Carrie Prejean crusades against pornography

November 9th, 2009 // 76 Comments

Despite having already posed for topless photos and a sex tape featuring only herself, Carrie Prejean decided to criticize pornography in her upcoming book. TMZ reports:

“Unfortunately, pornography has become mainstreamed — it rushes at us through big screens, portable screens; soft-core porn is on mainstream TV cable stations, hard-core porn is just a mouse click away on the internet, and the envelope of what seems acceptable seems to get pushed farther and farther as more and more people are exposed to this material.
The result is that girls grow up in a culture where it is hard to have an innocent, healthy, normal view of themselves, how they should behave, how they should act, and how they should dress.”

Of course, conveniently left out of this book is the part where Carrie Prejean finger-banged herself on camera then lied to Donald Trump about the wind blowing her shirt open in front of a professional photographer. But, hey, it’s not lying if you’re doing it for Jesus. Amirite? On that note, if Carrie’s book is successful, it’ll open the door to an avalanche of literary gems I’m dying to read:

Wearing Bras: My Favorite! by Britney Spears
Protecting Your Kid’s Privacy by Michael Lohan
Shitting on Toilets Instead of Cats by Amy Winehouse
Being Taken Seriously by Tila Tequila
How to Maintain a Clean and Healthy Vagina by Paris Hilton
Coherent Sentences by Sarah Palin

And, finally:

One Man’s Journey of Never Locking His Prop Wife in an Abandoned Refrigerator Because Her Parents are Catholics and Must Be Suppressed, Heil, Xenu! by Dr. Thomas Cruise


  1. tuhnu

    why not

  2. chick

    haha, good job on the article, esp the list of additional books.

  3. Posh

    Are you picking up tips from Perez Hilton.

    P.S. That’s not a good thing.

  4. Noogaloopagus

    Because side boob and hardcore porn are the same thing!

    Seriously, you’re an idiot.

  5. Just FYI, Tommy Boy would not be hailing Xenu. Xenu is a villain to $cientologists.

  6. Noogadumbass

    Skimmed the article and went right for the kneejerk did we?

    Because fingering yourself in front of a camera in a sex tape and porn are the same thing!

    Seriously, you’re an idiot.

  7. Megan


    I’m pretty sure finger banging yourself in front of a camera constitutes as hardcore porn.

    Seriously, you’re an idiot.

  8. Aliens control you

    She should just shut up and get naked, it’s her only talent

  9. Aliens control you

    She should just shut up and get naked, it’s her only talent

  10. matt

    Noogaloopagus, side boob and hardcore porn are not the same thing, you’re right, congratulations. But a sex tape and hardcore porn ARE the same.

    Here’s a tip: read the entire article before you post.

  11. Matt

    @ Noogaloopagus I believe he was referring to the video she made fingering herself thats a bit more then softcore.

    Also the excerpt from the book complains about all types of porn even mentioning softcore.

  12. Dave

    Is it too late to use the ‘What is the sound of one hand…’ joke?

  13. NIck

    This site is a lot of fun, but the constant bashing on this gal gets a bit old. So she’s for traditional marriage, so what? The majority of people in this country are as well, and every vote in this country that has put gay marriage to the test has seen the proposal shot down. I think the number is about 41-0 right now against gay marriage.

    You support gay marriage, we get it and accept it. Unlike the writer however, I won’t lower myself to childish, immature attacks. It’s old Superficial.

  14. In other words…do as I say, not as I do. Got it.

  15. haha

    Yes objectifying woman is always bad, now wait while she gets in line for the swimsuit competition!

  16. ilikehilarity

    WAITAMINUTE!!!! What does she mean hardcore porn is just a mouse click away on the internet? Is that true? When did that happen?

  17. @14

    Wake up #14, this is Carrie’s claim to fame, she just released her book she is purposely placing herself repeatedly in the public eye, if anything she reveals in the fact that you even know her name!

  18. Jester

    This chick is incredibly hot and you know she’s a closet Nympho. Enuf with bashing her, how about coming up with the pics and the sex tape?

  19. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    What’s more important is how many fingers was she using? I think if you can fit 3 fingers you must be a loosie goosie.

