empty headed bimbo for pointing out the fact there are other sins in the bible other than Christianity? You are such a smart individual! From this day forward I too will pick and choose what parts of the Bible I will follow. I too will commit my life to this “only gays go to hell” though process. BURN IN HELL FAGGOTS TEEHEE!!!

  31. Robert M

    cipierced -

    If you’re a chick, sure.

  32. clpierced

    yes sir. do you like it rough/fast or sensual/slow? answer wisely

  33. Robert M

    Kelly –


    Brilliant rejoinder. So well thought out and lucid. HAHAHAHA.

    What a fuckin dumb broad. Bet you get fed up with guys laughing at you all the time.

    //craking gum// “I hate it when guys think I’m stupid. I’m NOT STUPID.”


  34. fredy

    must people like YOU Robert ALWAYS hide sins of their own.
    I bet you are a member of the C-STREET klan;preaching moral “values” while fucking on their wives and paying their whores off
    that dumb bigot bitch has every right to say whatever the fuck she wants to because unfortunately we have the 2nd Amendment right.This 2nd Right thing has given RACIST;BIGOTS,HOMOPHOBES the freedom to spew their hate on a daily basis
    ain’t no problem with what bitch said but the way bitch said was wrong.Had bitch said I am for the marriage of men and women and had bitch left it at that;it would have been okay but dumb bitch had to go on and on and on.Makes you wonder if she wasn’t planted
    dumb bitch will lie her bigot ass off and have someone write her “book” for her.Reminds me of another racist xenophobic;homophobic bitch who thinks she’s the shit

  35. Robert M


    Depends on how long it has been. Either is nice, actually.

  36. Robert M

    fredy –

    I’m sure I don’t know what a C-Street is.

    Would you say that your remarks included a fair amount of hate? I would. See how easy it is to be a hypocrite?

    Might want to expand your vocabulary a little. Try listening to classical music until your IQ clicks up a few points.

    By the way, I think you mean 1st amendment. The 2nd amendment has something to do with firearms. (Definitely college material.)

  37. clpierced

    well robert i dont like slow, sorry. fast and rough. from behind. against the kitchen table. in the morning. details are important.

  38. Kelly

    What’s a brilliant “rejoinder”? Is that what I am since I haven’t been sitting at my computer refreshing this page every few minutes like you have? ^_^

    What a fuckin dumb broad. Bet you get fed up with guys laughing at you all the time.

    //craking gum// “I hate it when guys think I’m stupid. I’m NOT STUPID.”

    Wow! How did you know? You are so smart! I DO hate it when guys say I’m stupid!

  39. Robert M


    *from Team America: World Police*



  40. Jerome

    Dang robert, I be on u side wid dis shit. I dun tink dem homosexuals b habin da right to get a marriage mang. Unless dey lezbans den that ok u know wut i mean dude? haha ya u know. but if dey gey men den they gunna burn in hell!

  41. Loving this

    General anethisia required to get breast implants can cause people to die. WWJD? Not that. Carrie has now lied again to get herself in the spotlight to promote her book. What Won’t Carrie Do?

  42. Robert M

    cipierced -


    That sounds like a plan

  43. Notfunny

    Christians : Stay contradicting their beliefs on the daily

  44. Robert M

    Jerome –

    Living in an English speaking country your entire life and not being able to speak English doesn’t say good things about you, Jerome. But then how hard it to yell “w’on back” to the man driving the truck you hang on to 5 days a week?

  45. Jerome

    fuk u numer 43. Imma buy carries book cuz she gunn revael how evil da mis us pagaent iz. she iz a gud christi women dat has moralz and valuz!!!! unlik dat perz hilton dat liks to pranc around wid hiz faggut azz!!!!

  46. Jerome

    Wut u meen robert? I on u side wid dis 1. 2 mang kising mak me wan to vomit 2. y u gotta b so insul tng? I dun hang on 2 truk! y u a lie???

  47. Irrelevent

    Don’t worry. Her 15 are up.

  48. Loving this

    Good job Bobby, you chased everyone off you ass. This was a good thread too.

  49. Ed

    Is the guy who had sex with a horse in S Carolina considered a homo? Is it ok to do it if he just marries the horse 1st? Could he have a herd of these horses if he lives in Utah? Does the horse have to be 18 yrs to be ok? Is a pony legal?

  50. Loving this

    Was the horse male or female? If it was named Carrie I think he will be ok.

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