Carrie Prejean has to pay for her tits

October 20th, 2009 // 56 Comments

The Miss California Organization is suing Carrie Prejean for the $5,200 they forked over for her breast implants and are slapping down accusations that they revealed “private facts” about her, according to TMZ:

In other legal docs, Keith Lewis and crew are asking to strike a portion of Prejean’s lawsuit — the portion dealing with public disclosure of private facts.
The new docs say, “the alleged ‘private facts’ consist of her breast augmentation (which ceased being private during the swimsuit competition of the nationally-televised Miss USA pageant, in which Ms. Prejean walked the stage in a bikini).”

Although, in Carrie’s defense, I’m 100% certain she believed people would think she prayed really hard to Jesus and he made her tits bigger. So way to blow that mystery out of the water, Miss California Organization.

Photos: WireImage

  1. Jake


  2. Jeb

    Stunning, absolutely stunning.

  3. Bill Clinton

    I’m so uber-f*cken’ horny right now

  4. Jupiter

    Is… that a smile? o.0

  5. Taz

    I’d like to tit pump her

  6. Max Planck

    They should buy a boob job for Perez Hilton too.

  7. angelchrome

    Is that a thing now? The pageant just pays for your surgeries? Can I get that on other surgeries, like an appendectomy? Sign me up!

  8. True Dat

    Taz, I would also like to tit pump her and even fuck her armpit too!

  9. abbz

    look. superfish. i can deal with the suggestive posts and pornographic content on here. BUT DONT LEAVE ME THE FUCK OUT. If you’re gonna keep posting this shit and people are going to keep responding the same way, fine. but throw me a fucking bone here.

  10. Doctor Kildare

    And it’s not because she came out against gay-marriage in public…nope, it’s not that at all… …

  11. Mac

    Is Abbz suggesting that the Superficial should post pornographic photos of her?

    And I am amazed at what an uproar her beliefs caused. So she doesn’t live her life 100% according to the Bible. Most people don’t. See all of the Christians who take birth control and have sex out of marriage… but the people condemning her for views towards gays being married is asinine. I understand it’s somewhat prejudice but in other words, people are now being condemned for believing in the Bible. What has the world come to when fat losers like Perez Hilton profit by gossiping and using someone else’s name have a say in what people should and should not believe in.

    I don’t care for the Black Eyes Peas but I for one am happy one of their members(or managers/friends) punched that tub of lard in the mouth.

  12. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    Everyone knows Jesus was an ass man so praying to him for boobs would get you nowhere.

  13. abbz

    not quite but it would certainly be more interesting than this circle jerk

  14. Left Coast Loonies

    Typical left coast ass wipes. Can’t stand that a hot chick doesn’t like the idea of two guys sucking each others peckers. Gotta tear her down because she gave an honest answer instead of crawling in the slime with the fags and lesbos and the PC gods. Group think for buffoons and morons. She’s a great role model if for no other reason that actually saying what she believes.

  15. Lisa

    That is a SERIOUSLY ugly chick. It’s like… she has all the parts to look hot, but when they’re assembled as a whole, she just looks creepy. WTF is wrong with her mouth???

  16. Mac

    More interesting indeed. Maybe The Superficial can post monthly pictures of people who visit the site. One girl and one guy… I guess. I am not into number two but hey, plenty of people are. Better than that grease ball from Twilight. Pattinson or whatever his name is.

    As straight as I am… it would also be better than Pam Anderson’s rock jugs and hepatitis.

  17. Luis

    Lisa, hit the gym mang. Stop haten’ on beautiful women

  18. Hate the right

    Hahahaha! Bitch is a fake Christian, fake titted empty headed bimbo. Will one of you wealthy right wing fat assed men who think she is such a catch please save her? What? She is only good for one thing? I thought so.

  19. Lisa

    Oh, I LOVE beautiful women. That ain’t a beautiful woman. That ain’t a beautiful anything, except example of a bitch who thinks she’s hot shit but needs a paper bag pulled over her head.

    If I lived in California, I’d be so pissed that this was the “prettiest” shit they could come up with.

  20. A Left Coast Loony

    @14 – And where exactly is your credibility, considering you represent the opposite end of the spectrum by supporting another group think centered around hatred? You suffer from out-group homogeneity bias. No, that’s not a remark about your sexual orientation. I’m sorry, this must all be over your head. Go back to holding up a sign in protest.

