Carmen Electra, Tila Tequila, Aubrey O’Day & Kirsten Dunst Halloween costumes

Here’s the last round of celebrity Halloween pics before I go insane and start hitting myself in the nuts with a Jack-O-Lantern. Dig in:

1. Carmen Electra as “Sexy Theater Candy Girl.” I’m diabetic, you heartless bitch! Just kidding. Got any Jujubes?
2. Tila Tequila as “Asian Leprechaun Stripper Girl Who Really Wants You to Believe She’s Bi-Sexual.” Wait…
3. Aubrey O’Day as “The Little Mermaid after Her Freshman Year at College.” But, mom, the boys at the frat house said it was light beer.
4. And, finally, Kirsten Dunst as “A Super Stoned Version of Herself in Five Years.” Looking forward to the next Spider-man movie where Mary Jane (!) sits around watching Family Guy reruns all day. Web-tastic!

Photos:, Splash News, WENN