Carolyn Murphy sex tape arrest

carolyn_murphy_thumb1.jpgCarolyn Murphy had her ex-husband arrested last week for trying to sell a sex tape they made on their 17-day honeymoon in Barbados.

Jake Schroeder, a surfer dude with a history of drug abuse, was thrown behind bars in California last Thursday and released on Tuesday after his bail was reduced from $500,000 to $33,000, which was paid by Internet Commerce Group, the company trying to market the two-hour video.

Schroeder, father of Murphy’s daughter, Dylan, 5, was in San Jose yesterday living in his car with two dogs. “He’s essentially homeless. He called this morning and asked if we could find him an apartment,” said David Gingras, a lawyer for ICG. “I told him if he’s arrested for anything else, even jaywalking, we’re not bailing him out.”

All this time I thought Britney Spears had married the biggest stooge in America, but I think Carolyn Murphy may have taken the crown from her. As pathetic as Kevin Federline is, I don’t remember ever reading about him living in a car with his two dogs, trying to extort his wife by selling a sex tape they made during their honeymoon. Although now I’m torn between hating the man, and hailing him as a hero. I’ve been trying to get a Carolyn Murphy sex tape for years, and the closest I’ve come is a blurry camcorder recording from the tree that sits outside her bedroom window.