Carrie Prejean admits sex tape exists

November 10th, 2009 // 138 Comments

Carrie Prejean appeared on Hannity last night where she acknowledged filming herself masturbating for a boyfriend, according to TMZ:

The former beauty queen told Sean she was just a teenager when she decided to send her boyfriend — who she “loved and cared about” at the time — the extremely intimate video of herself.
Carrie said she takes “full responsibility” for the “humiliating” tape.

Look, Carrie’s hypocrisy is basically a dead horse at this point, so I’m only posting this for everyone convinced the Gay Mafia was coercing me to pretend the tape existed or else they’d Bedazzle my car. Also– Hey, wait a minute. How’d all this IKEA furniture get in my living room? You bastards, THAT WASN’T PART OF THE DEAL!

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  1. Anon

    @47 – Thank you.

  2. Mitch Haase

    So let me get this straight. If you are a normal healthy girl (and religious who doesn’t happen to believe in gay marriage), masturbate on tape (supposedly normal and healthy according to 100% of the left) and sends it to a longtime boyfriend you are in love with you are satan incarnate.

    If you are an atheistic gay male who enjoys taking loads of infected semen up the ass and down your throat you are the vision of a perfect human being.

    This site is getting gayer by the minute.

  3. Blue Meanie

    30 States have voted that marriage should be between a man and a woman
    in the last 3-4 years. NONE have approved so-called Homosexual marriage. She gave the same answer that empty-suit Obama gave when he was asked – but who cares, rip her to shreds, tear down Christianity and Islam and Judaism. We all want men to be able to take it up the ass without any moral consequences, don’t we? That slurpy shit Perez Hilton takes it up the ass with no consequence… doesn’t he? Ooo, I’m such a hater…what a meanie…

  4. assman

    I think I love Carrie Prejean: she has a nice pair of tits and masturbates on camera. I don’t care what she says, that’s just talk. She is an action woman. When Carrie Prejean wants to rub her clit and stuff a big dildo in her pussy for the camera, Carrie Prejean rubs her clit and stuffs a big dildo in her pussy for the camera. You have to respect action women. You ladies really ought to learn a lesson from her and rub your clits and stuff dildos in your pussies on video. It’s 2009 and women should be expressing themselves. They should express their views on gay marriage, and also express themselves by rubbing their clits and stuffing dildos in their pussies while filming.

  5. Pachuco

    On a recent NBC interview she said of The Donald; “he just came out there and MEETED us”. This chick supposedly wrote a book!?!? LOL…She should shut the fuck up and make a real porno. It’s obvious she’s got a huge Republican hand up her ass. puppeteering her to champion the cause of “conservative values”, too bad for them she’s gonna Sarah Palin that plan all to shit. Can’t wait to hear about the abortion she had when she worked as an underage prostitute while hooked on glue!

  6. Rush Limbaugh's Colon

    Blue Meanie=Michelle Bachmann?

  7. abbz

    #44–”There are people out there that like to have sex with horses and goats – should a man be allowed to marry a goat? If gay people can get married then why wouldn’t people have the right to marry whatever they want? Where do you draw the line?”

    Gay people are not animals you idiot. That is the stupidest (albeit repeated ad-nausium) argument of them all. If you honestly reflect within yourself and come up with the answer that gay people are like animals, and that you have a hard time drawing a distinction between the two, you are beyond fucked. You’re brain has been forced so far down into a well of ignorance than you will likely never squirm your way out of it.

  8. Hello There

    You, sir, are and idiot :/

  9. Stephanie

    Since religion doesn’t appeal to rationality, it’s only expected that a consenting adult would feel ‘humiliated’ for sharing her sexuality with someone she’s dating. Let’s not feel obligated to be apologetic to ancient mythological people for what we do. People masturbate. The End.

  10. 2+2=4

    In a few years she will run for the vice president job.

  11. The Observer

    Remember folks: when side A has an argument (ANY argument, no matter how ridiculous), and side B has nothing but personal attacks and slander, side A wins automatically. In this case, Mrs. Silicone here has beaten her critics into a pulp without even fighting.

    And don’t worry Fish, the Gay Mafia got me once too. I once fell asleep watching football, and when I awoke I was at the Ice Capades with an apple martini in one hand and a Lady Gaga album in the other.

  12. Jessica'sDeadDog

    I would have never let that coyote kill me if Jessica would have let me see her rub her nub and plant the flag pole in her blond cabbage patch.

  13. mondo


    No, I believe what people are saying is that you shouldn’t try to force your Christian values on others when you don’t adhere to them yourself.

