Carrie Prejean is living in sin

February 25th, 2010 // 84 Comments

RadarOnline reports “traditional marriage” crusader and former Miss California Carrie Prejean is living with in sin with her fiance Kyle Boller of the St. Louis Rams where they’re no doubt eating shellfish. BURN THEM!:

Carrie and Kyle got engaged in early February after a whirlwind romance and a sexy trip to Hawaii.
A source close to the couple confirmed to that Carrie has indeed moved in. “She’s living there. He’s remodeling the house and she’s helping him.”

Of course learning an outspoken Christian with fake tits is a hypocrite isn’t exactly news, but check out the trend Carrie Prejean has started. Here’s Laura Ashley, Miss Beverly Hills 2010 telling FOX News gay people should be stoned:

“If man lies with mankind as he would lie with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death and their blood shall be upon them. The Bible is pretty black and white.”

So if this pattern continues, we can pretty much count on a 2011 Miss California contender walking onstage with Perez Hilton’s severed head.

I’m suddenly on-board with this.

More Pics of Carrie Prejean’s Nipples

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  1. Gil

    I gotta no muthafkn firends…………

  2. Gil

    I aint got no mo-fkn friends

  3. G-rep

    Holla for titties!!!

  4. BLAH

    THIRD!!!!! XD

  5. G-rep

    Holla fo titties!

  6. Mark

    Good for her: if that’s what she wants to do & can live with that. It’s NOT the same things as being against gay marriage. People have been against gay marriage (including my self) for hundreds of years: it’s only semi-become more of a request in the last 5-6 years. Get over it. Team Carrie :)

  7. wtf

    The Bible also says the same about releasing any semen without it going inside someone’s vag.

    The sin lies in the wasting of one’s seed, not homosexuality. What a dumb cunt that Lauren Ashley is.

  8. cc

    I love the part about Perez….can’t stand him!!!!!

  9. Louwww

    Kyle Boller is such a shitpot quarterback, how the hell did he pick up Miss California?

    Oh, right… she’s a friggin idiot.

  10. Sport

    looks great in a bikini.

  11. Aaron

    I’d love to fuck the Christianity out of that woman.

  12. Johnny Cage

    Carrie Prejean used to sell poison milk to school children.

    I guess anyone caught not remotely licking the shoes of the Gay union is eligible for a good scorning by Celebsville.

  13. Hank

    #7, Kudos on the correct reading! Interesting fact, that is the verse on which the church primarily bases its no-contraception teaching… And, I know this isn’t nearly as popular an opinion nowadays, but the Old Testament was just as strict about women sleeping around as it was about men sleeping with men.
    Don’t count on Ms. Prejean remembering that little factoid though…

  14. Steve

    That’s a photoshopped boob pic… the golden spots are missing along the edge where the nipple is showing. Other pics show it there.

  15. What a hypocrite

    Typical. Prejean is a hypocrite. Almost every holy roller bible belter I know conveniently does whatever they want (and still rails against the very thing they themselves do) if it suits them. Total hypocrisy, yet it’s OK as long as they benefit. I can’t even begin to say how disgusting this “do as I say, not as I do” lying hypocrisy is, but she seems really comfortable with it.

    There’s just nothing good to say about this cunt. Her kind give christianity a bad name…

  16. -I got a Rough complex & you got a problem-

    How would I know if miss Laura Ashley is right, if I havent seen how tight she look in a kini?

  17. Jonas brothers

    Where are her masturbation videos? You’d really think they’d be out by now, wouldn’t you?

  18. pimp

    i would clean the inside of here rectum with my tongue…

  19. Solo

    I wonder if she’d pray for my soul if she knew that I just beat off to these photos….

  20. WTF?!?


    Are you saying there’s a down side to waving Perez Hilton’s severed head in public?

  21. Harry Doyle

    Who cares? Only 2% of people are fags, get over it. They make up nothing, yet give you so much power to complain. Get a job and move on with your lives.

  22. Empress

    she looks really good !!

  23. ing

    Miss Beverly Hills only wants press coverage.

    More and more people are realizing that bending over for the media is how you get famous these days.

  24. squeehunter

    See… Israel had these laws that were for Israel. Christians don’t follow them since it’s not meant for them. That was one of them… You know, just read a book.

  25. She is the definition of “hit it and quit it”…

  26. ANGRY


  27. KIKI

    I hope that bikini is not made of mixed threads, that is an old testament no-no.

  28. there_are_no_gods

    @15 – christianity already has a bad name. this whore can’t give it any worse. when people start taking responsibility for themselves and their own actions, there is no need for the farce that is religion.

  29. Boner is missing

    @ 24. Ooooh, I see, that is how you people pick and choose what you take from the bible. Thanks for the edumakation!

  30. blahblah

    ‘the bible is pretty black & white”

    BWAHAHHAH…maybe this ignorant fool should read the bible. all it does is contradict itself every other chapter. “men cannot have long hair like women-they deserve death!” grow your hair long to honor god!!!” “turn the other cheek” “stone your children if they disobey” seriously, wtf bible authors…you have worse continuity than the writers of LOST

  31. Kirk Cameron's abortion doctor


    Listen, if you’re gonna have those opinions, fine. Just don’t quote history before you understand it, which you obviously don’t.

