UPDATE: Carrie Prejean made 8 sex tapes, 30 nude photos

November 13th, 2009 // 147 Comments

Carrie Prejean called the sex tape she tried to coerce a boyfriend into covering up “the biggest mistake of her life.” Turns out it was one out of almost 40, according to RadarOnline:

Now a RadarOnline.com investigation has uncovered that there are SEVEN more “biggest mistakes” of her life – all of them solo performances, just like the one sex tape that the religious beauty queen has admitted to. And there are 30 photos of Carrie, most topless, some showing everything, and most taken by Carrie using her reflection in a mirror.
On one tape Carrie is wearing just a flowing white blouse as she touches her own body in an alluring manner. Carrie can be heard moaning on a few of the tapes.
In her newly released book Carrie wrote, “God gave us our bodies, and it’s perfectly right that we use them in ways where we can give glory to God by making our bodies, our temples of the Holy Spirit, strong and fast.”

Carrie Prejean, you and I started off on the wrong foot. So what say we go out to eat, maybe catch a Kirk Cameron movie then sit in front of my webcam and see what happens? I’ll even pretend to convert to Christianity if that’ll smooth things over. Trust me, I’ll be really convincing. Watch: “Baby Jesus had strong little legs that helped him outrun dinosaurs.” BOOM-SHAKA-LAKA! Nailed that shit.

UPDATE: Vivid Entertainment already has the first tape and is attempting to negotiate its release with Carrie Prejean, according to TMZ. Now would be a good time to pray.

Photos: INFdaily

  1. ishmail

    I would drink her piss and tounge her bunghole

  2. cc

    The Prejean story really is turning into a classic. I mean seriously, every other celebrity scandal involved ONE video. Bible-thumper Carrie? EIGHT. And a portfolio of photos for good measure. I mean, I might be out of touch but are there really that many 20ish women out there churning out this much ‘self-porn’? How much of this stuff do you have to produce before you are officially a pornstar? She must be pretty frikkin’ close!

    Just compile the videos onto a DVD Carrie, take your cut, then run to Playboy for another payday, then marry a professional athlete or something. You’ll make a fine trophy wife for someone rich who thinks with his dick.

  3. His Huge Greatness Himself

    In the beginning i’d remember when it was good all the way back.Since then a lot of things have changed.

  4. nastyjay

    if this bitch wasn’t so dam fuckable, im sure no one would give a shit

  5. who dat

    “if this bitch wasn’t so dam fuckable, im sure no one would give a shit”

    But she is and everyone does.

    You can go back to putting sun tan lotion on your mom now that you have enlightened us.

  6. Levi Johnston's Schlong

    Her pink taco must be shaved down, right? Landing strip? Triangle? Cross? Image of Jesus? Its got to be one of them.

    Or maybe she bleaches it blond? I’m thinking in these early twat diddling videos, she has a big dark bush!


  7. cc

    “we can give glory to God by making our bodies, our temples of the Holy Spirit, strong and fast”

    Strong and fast? Interesting euphemism for ‘a trio of orifices waiting to be violated’.

    Just wondering if any Bible scholars can tell me in light of the statement above would it be sacrilegious to fuck the shit out of her, er, violate the sanctity of her temple?

  8. Nero

    Like we didn’t know! I’m gonna take a look on her pc again in within 10 minutes!

  9. Darth

    Are you gonna copy her hard drive?!

  10. Waiting for the nasty

    TMZ reports that Vivid has the rights but are waiting for Virgin Carrie to sign off on them. Just out of courtesy they say…….. I am betting they will be everywhere soon.

  11. Cro Magnum PI

    Rob Lowe sex tape- didn’t stick, Don Henley with underage girl at his house- didn’t stick. Letterman banging his lady employees- won’t stick. Clinton & the White House intern & Paula Jones- didn’t stick. Kobe anally raping that little blondie at the resort- didn’t stick. Charlie Sheen & the Fleiss whores- didn’t stick. Jonny Edwards stepping out on the cancer wife- won’t stick. Dudes rule, I love it!

