Carrie Prejean sex tape forced a settlement

November 4th, 2009 // 186 Comments

Carrie Prejean and the Miss California Organization both dismissed their respective lawsuits after reaching a settlement yesterday, and apparently a sex tape featuring Miss Purity with Implants was the catalyst, according to TMZ:

The video the lawyer showed Carrie is extremely graphic and has never been released publicly. We know that, because TMZ obtained the video months ago but decided not to post it because it was so racy. Let’s just say, Carrie has a promising solo career.
We’re told it took about 15 seconds for Carrie to jettison her demand and essentially walk away with nothing. As we first reported, the Pageant is paying around $100,000 to her lawyers and publicist — a fraction of her bills. She pockets nothing in the settlement.

I had no idea Jesus was so into fake tits, topless photos and amateur sex tapes. Guess I should start going to church more often. So are they open on Wednesdays, or do I need to make an appointment? More importantly, will the priest be there the whole time?

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  1. JimboDango

    So does that mean we’re gonna get to see this sex tape?

  2. Jared

    OMG! The girl likes sex yet doesn’t believe in gay marriage! What a travesty! How dare her be a normal human being and a conservative

    You liberal bitches are such a pathetic joke.

  3. JimboDango

    So does that mean we’re gonna get to see this sex tape?

  4. Craig

    I saw the Carrie Prejean sextape at

  5. Mrs. Glenn Beck


  6. Jade

    @52 Jared -

    Not all liberals like homosexuality.

    Not all conservatives are against it.

    Don’t be stupid.

    Anyhoot, don’t things like this make people ineligible for this pageant anyways? As in she lied to get in it?

  7. Jared's Kleenex Box

    #52(Jared) believes that masturbating on camera is “having sex”.

    Guess we all get a picture of Jared’s sex life!

  8. bring it

    Supposedly is a vigorous finger banging session. I think she shouldn’t have backed down. So what if it got released. She would have been more famous than ever. The world is full of pervs. Can’t wait to see the video.

  9. Randal(l)

    #52 I’m reasonably sure people think she’s being hypocritical because she was making porn. Now I’m no Religious Scientist, but I think the biggest problem that people see with gay marriage is that they are cumming in another guys shit chute (lesbians aren’t a factor, because everyone loves lesbians, everyone) so basically, the issue is that they are not cumming in a way that adds to the christian army. Now, everyone knows on average waaaaay more people jerk off to porn than fucking a dude in his ass (Men, women, gays, jews, everyone jerks it) SO, by making porn she is contributing to a form of sex that isn’t acceptable by the bible (the only kind being the kind that leads to child birth to married couples) much like the gays that she has come out against.


  10. Big Mama's words O Wisdom

    The number one rule of thumb:
    Do not film yourself masturbating/having sex.
    It is never a good idea and it can ruin your career.
    Where are these girls Mamas?

  11. JD

    There’s all these pics, all this tape, and we still — after what, six, seven fucking years now? — STILL have not seen this chick’s tits.

  12. @Randal(l)

    Very cohesive as usual, dear sweet Randa(l). I’ll bet the real Randal will not be singing Ms. Prejeans praises!

  13. Wow….TMZ actually had a copy of the tape and didn’t even mention it. It must be really bad…maybe involving scat or golden showers???…..we can only hope. But I sense a bit of doubt here. This fiesty wench isn’t the type to just walk away from anything….since there is no such thing as bad plubicity, I have my doubts about this whole story. Me thinks whe have heard the last of little Miss Blue Nose.

  14. Sinep

    I’ll believe it when I see it…

  15. the way it is


    yu’re right, but Carrie was stuck between a rock and her soft place. If she allowed the video of her rubbing one to be released, she’d get a cut of the action, plus plenty of fame. BUT, she has her Christian Bible thumping book coming out next MONDAY, and she’s making a living currently selling speeches to church groups and other right wingers.

    So, apparently she’d decided there is more money sucking money from the bible thumpers than there is sucking money from horny guys who want to spank their pud.

    I trust her judgment on that. Milk the Christians for awhile, grab their money, and then move to sellling your booty. Remember, that ‘s how Katy Perry and Jessica Simpson got started – pandering to the hillbilly evangelicals, until the card is fully played.

    In two years, you will get your wish of her naked splendor. In the meantime, she’s got some exploiting to do…let the retards in the pews pay their $10/head to hear her talk about standing on the right hand of God (while the left hand jabs at her clitoris).