    PS – Standing up for a retarded hot chick doesn’t get you closer to fucking her. Honesty doesn’t always show morality, which is usually a requirement for a “role model.” Don’t get confused with ignorance and deceit.

  21. Linus

    Are all the lines around her mouth from all the dick she sucked to become Miss California?

  22. Cammie

    Look at all of the people insulting this woman because she gave an honest answer. Maybe she isn’t smart and maybe she is in the wrong but you’d rather her lie to win a crown and to please you?

    Get over it.

  23. Lisa

    @22: I’m not insulting her! I’m giving an HONEST ANSWER. Don’t you value honest? Honestly, her roots are showing and look like crap, her hair is fried, and I can’t stop looking at those creepy lines around her mouth. WHY WON’T SOMEONE TELL ME WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER MOUTH?

    And I’d rather she not lie, I’d rather she just shut the hell up and never speak again.

  24. Lolly

    Wooo… This is the first Carrie Pee-Jam post that made me happy. Other than the one where her lame ass got fired by the Don.

    And to “MAC”, your argument is… less than persuasive. Carrie IS allowed to practice her beliefs as she chooses. Clearly she finds peace in her Christianity, which is good. Morals aren’t a bad thing– but it is not very smart or self-preserving to discuss her personal “anti-” morals in public, on stage, as a representative of a competition she hoped to win.

    Obviously it was her choice and desire to speak openly about what she felt was right. She thinks that gay people should not be allowed to marry, okay, that’s fine. She can believe in the moral “wrongness” of gay marriage. No one is stopping her. But was it a good choice for her life in the pageant? No. Employers don’t want to turn on the TV or open a gossip magazine and see one of their investments (and she was a monetary investment, see “breast augmentation”) causing controversy. She is in the pretty business, not the get up in people’s faces business. Although she has now, much like Sarah Palin (God, I shouldn’t bring her up, the Palin-ites are going to come get me) won the hearts and minds of the Republican right and probably will have a long career in the tiny sliver of public politics that America allows women to inhabit: talk show hosting! Or maybe a quick stint on Goodmorning America, who knows.

    I personally, and I know a lot more people feel this way, think her views are discriminatory and unrealistic. It’s the same argument against miscegenation (look that one up, it means the fear of intermingling races, which was historically a main argument for why black and white people were denied the right to marry), and we saw how well that turned out.

    What I mean is, Leviticus says that parents should stone their daughters for disobedience, but nobody holds that section up to see the light of day. If the Bible is meant to be taken literally, then every verse and chapter must be equated equally. But that isn’t the case. People cherry pick the points they like in order to support their own argument. The Old Testament has the fire and brimstone death sentences for pretty much every sin imaginable. Carrie showing off her body in a swimsuit competition would probably classify her as “unclean”– should she be stoned to death?

    No- because we have evolved into a nicer, more tolerant people.

    Just not towards the gays, apparently.

  25. juniper

    i think the comments here show why the US is morally and financially broke. third world country here we come!! obamas new world order, everyone is gay and broke!

  26. Mac


    She didn’t choose to to talk about it. They asked her the question. Instead of lying she told the truth. She only talked about it later because all of the losers like Perez Hilton cried. It’s okay for him to spread gossip and talk crap about people but it’s not okay for her to answer a question honestly. Perez Hilton calling her a stupid whore and cunt etc. actually makes him worse than her. The gay people who insult her can’t even act civilly when she was only answering a question and did it in a civil manner. She wouldn’t have talked about her beliefs on it publicly if she wasn’t asked.

    Honestly… I kind of agree with her. I think gays should have the same rights as men and women who marry. I just don’t know that it should be called marriage. Marriage is a term used in the Bible. Being gay is also considered a sin in the Bible. Why would gay people want to use a Biblical term when that same Bible says they are going to hell. Makes no sense.

  27. abbz

    can we not get into the gay marriage issue again? it leads to long boring posts about people defending their own morality. we all have different morals. no ones going to agree.

  28. Wow

    Mac – you need to check out a different site. You’re making too much sense; you don’t belong here. :)

  29. Pow wow

    @ 28, Wow, you need to pull your head outta yer butt. You make no sense at all! ;)

  30. The Pistol

    I can’t get over her insanely long big toe hanging out over the edge of her shoe…..