  12. Agnes Peabody

    I saw an episode of Judge Judy that claimed that the man who was in possession of the sex tapes owns the sex tapes and the woman could not have them back. I hope Carrie doesn’t get a dime!

  13. This are some sick things! the internet will be full of them

  14. Agnes Peabody

    I am not going to watch it if I have to pay!!

  15. cc

    Agnes Peabody…I’d think that that would be the case. I mean, if I sent someone a Christmas gift it would be theirs once it arrived on their doorstep? Just because the gift is a porn video sent via email shouldn’t make it any different. The only way she might get money is if she somehow threatens legal action that will hold up the release of the video and Vivid pays her off just to cash in while the market is hot. Let’s face it, if she figures they are going to get released anyway, she’ll take some cash rather than go away empty handed. Integrity isn’t her strong suit.

    I hate her ex for not just posting them online. Bastard.

  16. See Alice

    Big to do about nothing . Kind of like Jessica Hahn . She will be on Howards show soon YAWN .

  17. She has just updated her internet protection! If she read this,just click on my link right away!

  18. Agnes Peabody

    @cc~ Yes, that is true. I wonder if they can use her image without her consent though. Her ex is getting a huge payday for putting up with her snotty ass.

  19. Mina

    Hmm…how can someone who looks like John Kerry with a blonde wig win a beauty pageant?

  20. Homohammed

    Can I move to San Fran?

  21. Pete O'file

    \______|______| /———| | ____/
    | | | | @@@@ / @@@@@@@@@@@@| |@@@ | |@@@@@@@@ /
    @@ @@@@@@@@@ | | M | |@@@@@@@@@/
    @ @@@@@@@@| | / \ | |@@@@@@@@@
    @@@@@@@@| | \ | / | |@@@@@@ @@
    @@@@@@@@| | | | |@@@@@@ @@
    @@@@@@@ | | X @| | @@@@@@@
    @@@@@@@| | / * \ | | )@@@@@@
    @@@@@@| | / ***** \| | )@@ @ /@ @
    @@@@@@| |********| | )@ }@””
    @@@@@| |********| | ) } @”
    @@@@\ ——– /******** \ ——— / ) } /
    @@@@\ | | /**********\| |/ ) }/
    @@@ | |************| | ) }
    @@( \____/************\____/ ) }
    @( ************************** ) }
    ( \************************/ ) }
    \ \********************** U }
    \ U\\\\\**************//////// }
    \ \__\\\*********///__/ }
    \ \_ *******_/ }
    \_______\ *W**/ _______}
    | \_UU_/ |
    | |
    | |
    _____________________|___________________ |___________________

    @43 Dunno if this is gonna read but, its worth a shot…

  22. Pete O'file

    that’d be a no, I fail

  23. The Inappropriate Larry Show

    Laaarrryyy……….You are being inappropriate! Larry……..that’s really inappropriate! Bomp, bomp (porn music) Oh God!

  24. A plea to Vivid

    Please Vivid, Please use her quotes as background music to her porn tape! I will do it for free!

  25. large cock for u

    lets all move on…she is gross!!!

  26. db


  27. dino

    fuck, I hope she is a squirter. Carrie my mouth is open for ya babe.

  28. dude_on

    Carrie is destined for super stardom, considering she is hot, a liar, and a christian beauty queen that does amateur solo porn.

    Standby America for countdown to Finger Flickin’ Righteousness: the torrid story of multiple biggest mistakes; Act 1 of 7. Jesus still loves her for this I know.

  29. jojo

    this joke of a woman is one of the biggest bitches that has made it to TV in a long time…she is actually mean and bitchy…seems like a really bad person too! wow and she almost won Miss. America LOL!

  30. Bob

    I don’t care if there are videos of her drowning baby kittens. She still has a right to her opinion. It’s really pathetic how people have targeted her for destruction simply because she has the same views on gay marriage that President Obama does.

  31. Donald

    All you lefties should just fuck off. Yes, people of faith have sex too!!

