Carrie Prejean admits sex tape exists

November 10th, 2009 // 138 Comments

Carrie Prejean appeared on Hannity last night where she acknowledged filming herself masturbating for a boyfriend, according to TMZ:

The former beauty queen told Sean she was just a teenager when she decided to send her boyfriend — who she “loved and cared about” at the time — the extremely intimate video of herself.
Carrie said she takes “full responsibility” for the “humiliating” tape.

Look, Carrie’s hypocrisy is basically a dead horse at this point, so I’m only posting this for everyone convinced the Gay Mafia was coercing me to pretend the tape existed or else they’d Bedazzle my car. Also– Hey, wait a minute. How’d all this IKEA furniture get in my living room? You bastards, THAT WASN’T PART OF THE DEAL!

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  1. Carrielyn

    FIRST. She’s not even pretty.

  2. bobby

    I disagree…out of two I’d give her one. However, I wouldn’t waste my time searching for the tape unless it was hardcore…

  3. smellmyfinger

    Hypocrit or not I’d still do her, she is super hot. You gays are jealous.

  4. smellmyfinger

    Hypocrit or not I’d still do her, she is super hot. You gays are jealous.

  5. edge6241

    Yeah it is hypocritical. She makes a mistake in life and changes her opinion on something, and that’s what makes her a hypocrite. No one should learn from their mistakes. No one should grow and develop by learning from their past. Taking her statements at face value (a novel idea), she did this at a time when she didn’t think it was wrong. Now that she does, she’s owning up to it. Did she not want to deal with it? Most likely. I don’t go around admitting all my mistakes. But then, I guess that’s what separates people like me and Carrie from the world. You all don’t make mistakes or if you do you come clean right away.

    I forget that everyone here is perfect and mistakes made by someone should always be held against them. Can’t wait till the Superficial writer steps out from behind the computer so we can dig dirt on him and show how hypocrticial he is too.

  6. airgrl

    if you don’t like his comments don’t visit his site. see it is very simple people with no sense of humor. also anyone who thinks this is a serious site, well you have issues that need to be addressed.

  7. Deacon Jone

    You stupid shit. The reason this is funny is because the GOP “values” groups are parading her around the country and interviewing her nightly on Fox News, as if she triumphed, and beat the system when she took her abortion stand.

    All the while she’s gotten tit implants, posed topless, and fucked herself with a dildo on videotape. What would Jesus think? (frown)

  8. JADE

    Why doesn’t she just go away.

  9. PunkA


    Jesus would love her sexiness and be glad she is throwing the gays under the Bible as he did in the OT, baby.

    This chick now has nudies as a teen, a clit rub film as a teen, and a nice fake rack. I think I love her….

  10. @7

    You’re an idiot.

    Jesus hung out with sinners……….not the “righteous” people.

    Cast the first stone, buddy.

  11. @7

    You’re an idiot.

    Jesus hung out with sinners……….not the “righteous” people.

    Cast the first stone, buddy.

  12. Great White Pygmy

    I just saw her on the view ( I fell asleep and that was the channel the tv was on when i woke up. I swear.) In my observations the so-called good living Christians that lobby for their cause are always the most hypocritical “freaks” around. They are always the ones who have sex tapes and bathroom/backseat meetings. She wasn’t there to say anything new just to hawk her book. I will buy it when I am short on fire making supplies. Again let me stress, The tv was on the view when i woke up!

  13. someguy

    #7. You are right on (except her initial foray into intolerance was with regard to same sex marriage).

    It boggles my mind that these people have no shame in their own hypocrisy. Bible says no premarital sex? Aw, we can ignore that one. Bible says no masturbation? Ignore that one, too. But Bible says homosexuality is wrong? HOLY SHIT, we got one that will stick.

    And that doesn’t even take into account that the Bible is just a book of myths and allegories that in many, many instances are not applicable to the 21st century.

  14. ohplease.

    Hahahah! Really, edge6241?

    Come on! This site isn’t called “The Superficial” for nothing. It’s a gossip site that shows nip slips and crotch shots coupled with witty commentary. What exactly are you expecting?

    You & your best bud, Carrie, should take your self-righteous posturing elsewhere because nobody else buying it. Hypocrites…

  15. Oliver Chester the Molester Lester

    None of this matter. I want to see the video of her diddling the skittle.