  31. Lolly

    Mr Mac,

    Again, the thrust of your argument missed the pointed end of mine.

    She did choose to talk about it. Every time we speak, or write, or throw spitballs of thought-fire out into the ephemera of the world, we make a choice to do so. Yes, it was a loaded question, I don’t envy her that. She answered gracefully, a choice which was honorable given the circumstances and the set of her beliefs.

    Unfortunately for her, she also took of her shirt, showed her new boobies, lied about it, did it again, didn’t show up for events, and generally rode the shit-storm of publicity as far as she could. It isn’t that she answered the question, it’s that she kept answering it, over and over, and that led to scrutiny of her behavior.

    That last part isn’t so honorable, but honestly, probably is better for her career anyway. She’s way more famous now than she was before. Well played, young lass, well played.

    I guess what I’m trying to say is, we can all be more tolerant than we actually are, but usually outrageous, wild and crazy antics are what get you famous.

    Look at Balloon Boy!! My god. Let’s just go there.

  32. &&&

    Everyone should pay for they boobs, mon. that whey the owe no man, mon.

  33. Sport

    I personally believe, that US Americans, like my jugs.

  34. m.

    God wouldn’t have greatet breast augmention if he would have thought it was wrong!
    I think everybody have learned their lesson now, if asked about gays you should lie or do like politicians do, give answer that is not understanable.

  35. Kelly

    @ Mac

    Marriage predates the Bible.

  36. MF

    I cant’ believe no one has said anything about those hideous giant feet OMG f***ing Sasquatch!!

  37. duh

    Hey fish, I pray every day that you get smarter and get a clue.

  38. shortcake

    this pig is fkn” ugly! imagine how much uglier this whore would be without the shit- gob of makeup.

  39. Anonymous

    Yes on 8 and fuck all you Gay Mafioso. You lost twice and you’re going to lose again. Strike three is coming. Get ready to deal with it.

  40. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    #30 – - Yeah Pistol, I can’t either…nasty looking. She should get that fixed. Its quite freakish.

  41. Hey Mac, read your Bible again. Unless you have one of those Church of Christ bibles that adds its own “flavor” to the original scriptures, it shouldn’t actually say anywhere, specifically, that a man loving another man is a sin. The people of Sodom asking to “know” the newcomers was not meant to mean “fuck up the ass”, despite the town’s name. Translation failure… okay, never mind, I’ll cut that short.

    I admit, she is probably getting crap because she stood up for her beliefs, which are NOT popular in the state she represented, and while I think she has the right to say whatever, people have the right to not like it. If she’d said she loved Hitler she would have been shot backstage that very night. But admittedly, if one of the representatives of the state is against gay marriages, it makes the State look bad, so I don’t think Freedom of Speech could save her in this situation.

    And I just don’t like her. This is a great article, I’m glad she has to pay for her stupid tits. Were they worth it, sweetheart?

  42. Wonder if she’ll have to pay to take care of the huge forehead as well.

  43. lol
    Maybe she’ll try to give them back. Anyways she is looking really gorgeous…

  44. looking really gorgeous…

  45. Chatterbug

    You guys are blind, that is the hottest chick that’s been on this website for a long time.

    Like you’ve got something at home that’s nicer than that. LOL.

  46. Gordy

    She looks really old with all those wrinkles around her mouth.
    Looks like an average 35 year old Texas bimbo.
    Seen plenty of em in Dallas

  47. joho777

    I live in California, and I can’t believe Prejean was selected as “the most beautiful in California.”

    That is such B.S., were Rebecca Romjin and Charlize Theron busy that day?

    And why did the beauty org pay for her implants?? Why was this plain-jane nobody involved in the contest at all?

  48. Keith

    Nice body, horrible face.

  49. Darrow

    #26 (Mac).

    Marriage is a word from the Bible? Huh? It from the Latin word mar?t?re (to marry). I hope you know that the Bible wasn’t written in English or Latin.

    Anyway, marriage isn’t just a term used in an english translation in the Bible – it is a legal term that statutorily defines rights of couple who wed. If you allow one wedded couple to be deemd legally married, but not others, you are denying those others equal protection under the law.

  50. MEEEEE

    U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi, you UGLY, you UGLY.

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