  32. I can hear it now…”I only made one tape. I sent it to a person I loved. He apparently edited it so that it looks like more than one tape. Since I was only 17 years old at the time, no one can look at it unless you want to be accused of child pornography.” Although she announced today that she will no longer appear in the media for a while, somehow I think we’re going to be seeing much, much more of her…

  33. daddy likes

    The more of this beauty the better!! I want those fucking tapes! Will pay lots of $$$ for the chance to see her diddle her poon.

  34. JohnnyBGood

    #8 Lol!

  35. Amber

    If you haven’t already, hop on over to Funny or Die.com and watch the Carrie Prejean sex tape, it’s not LMAO funny, but LOL at least.

  36. She’s a whore AND a slut

    Apparently the photos and video to her boyfriend were done for free. That makes her a SLUT.

    The book she is hawking makes her a WHORE.

    Poor little carrie, she’ll never find a man to discover the “sanctity of marriage” because everyone knows sluts (much less whores) don’t make good wives.

  37. Pooey

    I think she’s damn beautiful. Has a Madonna-whore complex obviously, but if she ever got to accept herself for how she is, would be much more a lady. Too bad she got implants though..she was probably perfect, natural.

  38. Papa Smurf

    @39 LOL, no he was just a self absorbed metrosexual SOB.

  39. Insatiable Peter

    I don’t care what she stands for, I’d fuck her all day, all night, drink her juice, eat her ass, and throw my cock into the back of her throat. Merry Christmas.

  40. Jimmy Swaggert

    #81 How true. And think of all the psychologically hammered little boys and slow moving farm animals are left in your wake.

  41. sexchill

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  42. Prejean Fan

    Nothing beasts a good little christian cock whore with a desire to be on TV, any way she can.

    WWJD… probably hit it, and sell the tape to vivid.

  43. She’ll take care of the squealing, wretched, pinhead puppets of the G.O.P.! Ya gotta admit, she’s played this country like a harp from HELL!

    Actually I think The Penguins smile appeared more warm and natural.

    Hey, just like breast implants, there’s nothing in the Bible about making sex tapes, is there? So obviously that means it’s okay, right? You can’t just apply those lust verses to it like a logical person would. Nothing about sex with dolphins either.

  44. Donald

    STFU, you’re probably a member of NAMBLA you cock lover punk!

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  46. oh what I wouldn’t give to bang her (with a hammer)

  47. colt13

    89. Insatiable Peter – November 14, 2009 2:45 AM

    I don’t care what she stands for, I’d fuck her all day, all night, drink her juice, eat her ass, and throw my cock into the back of her throat. Merry Christmas
    I corrected it for you.

    I don’t care what she stands for, as long as she lays down for me.

  48. Posh

    Carrie, that sucks big time. This whole ordeal was quite interesting.

    P.S. I still hate faggots. xoxo

  49. Jimmy Fury

    You know what, no. She’s not still allowed to have her opinion. I’m so tired of this absurd subjectivist concept that it’s ok for people to be raging hypocrites because “everyone can have opinions.” No, that’s insane. People have a fucking responsibility to ensure that their actions reflect their beliefs. You simply can’t go around preaching the moral superiority of biblical law when you’ve broken that fucking law 40 times yourself and continue to break it as you lie and lie and lie about it.
    The only thing Miss Fingerbang has the right to do now is to apologize to the world and admit that she has no fucking right to pass judgment on anyone else’s sexual behavior.
    Who knows, maybe it’ll be a liberating experience. Once she’s free of her bullshit pile of lies she can go do proper hardcore and make a hell of a lot more money than she would in some pageant.

  50. cc

    “She’ll take care of the squealing, wretched, pinhead puppets of the G.O.P.! Ya gotta admit, she’s played this country like a harp from HELL!”

    Not the whole country….just the puppets you refer to. But then again, they seem to almost enjoy getting played. They’ve been getting suckered by one fucking liar after another since Jimmy Bakker. They are stupid, it’s easy.

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