  20. Randal(l)

    She can be against pornography as much as she likes, but I’m still going to masturbate furiously to a tape of her doing the same. How you like me now Prejean?…not at all!?…but I’ m doing it for you….you should take it as a compliment…what do you mean your calling the cops!… I’m hardly even in your living room…so what if I’m using your parents wedding photos for clean-up it’s not like they’ll ever know…oh, there on the couch next to me you say…..awkward.


  21. Dane

    Are you a faggot fish? Either that or you’re deep in the pockets of some fags. How did this blog about tis and nip slips turn into the Perez Hilton 2 blog?

  22. Dude_on

    Hypocritical protests are just apart of the foreplay for the religious kinky. Of course she condemns the concept of hardcore porn with a holier than thou diatribe… right before she vigorously stimulates herself on video. Some of you just don’t get religion.

  23. jackson_hale

    This site’s persistent targeting of Carrie Prejean is curious. She is smoking hot. Nothing else matters. At least among straight males. So, the writer(s) on this sight must be pretending to be straight and male. This is Gawker Media, after all. Nice try. A tip-more Carrie Prejean and less gay.

  24. Rich

    You forgot “How to Dress Sensibly” by Lady Gaga (extra emphasis on Lady).

  25. Mitch Haase

    Big deal – she’s young and made some mistakes. Who hasn’t? Tearing her apart because she doesn’t believe in gay marriage is a fascist tactic. What happened to living in a free country where you are allowed to speak your mind without being persecuted for it.

    You idiot bloggers take note to what is happening because your future depends of freedom of speech. First a dingy beauty queen, next you bloggers and finally the mass media. Oh yeah, they’re already controlled.

  26. She's hot, fact

    When a guy sees a hot woman, he couldn’t care less what she has to say. He let’s her talk because he wants to get her naked. Why keep judging this woman. Just appreciate her body. She has a masturbation tape I would like to see.

    ps- this is an American blog site. If you euro-trash idiots want to post here, learn to speak properly. If not, be gone losers.

  27. Nordic God


    I’m ashamed to be in the same gender as you. You probably lost your virginity to a blow-up sex doll. Or a horse. She looks like a combination of the two.

    There are literally tens of thousands of smokin’ hot women on the net, far better than this POS. And many of ‘em will do all sorts of stuff in front of the camera w/o getting all sanctimonious & judgmental. And _you’ve_ got it for Prejean? Talk about perverted…..

  28. nahhh

    You can tell she’s a high-class whore by the paid internet white knights rushing to her aid. Note also, they’re the only ones mentioning her views on marriage.

    Try not to be so obvious, guys. Not everyone’s as dumb as your client.

  29. Jen

    Yeah, SHE is so terribly offensive but not one word from you about the lunatic that armed himself and slaughtered 13 innocent people. But that’s not Christianity so you aren’t going to criticize him, are you? Now I remember why I stopped reading Perez Hilton…..

  30. She's a hypocrite

    She’s a total & complete moron, liar & hypocrite. I couldn’t care less about her stances on family or marriage. What matters is that she held herself up as an example for young girls to emulate, wrapped herself in the American Flag & Christianity, then proceded to lie, lie to cover her lies, act hypocritically, disregard a contract she’d signed, then she did what every attention whore ultimately does: claim she was being abused & tried to make herself a victim instead of someone who takes responsibility for their actions.

    Bottom line – she lied, she was caught, she lied to cover her lies & then had it shoved in her face with proof of her lies. She’s a liar, a hypocrite & a moron. Not someone I want my daughter emulating.

  31. Mitch meet the Constitution

    @26 said:

    “What happened to living in a free country where you are allowed to speak your mind without being persecuted for it. You idiot bloggers take note to what is happening because your future depends of freedom of speech.”

    HA! I believe you just violated Fish’s freedom of speech by “persecuting” him with your insult. Oh, wait, THAT’S NOT HOW THE CONSTITUTION WORKS, DUMB FUCK.

    Carrie Prejean is allowed to say whatever the fuck she wants, and Fish is allowed to say whatever the fuck he wants. That’s how it works, you moronic right wing nut. It’s a good thing you didn’t hinge any crazy crackpot theories on your deranged reading of the Constitution. Except you did:

    “First a dingy beauty queen, next you bloggers and finally the mass media.”

    Thank you for proving Fish and everyone who criticizes you Christofascist windbags right that you’re barely literate sheeple.

