Carrie Prejean admits sex tape exists

November 10th, 2009 // 138 Comments

Carrie Prejean appeared on Hannity last night where she acknowledged filming herself masturbating for a boyfriend, according to TMZ:

The former beauty queen told Sean she was just a teenager when she decided to send her boyfriend — who she “loved and cared about” at the time — the extremely intimate video of herself.
Carrie said she takes “full responsibility” for the “humiliating” tape.

Look, Carrie’s hypocrisy is basically a dead horse at this point, so I’m only posting this for everyone convinced the Gay Mafia was coercing me to pretend the tape existed or else they’d Bedazzle my car. Also– Hey, wait a minute. How’d all this IKEA furniture get in my living room? You bastards, THAT WASN’T PART OF THE DEAL!

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  1. jameson

    The Observer: the biological argument isn’t on your side. sexual stimulation and reproductive organs simply have a few biological necessities in common. both exist healthily as separate entities, as well. and biology both in human genetics and in mothers’ wombs determine many, many facets of the final human products of reproduction, including sexual identity and orientation.

    your argument is specious, basically the equivalent of saying humans shouldn’t use airplanes because we haven’t evolved to get that high off the ground. life and sexuality isn’t as simplistic as you make it out to be.

  2. MSR

    Christians don’t contend they’re perfect. They, like everyone else, are sinners. Making a mistake doesn’t render a Christian hypocritical.

  3. venomhedd

    Typical religious cunt hypocrite.

    Why are religious people the most closed minded assholes on earth and so quick to point the finger at everyone else’s problems?

    BTW Superficial, I am baaaaaack!

  4. Aly

    Whoa, wait. THIS CHICK IS 22?! WHAT THE FUCK. She looks 32.

  5. Kevin

    “Look, Carrie’s hypocrisy is basically a dead horse at this point,”

    Hypocritical? What does masturbation have to do with believing marriage should be between a man and a woman?

  6. jameson

    she hasn’t just made her name by denouncing gay marriage, she has been paid for appearances where she espouses “traditional family values,” calling one’s body a temple and denouncing pornography.

    hello, she’s a fucking pornographer twice over. she’s a hypocrite. follow along, for christ’s sake (spelled out real special for you christians who believe jesus actually gave two shits about this, and that hell is a real place, pitchforks and all).

  7. Stand Watee

    Homo sex is pretty much known to be unnatural just about everywhere, all cultures and religions, that fact shows me what is right and correct. Kind of like seeing the sunset or great mountain and knowing you aren’t the big cheese. Deep down, most people know what is right and wrong. Selfishness drives most people today. Oh yeah, and I’d love for someone to show me a “gay” animal…wtf?

  8. Posh

    #94 xoxo

    Seriously gays, seriously! If everyone was gay, we’d be extinct. And please don’t tell me, you were “born” gay. That’s the dumbest argument I’ve ever heard. It’s the way you’re brought up, especially with today’s media and lack of focus from parents that might make you a fag. So wrong, so wrong!

  9. I am inspired by her commitment to her faith. Just like when Jesus threw the money changers into the temple. Oh, wait…

  10. jameson

    Stand Watee:

    homosexuality in the animal kingdom. not that you’ll watch it, or care. it’s not even the best video argument, but it’s readily available.

    and arguing that multiple cultures marginalize minorities is a completely illegitimate argument. people fear the abnormal, but abnormality is rampant and often completely healthy and meaningful in the animal kingdom (for instance, high levels of intelligence).

    I’m embarrassed I’m responding as much, but I’m sick and have nothing better to do. I’ll try to keep quiet, but I can’t make any promises.

  11. jameson

    and Posh: you’re as vapid as your namesake. I’m assuming you just skim for buzzwords.

  12. Alert

    Actually Jameson. We’d like to deport you to Perez Hilton’s website. Hope you suffocate sucking his small weeny. *shudder*

  13. jameson

    perez hilton’s a fucking idiot. unlike the superficial writer. I think I should refer you to this website:

    equally unintentionally funny and sad at the same time.

  14. jameson

    p.s. you do realize “suffocate” and “small weenie” don’t go together, right? I think your girlfriend’s been telling you lies again…

  15. Alert

    It was an oxymoron. My apologies, I didn’t know you were slow. & Since i’m not gay, I don’t have a gf.

  16. jameson

    ^ it makes even more sense that you’re a female. only a woman would assume perez hilton has a penis. and look up oxymoron. you’ve got the moron part down.

    I have to apologize in general. I’ve given way too much wind to people with half a brain and too many one syllable thoughts to fill it. I’ll allow your fingers to do something else for a while, like carrie prejean intended.

  17. ????

    wth are you even talking about!?!? Perez, not Paris.

    P.S. Did people forget how AIDS started. The signs!

  18. She really is delusional. Not a CLUE that she behaved in an unprofessional manner by not performing her contractually obligated duties. She’s going to keep playing this BS Martyr act.

  19. Cool website, like what I have read. Will definitely be back to read again.

  20. TMZ has leaked the carrie prejean sextape at get it before it gets shut down.

  21. @ 48 Liz —-”She’s a moron and she needs to just sit down, shut up, stop screaming about being some sort of martyr and just go back to being pretty – it’s the only thing she can do with any sort of competence.”—-

    Other women do it so much better, though.