    Don’t let that stop you from making a giant ass of yourself though…

  14. Chutup

    She’s hot, and that’s all there is to it.

    You’re all a bunch of fucking slaves.

  15. Schnib

    In pic 5 she is like, “The dildo was this big! For reals.”

  16. EricLR

    She and Sarah Palin’s daughter should do a hypocrisy tour.

  17. PunkA

    #66, would it include sex acts?

  18. Mitch Haase

    #63 – I don’t recall when she was running around forcing her values on anyone. If anyone could be accused of forcing their values on others it’s Perez Hilton. Perez is the one who brought up the gay marriage question and then got his panties wrapped up in a knot when she answered truthfully, which is something she should be commended for.

    Barack Obama should answer questions as truthfully as Carrie Prejean. And speaking of Barack Obama, he claims not to believe in gay marriage too. Why isn’t the gay mafia out to take him on like they are Prejean?

    As for my giant ass, no, you may not blow a load of infected semen in it as I am not a faggot and have never had another mans cock in my ass and never will.


  19. Randal(l)

    pic #1 looks like every lady who’s ever seen my dong.

    any ladies want to see why (I’ll give you a clue, My nards are on top)*wink*


  20. @47

    “Posh, is Ms. Prejean really the best spokesperson you can find for your wacky hate fear mongering?”

    The favorite response of the homo: “hate mongering” or “homophobic”

    The fact that people don’t agree with the lifestyle does not mean they hate all gay people or are scared of gay people.

    “Don’t force your anti-gay beliefs on us.”

    Don’t force your gayness on us. Go to your bedrooms, bang each other in the butt, and don’t tell us about it. We won’t bother you, either. Just because you like taking the dirt road doesn’t mean we all have to be excited for you.

  21. STL Hawkeye

    Is this the same woman with the “intolerant” views of gay marriage; you know the same views as Obama?

  22. abbz

    @70—that implies being ashamed of it. All of the sexually repressed guys on this site seem to have no problem espousing EXACTLY What they would like to do to any given celebrity in a bikini. Why should homosexuals have to hide it?

    (blah blah blah its wrong, its deviant, its not normal, blah blah)

    Well that’s a moot point. Its only a matter of time before gay marriage gets passed. maybe 10 years, more even. But thats just how society works.

    Shove that one up your ass and smmmmoke it.

  23. Benji

    Thank you for exposing the ugliness of Republicans, Jesus, Jews, Sarah Palin, Neocons, Teabaggers, people who work, people who pay taxes, soldiers in the US Army, seniors, the fascist state of Israel, et al.

    The world now belongs to Obama, Palestinians, Muslim fanatics, illegal Mexicans, homos, vegetarians, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Louis Farrakhan and Nancy Pelosi. Anarchy rules, and all Republicans must lick the balls of Satan. That is it. And it ain’t gonna change any time soon.

    Time to bend over white bitches – Mexicans and Muslims and Homos and Pelosi are going to fuck you in the ass and there is nothing you can do about it.

    We are going to tax you to death and fuck you in the ass. So there.

  24. susan

    I wish you had made a funny and subtle reference to Sarah Palin like you always do – like:
    “Carrie Prejan is a slut whore, just like Sarah Palin”
    “Carrie Prejan looks like a retard like Sarah Palin’s retard baby who was born retard on account his mom is a retard and a crack whore”
    “Forget about Carrie Prejan, you know Sarah Palin? Well, she is a whore!”

    Something suave, subtle and incredibly funny like that. You are SO funny!

  25. Randal(l)


    you sir are an intolerant untoward gentleman. How dare you make such insinuations. as a gay Mexican Muslim Pelosi I am offended at your final remark. I do not want to “bend over white bitches” and fuck them “in the ass”. as an enlightened gay Mexican Muslim Pelosi of the modern age I would also like to fuck my white bitches in the pooter and mouth. How dare you assume that just because I really like to bend over and fuck my white bitches in the ass that I am not capable of of fucking my white bitches missionary, or reverse cowgirl. I am a gay Mexican Muslim Pelosi who enjoys variety and will not be pigeonholed. I will expect your apology and a small token of your regret in the form of an anally lubed white bitch.


  26. Randal(l)

    oops, I meant #73

    #70 I deeply regret this misunderstanding please accept this lubed up white bitch as a token of my regret


  27. KIKI

    Bunch of boo-hoo babies, Your girl is a whore, get over yourselves.

  28. Andrew

    How is it hypocrisy? She is against pornography. What she did is NOT pornography. She made a private video for her boyfriend and did not make money off of it. The boyfriend decided to leak the tape to the public. So how is it hypocrisy?

