Jesus Christ, Carrie Fisher (Update: Or Not.)

January 9th, 2012 // 86 Comments

[UPDATE 1/10/11: So it turns out this is NOT Carrie Fisher, as many of you pointed out, which we just found out today from the photo agency we got them from who is typically a reliable source. On that note, you may now sleep at night knowing Carrie Fisher hasn't shrunken her old body into a shape that can fit inside the Princess Leia Bikini again. God be praised.]

Last year, Carrie Fisher succeeded Kirstie Alley as the new spokesperson for Jenny Craig and threatened to shed enough pounds to fit into the Princess Leia bikini again. Except what no one expected is that Carrie Fisher would actually lose the weight and turn into a walking skin flap of Holy Christ like in these photos from Friday’s Laker game, so please tell me she’s not going to wear the bikini now. I just got over Vader screaming “Noooo!” in Jedi, and my childhood’s anus can only take so much. It’s never been to Second Mile.

Photos: Splash News


  1. Yeah, that’s not her at all. I love Carrie Fisher, though. She’s a big bag of crazy and I totally admire her for it. She tells the best freakin’ stories about the wierd stuff she’s done and seen over the years.

  2. (Not) Carrie Fisher Saggy Face
    Commented on this photo:

    yea…im pretty sure this isn’t Carrie Fisher.

  3. (Not) Carrie Fisher Saggy Face
    Commented on this photo:

    It looks like Stephanie Zimbalist.

  4. Felonious Monkey

    When the hell did Carrie Fisher morph into Hatchet Face?

  5. (Not) Carrie Fisher Saggy Face
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    Looks like Avril Lavigne with about 25-30 more years on her

  6. So who the hell is this bitch then?

  7. (Not) Carrie Fisher Saggy Face
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    Pretty sure that lipstick adds 20 years. Not that she would look spectacular without it, I’m just saying.

  8. (Not) Carrie Fisher Saggy Face
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    she needs to put her dentures in.

  9. (Not) Carrie Fisher Saggy Face
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    Ummmmm…has no one noticed her profile and nose is TOTALLY DIFFERENT???!! Who goes from a straight nose to one with a hook? Geeze. That is definitely not her… I believe that woman is a lot younger than Carrie too! I just cant remember where I have seen her before! Ugh…

  10. (Not) Carrie Fisher Saggy Face
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    100% positive that is not Carrie Fisher. Major resemblance, but that ain’t her.

  11. dc

    that is Carlene Watkins….was in Home Improvement and a Dennis Quaid fight movie Tough Enough…….

  12. (Not) Carrie Fisher Saggy Face
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    That is NOT Carrie Fisher. Check your sources.

  13. Jon and Kate plus Hate

    I can’t buy this, this is not carrie fisher. I call BS

  14. Lou Braccant

    She looks like the first celebrity to endorse Homer Simpson’s Make-Up Shotgun

  15. (Not) Carrie Fisher Saggy Face
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    “I’m only laughing on the outside. My smile is just skin deep. If you could see inside I’m really crying. You might join me for a weep.”

  16. (Not) Carrie Fisher Saggy Face
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    That is NOT Carrie Fisher, you idiots!

  17. XYZ

    Morons, the woman is not Carrie Fisher, use ur brain before posting.

  18. (Not) Carrie Fisher Saggy Face
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    absolutely not carrie fisher, she was just on craig ferguson last week. That is definitely not her.

  19. (Not) Carrie Fisher Saggy Face
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    This is not Carrie Fisher…no way. I don’t who she is but I hope she enjoys her 15 minutes of fame.

  20. CD


  21. (Not) Carrie Fisher Saggy Face
    Commented on this photo:

    It really isn’t her. I just saw her live in March, two months after this photo of “her” was taken. I actually think you’ve all been trolled. At least I hope so. If not, someone really thought this was her and sold this photo…

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