    @ 52 Mitch – She’s LYING about being a Christian, and people are falling for it.
    @ 63 – I’d like to be more articulate on the spot 8P

    @ 72 —-”Its only a matter of time before gay marriage gets passed.”—-
    Which religion is it they want to get married under though?

    @ 78 – And Jesus said, “Make lustful lewd videos of yourself for men you are not married to, and get boob implants to incite lust in the hearts men you are not married to ( Matthew 5:28 ), and base your career off lust and then say lust is bad like a total hypocrite…”

    @ 81 saywha? – Hannity seemed to be puzzled by Kim Kumdumpster when she was a guest on his show. “Golly gee Kim, why would ya wanna be in Playboy? Shucks Kim, yer such a wholesome role model and all…”

    @ 90 halo —”gay people will go to hell. That’s all.”—
    Along with (1 Corinthians 6:9-11):
    fornicators (someone who has sex with a person they are not married to), revilers (people who are verbally abusive to others),
    drunks (drunks),
    greedy people (republicans),
    idolaters (those who put something before God…something like ambition, PATRIOTISM, politics, lust, pride, anything else that you put in front of Jehovahs laws)…

    @ 98 – Two consenting adults.

    @ 102 – A life of premeditated sin isn’t what I would expect from someone living for Jesus. Maybe they lose their temper or something on a bad day.

    @ 107 – 1,500 animal species practice homosexuality

    @ 117 —” Did people forget how AIDS started. The signs!”—
    Fornication (sex between people who are not married)? (see 1 Corinthians 6:9-11)

  22. Stand Watee

    @ 110: Every successful culture gets to define the fringe of their bell curve. Otherwise, no rudder. That’s all this homo sex fight is about… License vs. legalism, the age old conflict. The genetics theory is a timebomb anyway, the gays lose if they prove that one b/c we would breed the aberration out. Sux to be you. sorry.

  23. @ 110 – Hmm…maybe it’s a population control mechanism? Wish it would catch on in the third world. Too many unpromising kids running around.

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  26. Wow

    Didn’t know there were so many gay lovers on the internet. Thankfully, I don’t see that alot irl.

  27. Rosie

    Lots of good argument here. Everyone makes mistakes and she is certainly not without her share, but she should not promote herself as an example when her actions say otherwise.

  28. MC

    Wow, so many close minded ignorant assholes on this site. It’s depressing that most of America is as stupid as MOST (not all) of the people who post on this site. Another person being gay does not affect you. Whether they are married or not, they will still have sex and do everything that you think is “wrong”. This post wasn’t even ABOUT her answer to the pageant question, but everyone is making it to be about that. It is difficult for me to understand how anyone thinks someone chooses to be gay. Why would someone choose a harder life? Would you, if are straight, CHOOSE to be gay if you weren’t? NO. Can you FORCE yourself to be attracted to someone, let alone have a relationship and sex with them? No. Even if it were a choice, it’s a choice that doesn’t affect you, so who gives a shit?

  29. Shamus MacDoo

    How is having a sex tape equal to secretly supporting gay marriage. Hypocrisy is speaking out publicly against something that you do in private. I am not supporting this chick but we have got to stop throwing around words like liar, hypocrite, and Nazi against people when we actually mean I disagree with that person or that person is wrong.

  30. Shamus MacDoo

    How is having a sex tape equal to secretly supporting gay marriage. Hypocrisy is speaking out publicly against something that you do in private. I am not supporting this chick but we have got to stop throwing around words like liar, hypocrite, and Nazi against people when we actually mean I disagree with that person or that person is wrong.

  31. yeah...

    #130-I am confused by your comment. She is, by your own definition, a hypocrite.
    And jameson, I think I love you…

  32. God's little pal

    Carrie Prejean will go to Hell. That’s all.

  33. Mondo


    1. Voting to ban gay marriage because it conflicts with your interpretation of the bible IS forcing your values on to other people. There is a huge difference between personally disagreeing with someone’s lifestyle and making it illegal for them to live that way. It is what it is, stop trying to pretend you are doing anything different and just own up to it if you feel that it’s such a just cause.

    2. I think Perez Hilton is disgusting pile of feces. However Perez Hilton being a douchebag can not negate another person’s misdeeds. The “B-b-but some other person is worse, so it’s ok” defense is pathetic.

    That’s like me punching a baby in the face and then saying “Look, Hitler systematically murdered millions of people, all I did was punch one little baby. Which is worse? Let’s focus on the real criminal here… Adolph Hitler.”

    3.Thank you for mentioning your “giant ass” again. Unfortunately I don’t personally create semen (infected or otherwise) because I am a woman (you know, one of those things that you pretend to be attracted to in between describing how NOT to penetrate you anally in graphic detail to random strangers on forums) so you can stop invoking Mark Foley.

  34. Dank

    You know, 19 is still a teenager and legal so she could be right in saying she’s a teenager while giving us the legal right to see her diddling that hairy twat.

  35. LoliLoli

    Take your dumb ass back to school and pick up a dictionary before you try to sit at the big kid’s table because clearly, this alone is too much for you.

  36. Isn’t this funny???

    The reason this is funny is because the GOP “values” groups are parading her around the country and interviewing her nightly on Fox News, as if she triumphed, and beat the system when she took her abortion stand.

  37. It'sTheTruth

    I had sex with Carrie Prejean while she was running for Ms. California. She is over-rated in the sack, but she sure did a good job detailing my car. She is welcome back anytime, with chamois in hand.

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