Carmen Electra Wants Some Moss

February 1st, 2006 // 24 Comments

electramoss.jpgIn an interview with Loaded, Carmen Electra has admitted to having a bit of a crush on Kate Moss:

I fancy Kate Moss. She has the best style. People need to give her a break. I


  1. She looks nasty in that image. Make-up looks greasy.

  2. sadsquared

    You my friend are an idiot.

  3. slinkhard

    LOL. Carmen should be Kate’s defense lawyer. ‘But, your Honour, you *have* to give her a break about the whole breaking the law thing! She’s got such great style!’

  4. AmberDextrose

    Mossy would lick the makeup off. Then she’d straddle Carmen and ride her like a dawg.

    In fact she’d probably expect her to draft ol Dennis R back in so she could snort cocaine through a straw stuck in his Prince Albert.

    Someone will get in on film.

  5. If she acted on that crush Moss would drown under the weight of Carmen’s breasts. However I’m sure the video would set a new DL record

  6. pickles

    Is it just me or is Carmen looking a lot different nowadays? In a good way, I mean. She looks softer and prettier, not so harsh, but she doesn’t look at all the same as she did a few years ago. Is it just a trick with the makeup or did she get some plastic surgery? Whatever it was it’s an improvement! She is beautiful!

  7. Average

    I agree with Pickles, she is looking prettier. Maybe she got some surgery, maybe this is an old photo or maybe its just the makeup.
    She may have gotten a new stylist that didnt name street hookers as a previous employer.

  8. spamnews

    ‘I fancy’?!? Does she think dropping a British term is gonna get her some Moss cooze?

  9. sikofdis

    Spam – nice use of the word “cooze”. It is hugely underappreciated imho and, in the case of Kate Moss, fits perfectly!

    All told though, I’d love to watch the two of them compete for a gold medal in the tongue olympics.

  10. PapaHotNuts

    try ing… to typ e…with.. one..h and..

  11. HollyJ

    Imagine the new strains of infection that could be germinating after Moss and Carmen exchange fluids. They’re both already a walking vaginal petri for the CDC.

  12. ESQ

    Good to see your on top of me PapaNotNuts…

    Carmen is hawt..Kate Moss is not…but don’t pretty girls like to hang with ugly girls to make themselves look prettier? Carmen was being generous by saying Kate has great style, in other words a nice way of saying she is fugs.

  13. ESQ

    In response to #11

    Carmen has been with Dave Navarro for six years, I do not consider that whoring around.

  14. HeeHaw

    It’s tres cool these days for people to proclaim in interviews about which same-sex celebs they’d want to boink. Even cooler when they’re married…to another bisexual. “I’m so cool and free and so okay with my freespirited sexuality!”

  15. davina85

    there’s no way Carmen used the term “fancy.”

  16. PapaHotNuts

    I really hope ESQ is a chick because of the “glad to see you’re on top of me” comment. Either a chick, or a young latin cabana boy sweating profusely in the hot, tropical heat.

  17. PapaHotNuts

    ESQ, with that comment, I hope you are a chick. Or a young well built latin cabana boy.

  18. LoneWolf

    Carmen’s another one of those chicks like Jenny McCarthy and Pam Anderson whose day has come and gone, and they just don’t know it yet. And when reality hits them like Terri Hatcher has hit the wall, they’re going to need something to numb the pain. Something that will give them a boost to get them through the resultant depression. Something illegal, yet obtainable from other people who use it regualarly.

    Now, why she wants to meet Kate Moss?

  19. HughJorganthethird

    Just wanted to point out that if you are having halucinations from doing coke, your probably not really doing coke

    not that there is anything wrong with halucinations.

  20. I thought that this article was about Carmen Electra, why is that picture of Ellen Pompeo?

  21. Jayne

    I thought that picture was of Paula Abdul with dyed hair.

    Things that make me go *huh*

    Anywho… Kate > Carmen anyday

  22. ESQ

    In response to PapaHotNuts #16 & #17

    I’ll be whatever you want me to be : )
    I am just messin’ with ya, your comments make me pee (as in Paris Hilton) sometimes.

  23. Hez_79

    I find it hilarious that people can read so much into a simple comment. Celebs purposely make somewhat “outrageous” comments to get your attention, which has obviously been effective in this case! Now you will remember or fantasize about Carmen because of this simple comment. She’s just content knowing that she got some attention and “air” time because of it. Another thing, Kate Moss is a MODEL, obviously she can’t be that “fugly” if she’s been in the modelling world for over a decade. There are different types of beauty in the modelling world. When your and editorial/runway model like Kate, it’s all about proportion, highcheekbones, a slim verging on anorexic type body which may not make sense to the common onlooker but totally impresses people in the runway world and then there’s Carmen who’s got that typically accepted and commercial type beauty with the cute face and curves (even though, not all real–boob job) in all the right places, who is considered attractive (“hot”) to both men and women alike. Another thing, yes Carmen has been looking softer and prettier lately, it’s because she’s toned down her makeup ALOT. She used to load it on and outline her lips with brown lip pencil to define her lips…till the 90′s ended and her makeup artist told her enuf already and that it wasn’t cool anymore. Other than her boobs, I don’t think she’s had any kind of work done on her face. The magic’s in the make-up, baby.
    Well, that’s all I have to say for now.

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