    Getting asked that question by Perez is the best thing that ever happened to her. Only Miss USA who ever made a dime…and she was on ly a runner up!

  16. The Observer

    Quick lefties, use this one dipshit as an argument against conservatives and christians instead of providing an actual argument for your own ridiculous way of thinking!

    21st century ‘thought’ is so predictable. And boring.

  17. Jace

    She’s a hypocrite alright. Just like liberals that preach tolerance and understanding but hate Christians. And southerners. And conservatives. And hunters. And gun owners. And pro-lifers. And pro natural family people. And anyone who dares think differently than they do.

  18. Jamie Lynn's Uterus

    Instead of fingering her twat on camera, she should have some hung black guy piss all over her and call her whore.

    She’d be the next Kim Kardashian!

  19. Aja

    She looks old and horsey

  20. Yeah, uh huh. That's right.

    1. She is human, and has a right to her thoughts and actions.
    2. All of you fudge packers and wanna be’s have rights too.
    3. Get over yourselves.

  21. HiYOh!

    <1. She is human, and has a right to her thoughts and actions.>

    Agreed. No one says she doesn’t have the right to say stupid stuff. And everyone else has the same right to call her stupid, or superstitious, or hypocritical. Or agree with her. No one ever cnesored her – they just ridiculed her. That’s part of free speech – you say something stupid, and people will laugh and make fun of you.

    <2. All of you fudge packers and wanna be's have rights too.>


    <3. Get over yourselves.>

    Why? My opinion is no less important than yours. Your poitns #1 and #2 seem to agree with this.

  22. Jim Jones

    We don’t need this tool to argue against your idiotic beliefs. There’s plenty of ammo elsewhere.

    The reason those liberals struggle against all those groups is because they are an intolerant lot that hate liberals (which has become an umbrella for anyone who thinks differently from them) almost as much as they hate everything else.

    Of course, trying to point this out to fools like you is like trying to teach a one-armed man how to clap; impossible and ultimately futile.

  23. k

    there is nothing wrong with this chick having an opinion that doesn’t favor gay marriage. even with the fake tits and sex tape. goddamn commie America. i see red. miss america, though, what a classy enterprise.
    only American’s (though not myself) would glorify some SWAMP like the kardashian’s, w/ their fake tits, getting their faces pissed on, driving drunk, and crouched to whore out a baby like a new belt. but let’s continue to condemn a women who doesn’t support gay marriage.
    guess what, President Obama agrees with her.

  24. Finger bangin

    Everyone has a right to their opinion, and my opinion is that she is going down in flames. And I loves it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If that makes me wrong, it feels so right, kinda like masturbating to a camera!

  25. A

    Personally I think she’s gorgeous and I’d love to see a tape of her fingering herself. The question is how many fingers can she take and does she go all the way to the knuckle?

  26. Topher

    I’m calling BullSH!T!!! 1st, if they had a sex tape on Prejean, there is no way the pagent would have accepted a “draw”. And TMZ “not posting it because it was too racy?” GIVE ME A FUCKIN’ BREAK! There, again, is NO WAY IN HELL, they wouldn’t post that.

  27. Truth Doctor

    The bullshit = present in this story.

  28. PostmortemG

    Well folks, I´m not sure what to say about this one… being a straight male, i can´t say I´m opposed to the thought of this lovely lady fingering herself, but her supposed morals and whatnot definitely come into question. However, i also doubt this ´news´ to a certain degree – ¨TMZ does not have a moral compass¨. That´s for sure!

    I´m interested to see where this goes from here. =D

  29. PostmortemG

    And damn, i still think lady is hot. And considering the shit he gives her any chance he can (Assuming, that is, that ´he´ is indeed male), i think this site´s writer sucks cock (As in, he´s gay and was offended by her previous statements against homosexuality).

  30. Does everyone remeber her conversation with James Dobson??? “I felt like Satan was temping me…” It would be priceless to see Dobson’s reaction now….

  31. Bubba Clinton

    No tape- sorry to disappoint. Also Maine also voted today for no gayfer marriage- HA. Have your civil unions & don’t redefine heteros institution idiots!

  32. KB

    Another HUGE Christian hypocrite. She has no problem going around and criticizing other because of their morals, but then she has a porno?

    I thought she was trying to make a career at talking and participating in Christian “events” and such, so it sounds like that is down the drain. Couldn’t have happened to a more deserving c – - t.

