Carmen Electra’s career reaches inevitable zenith

December 15th, 2008 // 61 Comments

After starring in every single one of The Movie movies, you’ll be surprised to learn Carmen Electra isn’t sitting in a diamond mansion surrounded by a pile of Oscars. Instead, she’s making ends meet as a blackjack dealer at The Playboy Club in Vegas. When Carmen’s not dealing for the house, she poses for the occasional heroin addict and provides complimentary lap dances for Robin Leach. (He wears leather pants now.) While this may not be the pinnacle of luxury for an accomplished actress, Miss Electra was originally offered the position of Hugh Hefner’s diaper concierge. She chose wisely.

EDIT: Or she could just be the Celebrity Bunny Dealer for Playboy’s 55th Anniversary Party. Who are we to judge?

Photos: Splash News

  1. eviscerated

    I’d bang that heroin addict. Dude’s a hottie, no joke.

  2. Fun fact: 90% of bathrooms at airports have been visited by a Republican congressman with a foot tapping fetish.

    The other 10% have glory holes.

  3. charles

    She is looking aged and weathered. I mean, if she weren’t as hot as she used to be ten years ago, then you’d say she was decent. i think all of theses “babes of the 90′s” should follow suit with Betty Page and move away from the spotlight if it’s no longer flattering. I mean no one thinks about her turning into an old lady, everyone remembers those sexy bondage and pinup pics. Fall in line girls, that goes for you too Pam! Jenny McCarthy did it, now she’s an annoying hot mom that goes on Oprah. I’d still take that over a washed up giggly assed former baywatch girl that’s still out there flaunting it.

  4. sla

    I hate those shiny thick nylons that look like support hose. Sheer thigh-highs would be much better.

  5. gosyco

    Hear, here.
    Playboy models wear the ugliest “uniforms” ever. Casket lining comes to mind.

  6. Jericho34

    Anyone that complains about that is gay…sorry, but it’s true. There is nothing wrong with Carmen…NOTHING!!!

  7. amanda

    jenny mcarthy did a bunny event not that long ago, it was up on this site – and she looked hot in the hideous outfit, as does carmen!

  8. Always liked Carmen, despite her mind boggling relationship choices.

    Wow, Robin Leach is a total Rock Star.

  9. SWEET! Check it out, Carmen Electra is hosting an event at TAO Nightclub in Las Vegas for New Year’s Eve. I know I’ll be there.

  10. Robin Leach looks like Larry Flynt.

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