    The term “Sexual Revolution” came from the late 60′s, and part of it was getting rid of the stigma of adultery. Yes, people could actually have been arrested by committing adultery not many decades ago. You have your laissez-faire attitude about it because those feminists (whom I’m sure you condemn as well) stood up and said they’d had enough gave it to you.

    And you’re probably the sort of asswipe that wouldn’t even give them the courtesy of a reach-around.

  32. misterfister

    I would stab her with my meat knife like it was a prison fight

  33. YoBrah

    @ #9

    Why would she go for Boller? Because he’s good looking, and he’s rich, you dumb f***. In real life, women don’t give a s*** abou the athletic achievements of their mates. He’s in the NFL and rich.

  34. CMS2004

    Just because they’re living together doesn’t necessarily mean they’re having sex. I would spend the night with my boyfriend all the time before I got married and not have intercourse with him. It’s called self-control; I know it’s hard to believe but some people actually have some.

    Or maybe they’re banging each other like a screen door. Who the hell knows, we don’t see into their homes.

    I love how everybody has freedom of speech in the USA, but as soon as someone speaks out with an unpopular opinion we should suddenly get out the pitchforks and torches. She is entitled to her opinion, and is entitled to not be blacklisted because of it — just like all those people in the 50′s shouldn’t have been blackballed for being communists, right? Stupid liberals — it’s always “tolerance for me, but not for thee.”

    You go, Carrie. Live your life as you see fit. Everyone else can just go hang.

    And regarding Christianity and contraception: it’s actually a very complicated issue, stemming from more than just one or two lines in Leviticus. But why should people actually learn the FACTS when it comes to Christianity — it would take away all their ammo. Never let the truth get in your way of a good smear, right, libs?

  35. Amanda-La

    Hmm, good scripture Carrie, but let’s not forget Ephesians 5:5 which says: For you know this, recognizing it for yourselves, that no FORNICATOR or unclean person or greedy person-which means being an idolater-has any inheritance in the kingdom of the Christ and of God.” – Did she forget that one?

  36. Oh, for shit’s sake, shut up about Carrie Prejean’s fricking freedom of speech. Nobody’s banning her from saying anything. But the very same freedom of speech that permits her to say “I think homosexuality is wrong, tee-hee, want to see my nipple” also permits me to say “You’re a dumb, entitled hooer and you’re not even that hot.”

    But I’m entirely tolerant of her being a complete dumbass, long as I still get to make fun of it.

  37. hr

    Ugh, the bible isn’t even real.

  38. Religious Republican Skank

    Hypocrisy,Hate, Death,Cruelty,Sexual Abuse brought to you by Religion. Praise Jesus!!!!!!!

  39. of course she is

    Those that condemn the loudest are usually the ones with something to hide.

  40. @34

    I agree. When someone offers something unpopular, it’s usually shouted down. Unfortunately, *news flash*: The whole Christian “we hate gays” thing is NOT a minority opinion. It’s been the dominant opinion and the majority religion in the US for….uh…. FOREVER! You don’t get to wrap yourself in the “Poor me, I’m all alone” flag when your religion has pretty much set the social and political tone in the country for the last 100 years.

    And… just to prove that some of us non-believes *do* look up the *facts* before we form our opinions:

    Hebrews chapter 13 (NLT) 4 Give honor to marriage, and remain faithful to one another in marriage. God will surely judge people who are immoral and those who commit adultery.

    So… she’s a sinner. Of if she hasn’t had sex with her fiancee who she moved in with… then she has the appearance of a sinner. She’s as guilty (or has made decisions to appear to be as guilty) of sin as those who are gay, in her opinion.

    Which mean… hoey-faketits is a hypocrite. Period. The end. That’s the problem with throwing stones… you just might find yourself in a glass house.

  41. Stephanie

    Abomination as it was defined in biblical times simply means ‘out of the way of tradition’. It doesn’t mean an offense against the biblical god. So women in the 50′s who had jobs were committing ‘abominations’ because it wasn’t ‘traditional’ for them to work outside the home. The bible was written BY men 2,000 years ago. Can we please move on to the NOW?

  42. deez nuts

    My question is given his illustrious NFL career how the fuck does Kyle Boler afford a house? I thought he would be renting by now.

  43. Posh

    Faggots are fucked up. Most people don’t like em anyway. Go Prejean! She’s out of the limelight, yet idiots like Perez still troll around her. Thought superficial was better than that.

  44. Sport

    As a 1st Round NFL QB, Boller has made at least $10M in his ‘career.’

  45. yoyoyo

    Gayboy writer, just suck your brother’s penis and STFU

  46. Boller’s a baller.

  47. Becky

    Damn, Boller the baller is a tubby little pig, ain’t he?

  48. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    So when do we get to see her diddle her pretty pink taco?

  49. Rasputins Liver




    So undoubtedly she’s remain a virgin throughout and hasn’t done any of that thar evil fornicatin’. Right?


    I mean, she is a paragon of virtue and so clearly has the credibility to call others out as sinners and evil peoples. Right?


    Good, glad she’s not gettin’ slammed, rammed and reamed every which way, swallowin’ the goo, gettin’ it in the poo and then some.


    Or maybe she just dedicates all that fornicatin’s stuff to Jayzuz an’ da Lard. Which then would make it all right(-wing) and gawdly.


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