  33. Don Oflanc

    U ass’s don’t even really know her or what really was going on. U are typical morons passing judgment without knowing the full stories. I don’t agree with her, Miss America organization and especially don’t agree with U mindless peaces of shit always commenting something ignorant. I don’t think politics, religion, race or straight or gay should of even been questions period. I don’t care if people are gay just don’t push or promote that lifestyle on our underage kids via media or shows. Let them figure that out on there own when there brain is more developed.

  34. Annie Likes Anal

    Hey 16! Jesus wasn’t jerking his pud over Mary. He was thinking of the hot orgy him and his twelve hot ass-postles would engage in after dinner.

  35. Chris

    There is no way TMX had a tape and didn’t at least post a frame or two, evn if they had to “star out” certain things. There is also no way the pageant accepted a “draw” if they had they video in hand as it would violate all of Carrie’s agreements and pageant applications. If this video was real, Carrie would be out on the street on her butt and her supposed sex tape would be everywhere by now.

    Uh, uh. sorry. don’t buy it.

  36. It's me

    As Billy Joel said:
    You only win if you get me to hate

    Have ideas, argue them. But for goodness sakes, why must you all use such hateful language call each other names?

  37. Annie Likes Anal

    Yeah, and 84? Could you kindly stop promoting your marriage bullshit. It’s outdated and keeps Americans from a good random one night stand once in a while. Ban marriage in general! NO MORE MARRIAGE!

  38. What a cunt

    I hate this fucking hypocrite. She santimoniously wraps herself in the American Flag and Christianity to protect herself while she’s out slutting around like a whore. Evidence:

    1) Hypocrite – She had topless pictures taken of herself, in direct opposition to the right wing religious bullshit she was slinging.

    2) Liar – She lied numerous times, first about the existence of the photos, then about the circumstances under which they were taken.

    3) ULTRA-LIAR – she lied about being a natural woman (she had tit implants), and now it comes out that the slut has a sex tape. All while she’s “extoling the goodness of Christian virtues”.

    She’s a liar, a hypocrite, a slut and a whore. FUCK HER and the horse she rode in on…

  39. E-Man

    I think we’ve found Sarah Palin’s running mate. The dumb and dumber ticket 2012.

  40. Jackie

    My eyes went right to those feet. Her entire big toe is hanging out of those shoes! Gross!!

  41. ES165

    Haaa, Haaaa TMZ hold back anything on Carrie…. Haaaa haaaa you have to be kidding. Ya, it’s their moral standards…. Haaa haaaaa They didn’t even offer it to Perez Hilton Haaaa, haaaaa.

    Sound like a convenient ending to another Trump reality show.

  42. kelly

    Lying is against one of the commandments. So I suppose Carrie will be going to hell with all the homosexuals.

  43. Jibbly Biggins

    I vote conservative, but I generally loathe the religious right, the socialist / Marxist left, and the desire of both to control others – and I dislike hypocrites most of all. I value freedom and low taxes, not the emotionally unstable “values” voters who feel collective angst at anything that does not resemble the nuclear family from a Norman Rockwell painting – though I am not dissing it as a lifestyle choice.

    Prejean is following in a long line of religious hypocrites who enjoy time on the pulpit such as Ted Haggard. Of course she’s not alone. On the left you have “I send my kid to a private school” Michael Moore, and the douche of the universe Al Gore – who juices the power of 10 average American homes in his own mansion while collecting carbon donations from naive idealists.

    At least Prejean’s only crime was having an opinion, a slightly overzealous ego and 15 minutes of fame ending in flames – she isn’t a con artist suckering millions from idiots (a la gore).

  44. i hope it leaks and her dad see’s it and then she walks in on her dad jacking off to it. he then shots her, then his wife, finally turning the gun on himself.

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  46. Apparently, Miss california officials got hold of the elusive sex video containing racy remarks made by Prejean herself. TMZ got a peek on the video but nobody knows how the lawyers got hold of the tape.
    Whole story here:
    The Carrie Prejean Story

  47. peetee

    Wankers be gone! Well, its not about being a repub. or a democrat, but about a girl who loves too much publicity, attention, money and err.. let’s say Vodka? Is it so difficult to avoid filming yourself while doing an intercourse? I guess, Prejean got all the answers.

  48. Colombo

    If everyone was good, there would be no one left to save… the extremist Christian loves nothing more than a sinner who repents (even though it’s just for show)… they’ll love her even more now.

    I would wager that she’ll become a spokesperson for some lunatic fringe group who would see her as the ultimate symbol of redemption and thoroughly deserving of Ol’ Jebus’s everlasting and infinite love (whatever that is)

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