  16. Randal(l)

    Hey Carrie, I’m gonna Jerk off Viciously to your nudie tape and shoot my filthy jizz onto your tittie pictures. where’s your Jesus now? Ha HA Ha Ha Ha….hey, why is by boner not working?! What the hell, why is this happening?


  17. JoMomma

    Double posting seems to be quite trendy here.

    PS: Release the tape already.

  18. havoc

    Would I watch a video of this chick fingering herself?

    Well hell yeah!!!


  19. stupidass

    oh man i can’t wait to send her the video of me masturbating watching her video of her masturbating.

    maybe she’ll send one back.

  20. McSwig

    The bible says no masturbation and no premarital sex? What verses are those?

  21. Megan

    You’re all idiots because Jesus and God don’t exist. Seriously, your jack off fantasies of a Jewish, skinny, hippie, zombie Santa Claus are creepy, shut up.

    @ 5 edge – If you actually believe that Carrie wouldn’t do this shit again in a heartbeat, you’re also a fucking idiot. Which you’ve already demonstrated you are, so it’s a moot point. The girl got breast implants recently after just going off about the bad self image girls get from porn and the media. The irony is thick enough to cut with a fucking knife, or a fake titty, whichever holds up more. It’s really hard to be taken seriously about how bad the media/porn are for self image and “feminism” when you’re strutting around in a bikini with fake tits and you have a video of you finger-banging yourself.

    It’s not like any of us actually agree with her message of porn being bad, but I think the fucking world would freeze over if a Republicunt and/or fundamentalist religious retard actually WASN’T hypocritical for once.

  22. Koris Barloff

    Fucking trial lawyers blackmailed her in mediation! All trial lawyers must die of asshole cancer !!! Perez Hilton too!! What a fucking faggot crybaby ” Boo Hoo…someone hit me….!@!@!” Why do we tolorate scum like Hilton and allow them to be celebrity judges??? So what if she filmed herself wanking 20 fracking years ago!!! Like we all havent pounded the pink before!! Except Perez who probably uses his neighbor’s little boy.

  23. Learn From This Woman, Ladies

    This is good advice for all women. I find this woman (to be)extremely physically attractive. When she opens her mouth (other than to suck dick) she loses points quickly. Ladies…. no guy wants to hear you talk. Your mouth was made for you to suck dick. Moaning is also acceptable, but no speaking. I hope that helps. Ladies, you are much more attractive when you keep silent.

  24. Fat Chicks Suck

    Nobody else thinks this could possibly be a genius marketing strategy for her sex tape? Lets face it – the chick is hot but she’s nothing SPECTACULAR. I can’t think of a better marketing strategy. A 5 minute video of an attractive chick masturbating isn’t normally going to bring in much money…but when it’s a conservative, hypocritical former beauty pageant contestant that has been in the news it could make millions. I wouldn’t be surprised if this whole thing was set up from the start. What else is this chick gonna do for a living? She’s pretty worthless.

    Would I pay $20 for a 5 minute video of her masturbating to orgasm? Sure – why not?

  25. she might as well just embrace her future career in porn right now

  26. Harry Doyle

    Being a fagot is unnatural. No one can argue against that. If evolution only created two men, then the human race would be extinct. Get over yourselves. We allow it because we don’t want to be offensive. But it does not follow natures rules.

  27. What a tool

    TMZ you need to release that fucker!

  28. lololololol

    im so sick of hearing about this b*tch & her stupid sex tape…just “leak” the damn video already!!!

  29. lololololol

    btw edge6241 is a worthless douchebag.

  30. fearsarewishes


    Psst, Harry. I’m with you buddy, I like girls too, but your little argument is all over the place and you really do sound like a moron.

  31. 777

    I think some of us missed the part of the post where she actually TAKES RESPONSIBILITY for the sex tape. Did hell just freeze over? This whiney little bitch actually did something wrong! Now I KNOW she is not a true conservitive.

  32. zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    Fish! You just wasted time editorializing on Prejean that you could have spent on reposting nip-slips and Jon & Kate news from other sites!!!!!!


    You paint in broad-enough strokes, everyone’s a hypocrite.

  33. It’s easy to take responsibility when you have no other option. How classy of her.

  34. Fartz

    Values? Morals? When are you right wing freaks going to give this poster child of yours up? When she kills someone? Lets see, she already broke the covetness commandment and bearing false witness…………She gives rightous Christian women a bad rap.

