Carrie Prejean has to pay for her tits

October 20th, 2009 // 56 Comments

The Miss California Organization is suing Carrie Prejean for the $5,200 they forked over for her breast implants and are slapping down accusations that they revealed “private facts” about her, according to TMZ:

In other legal docs, Keith Lewis and crew are asking to strike a portion of Prejean’s lawsuit — the portion dealing with public disclosure of private facts.
The new docs say, “the alleged ‘private facts’ consist of her breast augmentation (which ceased being private during the swimsuit competition of the nationally-televised Miss USA pageant, in which Ms. Prejean walked the stage in a bikini).”

Although, in Carrie’s defense, I’m 100% certain she believed people would think she prayed really hard to Jesus and he made her tits bigger. So way to blow that mystery out of the water, Miss California Organization.

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  1. Darth

    It would be difficult for her to return the set of implants.

  2. Gando

    She should send them a set of jelly puddings with a cherry on top.Just for the fun.

  3. Jerome

    HAHAHA, I lub dis gurl. As long as dis here ho keeps showing her tits I don’ care what comes out o’ her mouth. just like mammy.

  4. irishgal01103

    I think she also needs to pay me for having to look at her armpit that looks exactly like a vagina…that’s just wrong.

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