Carrie Prejean sex tape forced a settlement

November 4th, 2009 // 186 Comments

Carrie Prejean and the Miss California Organization both dismissed their respective lawsuits after reaching a settlement yesterday, and apparently a sex tape featuring Miss Purity with Implants was the catalyst, according to TMZ:

The video the lawyer showed Carrie is extremely graphic and has never been released publicly. We know that, because TMZ obtained the video months ago but decided not to post it because it was so racy. Let’s just say, Carrie has a promising solo career.
We’re told it took about 15 seconds for Carrie to jettison her demand and essentially walk away with nothing. As we first reported, the Pageant is paying around $100,000 to her lawyers and publicist — a fraction of her bills. She pockets nothing in the settlement.

I had no idea Jesus was so into fake tits, topless photos and amateur sex tapes. Guess I should start going to church more often. So are they open on Wednesdays, or do I need to make an appointment? More importantly, will the priest be there the whole time?

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  1. It's Me Fuckers

    stupid cunt opened up the can of worms, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! It’s shut now isn’t it?! Miss Holier then thou has a sex tape. Who wudda thunk it?!

  2. wacker

    I’d like to watch her.


    Another Xtian hypocrite takes a humongous public nosedive. Think she’ll still get her seat on “The View” next to that other shrieking republicant xtian harpy?


  4. You have no idea how much I hate this fake wench.

    She is obviously completely vapid and lacks any sense of self worth or intelligence. People rush to her side that want to champion her as a conservative hero due to her inability to read an obvious situation in a pageant.

    The sooner her star falls the better.

  5. Miaou

    LOL well look at that. Miss religious dumb-twit has a porn tape… Who’d have thunk it.

  6. Azzy

    Stupid bitch.

  7. Dave

    10 bucks say she screamed Oh God Oh God.

  8. yeah

    Another hypocrite bites the dust.

  9. Brad

    I really don’t care what her views are /were. ok she doesn’t not agree with gay marriage big deal (not everyone does). Anyway we may all get lucky now, since she is broke Hef may throw her some $ and she’ll do Playboy. Though i’m sure that she will say it’s an opportunity to speak her side of the story!

  10. Why do these twits not realize that showing their boobies and taping themselves having sex is not recommended actions for those on the pageant circuit? They may only have one surviving brain cell, but don’t their handlers stay on top of this crap?

  11. Thomas

    Where is this tape!

  12. DCMikeRotch

    Soooooo in that entire tape…there wasn’t a SINGLE frame that they could post? At least to show they actually had a tape?!

  13. Superevil

    Unless it’s a video of some serious anal masturbation I doubt its that racy.

  14. j

    sounds like blackmail? perhaps a hiden camera ?

  15. Heath

    Apparently, she is seen fingering herself solo in the video, and getting off. I’d like to see that – I imagine her snatch is as sweet as honey and as tight as a drum.

    I love that she’s a hyprocrite, too. When girsl like that get dirty, they REALLY get dirty.

  16. steve

    Big deal. Her sex tape is nothing compared to the anal-bukkake parchment flip book that Mary did with the twelve apostles. I still can’t believe Jesus just sat in a corner and masturbated through the whole thing.

  17. Church Lady

    As a matter of fact, most Lutheran churches do indeed have services on Wednesdays, and we would be glad to see you there.

  18. say good night to the Rough guy!

    So? Prejean is predispose to transgression of the law of god? couldnt the inflatables give a good indication…

  19. Really?

    You guys honestly thing that the highly reputable journalism source TMZ got a hold of a Carrie Prejean Sex Tape and wouldn’t publish it? Really? Come on guys…

  20. Kelly

    Wow… what a fucking joke…. oh well, bitch got what she deserved. I hope all the ignorant christians can stfu about her now.

  21. Mama Pinkus

    LOL another conservative hypocrite – OMG STOP THE PRESSES *yawn*

  22. Nick

    i’d pay to see her finger-fuck her own sweet blonde pussy.

    Even Jesus would, so i don’t see the problem here.

  23. Burt Buttkiss

    @19. We don’t BELIEVE anything except that she lost her case! Haha whore!

  24. Nick

    i’d pay to see her finger-fuck her own sweet blonde pussy.