  29. Angelina Jolie

    She is not even attractive

  30. saywha?

    andrew, you just asked a very stupid question. take a look at the definition of the word “pornography”:

    One entry found.
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    Main Entry: por·nog·ra·phy
    Pronunciation: \-f?\
    Function: noun
    Etymology: Greek pornographos, adjective, writing about prostitutes, from porn? prostitute + graphein to write; akin to Greek pernanai to sell, poros journey — more at fare, carve
    Date: 1858
    1 : the depiction of erotic behavior (as in pictures or writing) intended to cause sexual excitement
    2 : material (as books or a photograph) that depicts erotic behavior and is intended to cause sexual excitement
    3 : the depiction of acts in a sensational manner so as to arouse a quick intense emotional reaction – por·no·graph·ic \?p?r-n?-’gra-fik\ adjective
    – por·no·graph·i·cal·ly \-fi-k(?-)l?\ adverb

    it doesn’t say anything about whether the material is public or private. why don’t you get a clue before you defend this b*tch?

  31. saywha?

    this really isn’t even about whether anti gay marriage or not. to be honest, i actually sided with her at first even though i disagree with her position on the subject. what gets me is how she somehow became some spokesperson for “higher moral values” when she got her tits done, took topless pics, and now the sex tape. why not just have paris hilton or kim kardashian become the spokesperson for higher moral values? i don’t really see a difference between them and prejean besides the rhetoric.

  32. Ted Tedlinson

    ‘Hypocrite’ will have to go up on the shelf next to ‘ironic’ as the most misused and misunderstood words in the English language. It’s used almost exclusively by people who don’t know what it means.

    You then have to admit that Barack Obama is a hypocrite too. At least Prejean didn’t lead people on to think she was going to support gay marriage, or repeal ‘don’t ask don’t tell’, or strike down the Defense of Marriage Act. A lot of people got taken in by that slick-talking charmer speaking out of both sides of his mouth.

  33. Andrew


    So, when I have sex with my girlfriend, I’m a pornographer then, since she definitely depicts acts in sensational manner that definitely arouses an intense emotional reaction. In fact, we’re all pornographers then if that is your definition of pornography.

    There’s no sense in debating ideological morons like you. Your blind hatred of her prevents you from making any kind of objective, logical statement about her actions. I don’t give a rat’s ass about this bitch, but people like you piss the hell out of me.

  34. Hello There


  35. Shiyan

    mhmmm I do love me some masturbating girls anyone wanna send me some?! Megan?? yes?

  36. Posh

    #47, yea that’s what I meant. If everyone was gay, life would cease to exist. Whoever supports this whole 21st century gay outburst can go swim in the deep blue gay sea. ><>*

    She made a tape when she was a TEEN. People make mistakes. You prolly aren’t the same person you were 5 years ago.

    P.S. Flamboyant gays are even worse.

  37. Posh

    Oh, and #47, Fuck You!

    Good day faggot =)

  38. jameson

    I’m sort of surprised at all the rightwing morons that visit this site (the excess of closet rapists, not so much).

    you people are insane. you have absolutely no idea what other people have to go through when they’re gay, and clearly you don’t care. it’s biology; I don’t know anyone that chose to be gay. you’re just childish, selfish, trashy losers with nothing better to do than to sit in judgment of an entire group of people who are exposed to violence and do live in fear in many parts of the world and whose unions aren’t recognized by what should be a government free from religious legislation and bias. gay people go through a shitload of terrible things because we can’t get married. and it’s two consenting adults, not a person raping kids or animals. that’s your fantasy, not ours.

    when you’re busy porking your retarded husbands or underage girlfriends, I hope some genetic material with a decent IQ somehow manages to escape from you, and I hope the kid grows up knowing what pieces of shit his parents are. I’m getting off my soapbox now.

  39. Moses

    Just got out of a cab. The cabbie told me that fisting was involved in the video

  40. halo

    gay people will go to hell. That’s all.

  41. who cares?

    The only reason she’s famous at all is because people have tried to destroy her after she had the audacity to say she thought marriage was only between a man and a woman. NOBODY thought some 19 year old beauty queen was the second coming of Martin Luther. It turned out she filmed herself for her boyfriend. That makes her a stupid teenager (unfortunately, like many girls her age) but it doesn’t make her a horrible person.

    The funniest part of this whole thing is that every time they dig up something new on her, people care less about it. Guess all the “evil Christians” are forgiving after all. Oh, and it’s probably a good time to remind everyone that her view on gay marriage is the same as that of President Obama. How come the gay activists aren’t losing their shit over him? Maine also just voted down gay marriage last week, but they don’t have any Mormons for douche bags to blame.

