Carrie Prejean no longer Miss California

Due to continual breaches of her contract, Carrie Prejean was stripped of her crown as Miss California today. She’ll be replaced by Miss Malibu Tami Farrell. FOX News reports:

“This was a business decision, based solely on contract violations,” Keith Lewis, executive director of K2 Productions, said in the documents. “After our press conference in New York we had hoped we would be able to forge a better working relationship. However, since that time it has become abundantly clear that Carrie has no desire to fulfill her obligations under our contract and work together.”

While Donald Trump initially defended Carrie last month after it was revealed she lied about taking topless photos, he gave the final OK to fire her, according to TMZ:

Trump told us Carrie refused to appear at around 30 events on behalf of Miss California USA. He says Prejean was contractually bound to appear and she just wouldn’t do it. He doesn’t think her attitude has anything to do with her politics.
Trump said: “To me she was the sweetest thing. Everyone else — she treated like s**t.”

Hey, don’t blame Carrie for not being nice to anyone. Jesus clearly states in the Bible: “Getteth thou fake tits and fucketh those who do not recognize thine excrement smells as sweet as roses. — Also, never turn down a chance to co-host Fox and Friends. Amen.”

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