    Even Jesus would, so i don’t see the problem here.

  25. Randal(l)

    Am I the only one here who see’s that she has done nothing wrong and is still a good christian girl. There’s nothing in the bible that says you can’t have a sweet set of fake titties or finger yourself knuckle deep while being filmed or be the latest withdrawal from the spank bank.

    Side Note: while I am currently giving hand jobs for bread money, according to my latest spank bank statement I make Donald Trump look look like a stinky, hobo, Ladies.


  26. Sugar

    How on earth do men find her attractive? Her face is repugnant!

  27. m.

    i guess the lesson here is that you should never piss of gays… or you should not make sex tapes.

  28. Tim

    Sugar (#26):

    Nobody is looking at her face.

  29. Verona

    I am not a gay, I could not stand the hypocrisy of this skank though. Love the public humiliation of people who use God for their own agenda. See, there is a God, and he doesn’t like to be used for personal profit and gain. It happens every time people!

  30. Jade

    What a hypocritical douche.

    She was probably praying while she made the tape..

    “Oh god, oh god, oh GOD!”

  31. kingofbeer

    I spoke to Jesus this morning. He told me Carrie should do hardcore lesbian porn and masturbation videos and will very soon. He will be speaking with her shortly.

    Praise the lord.

  32. stefanie

    her feet are far to big for those shoes! its like Anastasia trying to fit her foot in the glass slipper

  33. stefanie

    her feet are far to big for those shoes! its like Anastasia trying to fit her foot in the glass slipper

  34. squeehunter


  35. Verona

    People who give religion a bad name always end up with the shaft, or in porn films, with the shaft. It is divine retribution.

  36. Fingerer of Nazareth

    Sounds like she was jabbing the “Holy Trinity” (finger, thumb and dildo) into her manger.

  37. JonGosselin

    Don’t worry about losing the lawsuit Carrie. It makes you the kind of celebrity that has nothing to lose by dating a guy like me. I’d like some to try some thin trim so let’s go out for coffee sometime.

  38. Niko

    This story is 100% bullshit

    “We know that, because TMZ obtained the video months ago but decided not to post it because it was so racy”

    No way TMZ withheld a video that would generate thousands of hits on their site. TMZ does not have a moral compass.

  39. Um

    Can one of you champions of logic please point out what hypocritical action she engaged in? I didn’t read anything about Rosie O’Donnell appearing on the tape.

  40. Oliver Chester The Molester Lester

    Hmm, how is fingerbanging wrong? There is no spilling seed when you do that.

  41. SO RIGHT

    Excuse me, I doubt this is true, but if it is, what human being on the planet didn’t do something stupid and/or regretful in their youth? Ones past doesn’t have to determine ones future, thank GOD! It’s called living, learning, growing and changing.

  42. SO RIGHT

    @16 — You. Are. Digusting. You might want to pray for forgiveness on that one.

  43. @UM

    I will break it down for you D(um)B, Don’t run around touting values and Christinity if you can’t keep your clothes on like a modest and chaste Christian woman. Got it now?

  44. Jade

    The problem about doing those stupid regretful things in your youth is they just might come bite you in the ass, and you don’t get to claim ignorance.

    So you get what you get.

    And this isn’t youth. This is adulthood, not kiddie porn. Yes, your past will affect your future. In this case, she is being displayed for the hypocrite she is.

    If she is lucky, she will live a bit and hopefully grow and change.

  45. Nameless

    Now that Miss California USA owns Carrie Prejean’s ass, I hope they can make her go away forever too.

  46. Martin Luther

    It’s not hypocritical unless she was jabbing her hot wet cooter with a big plastic jesus praying hands, a crucifix, or a eyes-wide-open figurine of the Virgin Mary.

    I even think she could even fit in the Three Wise men without crossing the line. As long as one of the wise men did not touch the other during the process -that would be gay.

  47. hard to believe TMZ sat on something like this.. they must be slippin’!


    @38: TMZ might be scumbags, but they surprisingly don’t show porn on their site. All their nude/topless pics are starred out. Annoying as shit if you ask me.

  49. Hello There

    That tape will find its way out to us sooner or later. We all know this.

  50. why didnt they release it would of been a good watch and what they mean by racy???

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