  35. yank and wank rhyme for a reason

    Oh please this hypocritical whore got CAUGHT that’s why she admits it. She’s a hypocrite and a WHORE like all Republicans.

  36. Rayanne

    Judge not lest you be judged. This could not have happend to a more deserving person. It warms my cold, hard heart to see this bimbo crash and burn. Sounds like Donald Trump may sue her next for false statements she made about him in her book. Go Donald!

  37. KIKI

    I think some people who posted that this was a manufactured smear by the gay mafia OWE the gays and Fish an apology.

  38. Max Planck

    Can you remember the name of who became Miss California after she was fired?

    Can you remember who won Miss USA?

    She’s doing a pretty good job for being the loser, Donald.

  39. quake

    She’s doomed to spend the rest of her life trying to justify her ignorance.

  40. @ Max Planck

    I would hate to see what you consider a failure, Max, because this chick is one hundred percent retarded.

  41. Sam

    If she was filmed sitting there with her finger up her ass, she could have just said she was being a good congressional Republican.

  42. abbz

    vote your values is just about the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard of. How many presidents have we had that say they’re against abortion and gay marriage and all the buzz topics just to garner votes, and then they get into office and do nothing lasting in regards to any of those topics? All of them.

    Besides the fact that just because someone “says” they have the same values as you does not make them a good president. By any stretch of the imagination.

    And honestly if that’s all those people value–deterring gay marriage and attempting to reform abortion, then they are the most narrow minded sheep I’ve ever heard of.

  43. Posh

    I’d like to take this moment out to say: If people were gay, life would cease to exist.

    Boggle that, you gayfish.

    Oh, and Carrie xoxo.

  44. Fat Chicks Suck

    If gay dudes want to pound each other in the ass that’s fine by me – I just wish they would chill out and mind their own business. We don’t need gay marriage! Be together, live together, have all sorts of butt sex…but quit making a big deal out of this. There are people out there that like to have sex with horses and goats – should a man be allowed to marry a goat? If gay people can get married then why wouldn’t people have the right to marry whatever they want? Where do you draw the line? Get on with your life and quit worrying about it. Just be happy you’re in a country that doesn’t hang you for being openly gay. People have made way too big of a deal out of this. You’re DIFFERENT (as in not part of the majority)…and with that you have to accept that everything isn’t going to be (nor should it be) the same for you.

  45. Reg

    The gay mafia obviously has a vendetta against you if they sent you some hideous IKEA furniture. Be very afraid.

  46. pete

    I think she over-reacted. It’s natural to get horny, happens to everybody – there are parchment drawings of the time when the Virgin Mary masturbated using one of Joseph’s hammers, and then Joseph sniffing it afterward. Jesus is just sitting there with a “not this again” look on his face…and an enormous erection.

  47. fearsarewishes


    “I’d like to take this moment out to say: If people were gay, life would cease to exist.”

    People ARE gay you idiot and the world goes on. I suppose you mean if every single fucking person on the entire planet were to suddenly become gay then life would cease to exist. JFC, that is dumbest thing I have ever seen on this site and I have seen some really dumb shit here.

    Posh, is Ms. Prejean really the best spokesperson you can find for your wacky hate fear mongering? I guess, Limbaugh, Beck, O’ Reilly, Hannity, et al. are all down at the bathhouse sucking strange cock.

    Fuck you.

  48. Liz

    I just love how impassioned all these other idiots get in defense of her, like she even gives a shit. She’s not “standing up for herself” or “learning from her mistakes”, she’s just trying to stay famous and relevant while making terrible, idiotic attempts to cover her tracks. She’s a moron and she needs to just sit down, shut up, stop screaming about being some sort of martyr and just go back to being pretty – it’s the only thing she can do with any sort of competence.

  49. little tommy cruise

    somebody find that video of this self-righteous wank and post it on youporn or xtube.

  50. BennyfromThames

    I love the surprised “2 in the pink 1 in the stink” face she’s sporting in pic 1. Politics aside, the conservative crowd really seems to have a tremendous surplus of hot fap-worthy women in their ranks. I sometimes watched the female news anchors like Megyn Kelly on Fox News like I watched Baywatch & Miss Teen USA pagent… with the sound muted and my pants around my ankles!

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