  42. The Observer

    #88, Jameson. Protip: Meaningless slander and personal attacks are always viewed as nothing but a means to dodge the fact that you have no argument for the issue at hand, in this case homosexuality.

    If you had an argument, you’d use it. End of story. Thanks for reminding me why i’m not liberal.

  43. Megan


    Thank you, exactly. I know of a few asshole right wing idiot parents (people friends of my parents’ know) who are against gay rights and think it’s a “choice” (when did you CHOOSE to be straight??). Low and behold, their children wound up gay, and that’s the greatest thing to happen in those situations.

    These right wing idiots…. The blatant hypocrisy here is evident. I’m not saying that ONLY Republicans are hypocrites. Of course not. BUT, Democrats and other party affiliates do NOT parade under the guise of the “family values, evangelical moral pillar” party. Republicans do. So once they fuck up, it means a lot more. A whole lot more.

    And to the idiots talking about how homosexuality isn’t natural because it doesn’t allow for reproduction, neither do blow jobs, pussy licking, and, as we have here, finger banging. But you feel so fucking inclined to do that don’t you? There are tons and tons of animals that exhibit homosexual behaviors. And before you ask me or anyone else, Google it yourself, because that’s what any of us would actually do. But, seeing as how you like to sit around a judge others ignorantly and make life hell for people for no reason, that won’t happen any time soon, I’m sure.

  44. The Observer

    If you want to bring up biology, basic human anatomy is the very reason why homosexuality will always be viewed as wrong. Men and women were designed to be together and it only takes a fleeting glance at our respective genitalia to understand why. I don’t care what you believe designed us – God, evolution, xenu – it doesn’t matter. That’s why we always laugh when you accuse us of doing things because ‘the bible tells us to’. All you have to do is look down if you get my drift. The plain and obvious truth is between your legs.

    By the way, everyone is a hypocrite. Liberals, Conservatives, Christians, Atheists – everyone. It’s a human trait, not an every-human-but-me-or-us trait. Humanity by definition are a bunch of hypocrites hypocritacally calling other hypocrites hypocritical. She’s a hypocrite, yes, but think real hard the next time you liberals talk about freedom of thought and tolerance one minute and then hate Christians and any other group of people that thinks differently than you the next.

  45. jameson

    #92 I’m not having an intellectual debate with you. this isn’t an academic setting, and I frankly don’t care what you think.

    the so-called “slander” in my post, calling the conservative posters here moronic and trashy is completely opinion-based. I’ve never met a conservative I’ve been able to respect for their intelligence or insight into the human condition. perhaps they’re out there, but they’re not here.

    my argument was sandwiched in between my insults, and it was an entirely personal argument that anyone who knows a gay person in their lives and feels empathy and compassion can appreciate. you’re not a liberal because you don’t understand what you’re talking about, from an academic or personal perspective. end of story.

  46. jameson

    also: when I say “you’re not a liberal because,” I’m referring to this particular issue in this context. you’re not a liberal for a variety of reasons, I’d assume. many of which I’m sure will die with your ilk.

  47. Megan

    Oh, yeah, and you know how Christtards love to say “traditional marriage?” Well there are eight fucking kinds in the Bible, one being this:

    A male rapist and his victim: Deuteronomy 22:28-29 requires that a female virgin who is not engaged to be married and who has been raped must marry her attacker, no matter what her feelings were towards the rapist. A man could become married by simply sexually attacking a woman that appealed to him, and paying his father-in-law 50 shekels of silver. There is one disadvantage of this approach: he was not allowed to subsequently divorce her.

    More here:

    Go fuck yourself with a baby Jesus buttplug, you worthless idiots. The fact that loads of gay people are fucking and having meaningful relationships just pisses you off doesn’t it? Sorry you couldn’t get anywhere in like without touching children, most likely your own. Go run back to the pedophiles in robes, now, they’ll tell you how to be a good little sheep.

  48. The Observer

    As far as sexuality goes, if you aren’t putting it in the right place, you’re putting it in the wrong place. Basic human anatomy tells us whats right and wrong in this case. I wonder if you’re going to liberate people who screw animals next? Condoning obviously wrong behavior in society can only be counter-productive, and until you can provide an argument for homosexuality that is nothing but the same old meaningless and mindless slander, my vote will always be anti-gay.

  49. The Observer

    They have an argument. You have meaningless personal attacks that only prove that you don’t have an argument. End of story. I’m done here.

  50. Gremol

    REAL wishes granted.

    make a wish:

    8,888 wishes granted. After that, no more wishes will be granted..


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