  32. Prejean sucks

    Her comments are pretty much on point, but the problem is, they’re coming from a chick with a masturbation video & topless photos, AND a”Do as I say, not as I did” attitude. HY-PO-CRITE.

  33. K

    The only thing porn has made me do differently is shave and give me free range to enjoy sex as voraciously as I feel. But seriously, those pornos are like one of those Bravo shows about hair…….

  34. Noogaloopagus

    To #7 8,11,and 12:

    Let’s see… the pic only showed the side boob, where is the “link” to the alleged “porn?” Oh wait, that’s right…it’s missing. I guess you all have seen the tape and therefore it’s a valid argument.

    You hate her, we get it.

  35. Dennis--

    Why is porn a mouse click away? Shouldn’t it be on by default.

  36. Sybil

    Jen, this is a celebrity gossip blog. Its purpose is to make fun of famous people. I’m assuming there is no post on Fort Hood because that story does not involve celebrities and IS NOT FUNNY. Please see CNN or FoxNews for more coverage on that tragedy.

    I also don’t think this story has anything to do with Carrie’s beliefs. After all, who could even tell what those are since she so often does one thing then says another?

  37. JD

    Tits or GTFO.

    I don’t want to hear one more fucking word about this slag until you have the tit pics.

  38. everybody hates Rough

    I agree with Prejean!

    If shes the only porn peddler out there, Im pretty sure ill be content with that…after all the good lord is on her side…

  39. Willie Dixon

    Just because this site is promoting Carrie’s hypocritical stance on pornography, it doesn’t mean it’s related to the idiot Perez Hilton’s site.

    Let’s face it: Carrie took a career risk by stating her views, which is fine. Free speech and all that. So she got much more attention by stating her said views than she ever would have been Miss California or Miss America because there is a lot of money in marketing to conservative sensibilities (remember those “mortgages the Christen way” SPAMs only a few years ago?). Being raised up as a conservative hero (again, nothing wrong with that), she can sell books and speaking engagements because of this and make $$$ (nothign wrong with capitalism either, IMO).

    However, by walking away from her lawsuit against Trump because of her topless photos and masturbation video, she has in effect admitted they exist without them having to legally surface to wreck the carefully PR campaign/money machine she has created to bilk people who agree with her points of view – if she really believes in those at all.

    Again, I respect her right to her views (if real), however, she is duping the people who believe in her for $$$ while condemning things she herself has done less than a couple of years ago without admission of rehabilitation or performing the acts.

    In short: she’s a (finger) fucking hypocrite.

  40. It’s true that pornography is everywhere nowadays. It’s so easy to have access to porn content.

  41. kingofbeer

    I bet she surfs a lot of porn. She seems like she is going through some internal turmoil about it.

    Big deal, she surfed a little porn. she got aroused. in her excitement she grabbed a camera completely finger banging herself after a heated rubdown while capturing the entire thing for later $$$

    seems like a natural phase. I should inspect that video just to make sure though… that it’s natural…

  42. Urbanspaceman

    What’s the difference between Carrie Prejean and a bowling ball?

  43. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    I’d like to see her diddle her pretty pink twat, just to see how juicy she is – I suspect she may be a juice factory?

  44. Liz

    Doesn’t she know that every time she talks she’s just making herself look like more of an idiot? I love that her publicist doesn’t bother telling her to can it as he’s inevitably milking this side show for as long as Prejean will keep it going. When she’s irrelevant in a year and crying into her self-pity, he’ll be rolling in it.

    I hate that she’s considered a spokesperson for young, Christian, American women. Some of us have souls. (Plus, hatred and intolerance is so passe. Even Jesus thought so.)

  45. Liz

    P.S. For the record, Jesus never said anything against women getting themselves off. I’m definitely a fan.

  46. CJDC

    WTF are you all talking about this crap when no one has the link to the tape?

  47. Truth Doctor

    She’s still a hero. Perez should an hero.

  48. Posh

    Stop tryna be like Perez Hilton. That’s the only reason I (and probably others) visit your blogs.

  49. smellmyfinger

    does thesuperficial always repeat TMZ word for word?
    have you seen the tape? of course not, because there is NO sex tape.
    it’s just rumors by the gay mafia.

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